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LOST Reviews| Juliet and James & Elizabeth’s Performance

Point 3: Sawyer and Juliet

There’s something wrong with you. Seriously. If your face didn’t erupt into an ear-to-ear smile when Juliet and Sawyer had their moment of realization, you are a deeply flawed person who needs a few more alt-timeline cycles. You got a lot to work on, pal.

That was an awesome scene. I particularly like how they worked in the “we could go dutch” line Juliet mumbled as she died in Sawyer’s arms in “LA X.” It just sort of flew out as the memories flooded both their brains. And then, when it all hit them? Damn.

I want to take a moment to tip my hat to Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell and the “Lost” writers for pulling off the Sawyer-Juliet relationship. On paper, it didn’t work. Why would these two hit it off? And if you think about the amount of screentime this relationship was given — just a few episodes, all told — how could we have possibly bought it? And yet, it was fantastic. I was more invested in this relationship than with Sun and Jin’s!

About Juliet and Jack

[…] (Jack) had a few flirty moments with his ex-wife (Juliet! I knew it!) […]

Source: filmfolder

A brush of fingers triggered a rush of passion for Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Source: Boston Herald

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IGN about Juliet & James | Review

This is what 2 IGN writers think about what they want for Juliet & James in the LOST finale.

Christine Seghers – Writer, IGN TV: If the finale could also include Sawyer and Juliet sharing a cup of coffee together in the Sideways world (or some third reality), that’d be sweet too.
Diana Steenbergen – Writer, IGN TV:

Oh, and I want Juliet and Sawyer to be together. I know that doesn’t make sense since she’s dead in the Island world, but I don’t care.

Source: IGN

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews - Sawyer - Season 6 - Suliet

Huge Spoilers about Juliet | Fan Report

This is a report by a fan who was on LOST set on March 28.

and when I saw Elizabeth! aaaahhhh! me and my friend started jumping in the middle of the street,lmao! it was so unexpected to see her there and we are both big juliet fans so..it was amazing!

welcome guys I wish I was quick enough(or less shocked) to take a pic,we also wanted to wish her happy bday because it was the day after her 40th bday but we just menaged to keep staring at her like this I was hoping to see her with Josh but he was already gone on set (we were near the trailers) she came out of her trailer and went to the make up one,stayed there for awhile and came out with this beautiful flower in her hair,then went to change her outfit and went to the set. The all time we were like

Well ..I just checked something and …
when I saw Liz with that flower I immediately thought at the Suliet flower but said “no it doesnt seem like the same one” ’cause I had in mind this flower…the one Sawyer brought to Charlotte..

but..I was mistaken ’cause I just checked and the Suliet flower is not a Sun flower… 😛

so..I guess it’s not really what kind of flower it is..but it’s mostly a flower (preferably a yellow one) to be symbolic of Suliet. And yes,the flower that Liz had in her hair was yellow 😉 with a bit of orange in the middle,if I saw it wel.

Thanks a lot Franci on Lost University!

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Sawyer - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Suliet

Spoilers about Juliet | Ryan Podcast

Direct Download

Sunday morning:

  • Sacred Hearts Academy & St. Patricks School
  • Darlton there
  • Ben, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Desmond
  • reference to Shannon
  • probably Sawyer, Rose, Frank, Juliet, Boone
  • 19 cast members there
  • call for babies
  • blonde boy around age 3
  • Santa Rosa van there
  • Hurley in his hummer
  • most filming in the church, all dressed very well
  • seemed like a funeral, but a thin, dark-haired woman in a wedding dress

Source: Dark Ufo | Ryan | Thanks nanda

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Suliet

LOST Podcast about coffe shops

It’s not about Juliet, but someone asked Darlton which reality they prefer. Damon said the island, Carlton said the reality in the flash sideways because it is a safe environment where there are coffee shops… and restaurants and cars… They are writing the finale right now.

Listen to the podcast on ABC (the part is toward the end).

6x17 6x18 The End - Carlton Cuse - Damon Lindelof - Juliet Burke - Lost - Sawyer - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Suliet