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LOST The End | Ratings

EDIT (May 25): Take a look at the official press release by ABC.

The Lost series finale easily helped ABC to the easy win Sunday, but the 5.8 adults 18-49 rating was not far above the 5.5 rating of this season’s premiere and scarcely what many fans were expecting.

The overall Lost finale numbers for 9-11:30pm were a 5.8 adults 18-49 rating and 13.5 million average viewers. (Update: the 11-11:30 half hour just added to the table below) Those were the best numbers for a Lost finale since 2007. The Lost – Final Journey clip show averaged a 4.0 adults 18-49 rating from 7-9pm.

Source: bythenumbers – Thanks Dark Ufo for the cap.

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6x17 6x18 The End - Lost

Carlton about Juliet and Sawyer’s awakening scene

UPDATE (May 25): I added the video where Carlton talks about our fav couple.

video coming soon.

Source: youtube

The two executive producers also shared their favorite scenes from the finale. For Cuse it was a reunion so many fans were dying to see.

“I think for me my favorite moment is the Sawyer and Juliet awakening scene,” Cuse said. “I think that the emotion, that got me every time we were editing it. And you know, I love both those characters so much, and that kind of concluding scene was always very emotional. Even though we worked on it 50 times, it still always would kind of completely rip my heart open.”

Souce: ABC

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Josh Holloway about Juliet and Sawyer’s Love

[…]But we did get a Sawyer/Juliet reunion, much to the dismay of the Skater set, no doubt. I had a chance to ask Josh Holloway about the finale’s final ‘shipper pairings. Was he happy that Sawyer and Juliet found each other in the Island afterlife? “Absolutely,” he says. “And it leaves Jack and Kate to find each other again—as they always should have. I feel like Kate and Sawyer were not a couple for life. They had an undeniable love. But a life-long thing? I don’t think so. I think Sawyer would want her to be with Jack, anyway. Not to mention that he’s love in with Juliet. So I liked the way it worked out. I thought it was perfect. Because people were always like, ‘Who she going to choose? Who she going to choose?’ Well, she’s obviously going to choose the doctor in my worldview! Why wouldn’t she?” More from Josh later this week. And more from me tomorrow. […]

Source: EW

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LOST Reviews| Juliet and James & Elizabeth’s Performance

Point 3: Sawyer and Juliet

There’s something wrong with you. Seriously. If your face didn’t erupt into an ear-to-ear smile when Juliet and Sawyer had their moment of realization, you are a deeply flawed person who needs a few more alt-timeline cycles. You got a lot to work on, pal.

That was an awesome scene. I particularly like how they worked in the “we could go dutch” line Juliet mumbled as she died in Sawyer’s arms in “LA X.” It just sort of flew out as the memories flooded both their brains. And then, when it all hit them? Damn.

I want to take a moment to tip my hat to Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell and the “Lost” writers for pulling off the Sawyer-Juliet relationship. On paper, it didn’t work. Why would these two hit it off? And if you think about the amount of screentime this relationship was given — just a few episodes, all told — how could we have possibly bought it? And yet, it was fantastic. I was more invested in this relationship than with Sun and Jin’s!

About Juliet and Jack

[…] (Jack) had a few flirty moments with his ex-wife (Juliet! I knew it!) […]

Source: filmfolder

A brush of fingers triggered a rush of passion for Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Source: Boston Herald

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