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Good Morning America – Transcription of the video

Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America – Transcription of the video

GMA: You’re looking at Elizabeth Mitchell, in a scene from “v,” the sci-fi story about human fighting aliens. She plays an F.B.I agent, Erica Evan, risking her life to get to fight the invaders.

Was that pretty good?

EM: Really good, you made it sound so really good. I liked that. That was very good.

GMA: “V” is for visitors, right?

EM: “V,” is for visitors. Or victory. Depending on what show…yes, but absolutely.

GMA: So you’ve been on “v,” and “LOST”. I would love to see your e-mail list.

EM: My e-mail list is pretty good. I have a password on my phone because I’m afraid it will get stolen. I have assumed names for everybody. It’s good.

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Lost Encyclopedia’s scans | Suliet

lostencyclopedia (1).jpg lostencyclopedia (2).jpg

Juliet helped James grow up and become the man who had long been buried inside.
James understood what it meant to have an equal partner and someone who accepted him for who he was.
When Juliet was pulled into the hole, James’ sheer terror was laid bare on his face as he desperately cling to her hand.
The loss almost undid him, but Juliet’s love kept him whole through more unbearable losses.
When he finally left the Island, it was as the man who had loved and lost, but would survive to honour her.
“Their love awakened them both.”

Thanks deadstars for the scans & Stef for the head up!

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LOST | Review about Juliet

In season six, following the electro-magnetic blast that took out Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell)—perhaps the most interesting character—dual storylines were employed: one where the bomb didn’t work and everyone was left on the island, and another where it did work and everyone survived the Oceanic flight, albeit with some peculiar differences.

Source: thetrades

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LOST: Best/Worst Moments | Review

Best: Juliet in the beginning of ‘Tale of Two Cities’
I loved the opening of ‘Tale of Two Cities’ with Juliet clearly crying her way through ”Downtown,” and the big reveal of Dharmaville.–Lost and Found


Best/Worst: Juliet’s death scene
Worst because, uh, JULIET DIED, best because Elizabeth and Josh gave great performances, and because it was just such a beautiful moment.—Madd

Source: EW

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