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LOST Season 6 Yearbook – Never Seen Pics

Hi!!! Look what Syd sent me: pictures from the LOST Season 6 Yearbook made for cast and crew and a lot of them are never seen before!! How amazing is this?! Thank you so much Syd for this gift, you’re wonderful!!!!

Look at Liz in the 3rd pic with that rifle! HAHA!!!! Her laugh and smile are so precious! I hope these photos make you as happy as they make me, have a great Sunday! 🙂

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Ranking Lost | Review

78. “The Other Woman” (Season 4)

Juliet as the titular other woman doesn’t do much to move the needle in terms of overall Island mythos, but the episode gives Elizabeth Mitchell yet another opportunity to show us why she is one of the cast’s best actors. While Locke, Sawyer and Hurley camp out in New Otherton, we flashback to Juliet’s long days as an Other.
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LOST: Doc Jensen’s parallel between 4×06 & 6×08 | Review

I know much of his theory is absurd, but I like the parallel between “The Other Woman” (Juliet’s centric) and “Recon” (Sawyer’s centric) and what he said about how much we want Juliet and Sawyer together in the sideways.

EWCAP.jpg picture by EMFC

Doc Jensen Weekend Edition: Do Sawyer + Juliet = The Smoke Monster?
by Jeff Jensen

Doc Jensen learned two very important lessons this week. The first? Limit yourself to just one sentence per column that refers to yourself in the third person, because it’s super-annoying. The second? Perhaps I should spend less time looking outside of Lost for insight and more time looking within the show for insight. Take my recap of “Recon” from Wednesday. It’s filled with references to The Fisher King, The Book of Judges, and Jean-Paul Sartre. If I had more time, I would have larded it up further by arguing that the mythic one-eyed monster Cyclops (Homer edition) and the comic book characters Swamp Thing and Man Thing help explain UnLocke the Smoke Thing. I did the research. I really did. It’s a sickness.

Here’s what’s worse. If I had only used the time to research past Lost episodes, I would have found a reference that’s far more interesting and perhaps actually helpful for viewers to know. Because now that I have thought about it, the more “Recon” has revealed itself to be a twin to “The Other Woman,” the season 4 episode devoted to Juliet. It’s a clever association. In “Recon,” we saw Sideways James Ford (don’t call him Sawyer!) blunder his way through a doomed date with Sideways Charlotte Lewis. Fans were outraged. We had been hoping/expecting to see Sideways James live happily ever after with Sideways Juliet. How dare the show hook him up with anyone else!

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