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Lost 3×15 “Left Behind” | AV Club Review

///We noticed that someone at AV Club was rewatching Lost and posted some reviews about the show. We’re going to post here all the parts about Juliet and Elizabeth.///


This may not be one of Lost’s largest or longest mysteries, but it’s a complex one, and the end of the episode offers a great sense of the complicated character dynamics that result from Juliet’s inclusion. We could reduce it to a love rhombus, sure, but the way Juliet’s presence plays out in “Left Behind” creates effective conflict that works in conjunction with Hurley tricking Sawyer into being a leader to place the unity and cohesion of the castaways a central topic heading into the season’s third and final act.

Stray observations:

  • Continuing the series’ tradition of fights taking place in the rain, Kate and Juliet’s throwdown delivers.
  • “Did he say that to you?”—the way Kate questions Juliet about her understanding of Jack’s motives is interesting, given that he never actually said it, although it’s more to set up the love rhombus than suggest any deeper theoretical understanding of what it means to really “know”s someone. But that latter reading remains, given Juliet’s “facts” vs. Kate’s “lived experience.”



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Lost Anniversary 2013 – Season 3 HQ Stills and BTS

Happy Lost Anniversary, losties! It’s been 3 years today since “The End” aired. Lost is the best show we have ever had the pleasure to watch, with the best cast and characters no other show will ever be able to have. So to remember this blowing series today we added some new HQs photos from LOST Season 3 in the gallery! Some of them are never seen pictures! We hope you like them! 🙂

Behind The Scenes

elizabeth mitchell season 3 set (7).jpg elizabeth mitchell season 3 set (8).jpg 3x05 The Cost of Living set Elizabeth Mitchell (2).jpg 3x09 Stranger in a Strange Land  set Elizabeth Mitchell.jpg elizabeth mitchell season 3 set (3).jpg

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Lost Redux: Juliet, Forever Alone in a Crowd

Part of “Old Info And News”

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgAmazing, right? Elizabeth Mitchell knocks another one out of the park! What did we ever do without our beautiful Juliet? Now, let’s dissect this episode…


Poor Juliet:  Juliet is playing our Losties, but she’s a mama bear torn away from her family, and she will do anything to get back to them—you can’t blame her for that; it’s human nature. And she’s all alone in this, trapped between psychotic mad scientists in one corner and very pissed-off castaways in the other (not to mention the fact that Ana-Lucia killed her lovah, Goodwin!). Even though I love our Losties first, I can’t help but feel for Juliet.

Fan Plea of the Week:  Craig in Alberta, Canada, writes: “Please tell me that Kate and Juliet will eventually get along. I think they are both great; plus, if Kate likes her, then Sun, Sawyer and Claire will, then Jin and Charlie, then Hurley, so it will all be good and everyone will stand around holding hands!” Awww…

By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my exclusive one-on-one with the truly lovely Elizabeth Mitchell for tons more on what she thinks about the character of Juliet and her relationship with Jack, Ben and all the rest of the folks on that uncharted desert isle…

Source: EW

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