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Lost 3×05 “The Cost Of Living” | AV Club Review

EMFC_LOST_3x05_01904.jpg///We noticed that someone at AV Club was rewatching Lost and posted some reviews about the show. We’re going to post here all the parts about Juliet and Elizabeth.///

this week Jack spends more time with Ben and Juliet, learning more information and taking one step closer to performing the surgery. Now, to be clear, it’s an effective bridge: when Juliet wheels the TV over to Jack’s window and plays her tape channeling Bob Dylan, it’s another memorable scene that shows the way the Others’ flair for the theatrical enlivens the show’s storytelling. You can see what attracted the show to expanding the role they play in the story, and you specifically get a stronger sense of Juliet’s agency in the situation at hand.


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LOST – Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Jules and I are working on the blu-ray screenshots. We made the first 6 episodes of LOST with Juliet. The quality is amazing!

EMFC_LOST_3x01_00179.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x02_01879.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x04_02890.jpg
EMFC_LOST_3x05_01904.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x06_000000000352.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x07_000000003008.jpg

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3X01 Tale of 2 Cities - 3x02 The Glass Ballerina - 3x04 Every Man for Himself - 3x05 The Cost of Living - 3x06 I Do - 3x07 Not in Portland - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost

Lost 3×05 Ratings

Part of “Old Info And News”

“Lost” (9:00-10:00 p.m.)
“Lost” won its time period and ranked as the No. 1 TV program of the night in Adults 18-49 for the 5th straight week (on each of its telecasts this season), defeating second-place CBS’ “Criminal Minds” in the slot by 35% (6.6/16 vs. 4.9/12). The winning advantage for ABC’s “Lost” over CBS’ older skewing “Criminal Minds” was 56% with Adults 18-34 (5.6/15 vs. 3.6/10). In fact the difference between the audiences for the ABC and CBS dramas is quite pronounced. Premiere to date, the median age for the “Criminal Minds” viewer is over 10 years older than the “Lost” viewer (53.5 years vs. 43.2 years). Furthermore CBS’ “Criminal Minds” is heavily dependent on viewers 50+ to drive up its Total Viewer count, as 58% of its overall viewership this season is concentrated in that age group.

* For the 5th consecutive week, “Lost” was Wednesday’s No. 1 TV show in each of the key adult demos (AD18-34 – 5.6/15, AD18-49 – 6.6/16 and AD25-54 – 7.6/17) and in Teens 12-17 (3.4/11).

Source: Nielsen

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