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Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews, Clips and Spoilers – Revolution break

UPDATE 2:  Revolution will be back in Janurary.

We’re back early January. Tons of good stuff coming down the pike in eps 10 – 22.

Source: Paul Grellong


Hi people, we have some Revolution updates to share today! So here we go…

Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews

They uploaded a video interview on the set of 2×07 where Elizabeth, David and Tracy talks about Monroe. Liz is adorable!

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


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2x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers - Video

Kristin’s Christmas Past – New Title and Air Date [New Movie]

elizabeth mitchell kristin's christmas pastHi all, “Last Chance Holiday” has a new title and an air date. It is “Kristin’s Christmas Past”  now and it will air on Lifetime on November 23 at 8pm ET/PT. Elizabeth plays Barbara.

Here’s the press release:

Kristin’s Christmas Past – Saturday, November 23, at 8pm ET/PT

Estranged from her family, Kristin (SHIRI APPLEBY) falls asleep alone on Christmas Eve only to wake up and discover it’s Christmas morning 1996 and she has to relive the worst Christmas of her life! But this time, Kristin decides to do things differently to change not only her imperfect past, but also her less- than-perfect future. ’80s icon and Golden Globe nominee JUDD NELSON returns to the screen alongside Disney starlet DEBBY RYAN and Revolution’s ELIZABETH MITCHELL.

Source: Examiner

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past

Last Chance Holiday – Update

Last Chance Holiday Elizabeth MitchellGoodmorning guys! We have a small update about Liz’s upcoming movie. First of all it’s a feature film and not a tv movie.

Hannah Marks plays the leading role (Krys) and Shiri Appleby is the older version of the same character. We guess that Liz will be the older version of the blond girl in this picture, so her character’s name could be “Deb”.

This is “Last Chance Holiday” imdb page, they haven’t added yet Liz and Shiri’s name in it though.

That’s all for now! In case you missed them, for the past news about the movie, click here.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past

Title and Plot of the new project with Liz: Last Chance Holiday

Last Chance Holiday Elizabeth MitchellWe finally got the title of the movie Liz shot in the past weeks in Los Angeles. It’s “Last Chance Holiday“.

This is the plot:

Given the opportunity to revisit her estranged family on Christmas Eve, 1996, KRISTIN CARTWRIGHT discovers that while it’s impossible to change the past, it’s important to learn from it.

We haven’t found any further information yet about Liz’s role, but as soon as we got something, we’ll post it. 🙂

The production was supposed to start on June 10, so this is the reason why Liz didn’t attend the Monte Carlo TV Festival this year. When we contacted them, people of the festival told us she had to cancel it because of her filming schedule. I think some of you were wondering why she didn’t go, so this is the reason: she was busy with this movie! 🙂

Source title: Will Kemp

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past

New Project – Liz is shooting in LA [Photos]

UPDATE: New photos and info.
One of the actresses (Hannah Marks) of the movie posted this photo on her instagram last week (June 21). She uses the hashtag “LCH” every time she talks about the movie. Wanna guess what “LCH” stands for? *_*

lch Elizabeth_Mitchell_filming_new_project_28329.jpg

Will Kemp posted a message about the movie on June 23 and he mentioned some of the actresses in the movie.


Hello again 😉

AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz is in LA, currently shooting a new project with Shiri Appleby and Will Kemp. They both posted a photo with Elizabeth on their twitter accounts. I don’t know the  title of the project, I guess it’s a movie and it should be something regarding Christmas. Stay tuned for updates!

New Project with Elizabeth Mitchell, Shiri Appleby and Will Kemp New Project with Elizabeth Mitchell, Shiri Appleby and Will Kemp

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Photos