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Kristin’s Christmas Past – DVD comes out today

Hey Liz lovelies, Kristin’s Christmas Past DVD comes out today. You can order it on Amazon.com for just $5.79.  It’s a dvd with 3 Christmas’ movies and one of them is the film Elizabeth shot last year.

You can read more about the release here.

If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should. It’s an adorable, funny and touching story and you’re gonna love it. There are a lot of scenes with Liz and she’s great of course!

If you have already seen it, well you should buy it as well because it is worth it! 😛

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past

Kristin’s Christmas Past’s DVD release date

Hello there!

I’ve just found out that they will release a 3 films collection DVD with Christmas movies and one of them is Kristin’s Christmas Past. The release date is November 4. It will be only the movie with no bonus features, but I’m very happy we’ll get at least that. 😀 Awesome Christmas gift! I love Kristin’s Christmas Past! :))))

Click on “Read More” for  the official press release:

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Brink Calendar – Kristin’s Christmas Past clips (problem fixed) – Revolution bloopers and more

elizabeth_mitchell_brink_calendar_march.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to all the people in USA! 🙂 In case you are a new fan of this beautiful creature and/or you have never seen this, there is an Elizabeth’s recipe for this occasion, actually her grandma’s recipe. 😉

We have some new stuff added on the site:

  • Brink Calendar with Elizabeth
  • Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips
  • Revolution Bloopers – HD clip
  • Movies and TV Shows – stills

Brink Calendar with Elizabeth

Brink Magazine made a calendar, each month a different celebrity. Elizabeth is March, like her birthday! 🙂 You can download it and buy a print at this link. 😉

Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips

Clip 13 and 14 of Kristin’s Christmast Past weren’t working correctly, so I fixed them. You can watch them here.

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Kristin’s Christmas Past: Set Photo, Plot and Judd Nelson about Liz

elizabeth mitchell kristin's christmas pastThis is a wonderful Saturday because Kristin’s Christmas Past premieres tonight at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Do not miss it! 🙂

We have some updates about the movie, so here we go. 😉

Set Photo by Jim Fall (the director)

elizabeth mitchell kristin's christmas past


 Judd Nelson about Elizabeth

Judd Nelson who plays Glenn, Barbara (Elizabeth)’s husband, said this about Elizabeth in a recent interview:

Tell me a little bit about your role in Kristin’s Christmas Past.
I play Glenn, Kristin’s father.  And my wife (Kristin’s mother, Barbara) is played by the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell.

What was it like working with the up and coming young talent?
I was very impressed with all of the actors.  Hannah Marks and Michael-James Olsen do outstanding work. A.J. Langer is hilarious, and heartfelt. Shiri Appleby has an unlimited range enabling her to play anything.And Elizabeth Mitchell’s work is incredibly clean and expressive, and she is very easy to work with.  It’s like riding a water-slide…all you have to do is hold on.

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