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Metrosource’s Interview

For us, Elizabeth Mitchell will always be the girl who made out with a young Angelina Jolie in Gia, but as Juliet on ABC’s Lost, Ms. Mitchell tends to run around the island looking fierce. So we were shocked to find her to be laid-back and giggly — way more bubbly than bad-ass.
Did you feel any pressure coming on board a pop-culture phenomenon like Lost?
I think I probably just refused to feel it too much. I just had a baby like six months before, and I was too sleep-deprived to care.

That kinda works for the character.

Yeah, fairly insane. But I think I was just like, “Well, I’ll do this, then. That sounds great,” not realizing how huge [the show] was.

Tell us about Juliet.

Well, I think she’s very smart, very loyal. She’s trying to figure something out: how to get home, for the most part. But she can’t find any way to click her heels together.

We think she’s one of the more fascinating characters on the show.
A lot of it, of course, is the writing, but I think that I get so excited because there’s actually something real to play.

You don’t often find such complicated characters on network television.
You really don’t, and I didn’t think she was going to be that. I mean, Juliet didn’t start out that way, so I got more and more interested as I was getting scripts. I was like, “Really? They want me to do this?” It was really unexpected and very cool.

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Elizabeth On Brilliant Magazine

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 3, 2008

Natural Treasure


If you’re not among the millions of viewers tuning in to watch Elizabeth Mitchell on ABC’s “Lost,” then you may as well be stranded on a desert island. Fierce, relentless, and complicated, Mitchell’s character, Juliet Burke, has women applauding their TV sets and men shaking their heads. But for Mitchell herself, the greatest glory derives from her personal reaction to the role. The free-spirited, Texas-bred actress forgoes the weekly fanfare to wax philosophical with Brilliant on fame, family, and the forces of “Lost.”

Elizabeth Mitchell has just flown from Los Angeles, where she ruled the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, to Hawaii, practically walking off the plane and onto the “Lost” set. The hectic nature of her schedule leaves this writer anticipating a more jetlag-induced languid tone from the actress. Instead, she greets me with an invigorated voice characteristic of a spa regular or at least, a person who has managed a miraculous nine hours of sleep. “You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing today,” Mitchell announces, setting the suspense. “I spent the whole morning with my little boy and we made pancakes and went to the aquarium.” Now that’s a balancing act.

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Digital Spy Interview: “Elizabeth Mitchell talks about life in the Lost camp”

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March 7, 2008

lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 2 (3).jpgElizabeth Mitchell talks about life in the Lost camp

Introduced at the start of season three, enigmatic fertility doctor Juliet Burke quickly became a firm favourite with fans of Lost. She interfered with the long-running love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer, almost got executed for killing one of her fellow Others, and has switched allegiances more times than Hurley has had hot dinners. But whose side is she really on? We gave alter-ego Elizabeth Mitchell a call to find out.

Is Lost a tough show to work on?
“Well, the good thing is I’m strong and pretty physical, so running around in the rain in the jungle for 14 hours a day is really fun to me. I have a great time on the show. We were running around the place the other night and this new cast member said to me, ‘Is this really what you guys do all the time?’ It honestly is.”

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OK! Magazine Interview And Photoshoot

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April 23, 2007

Lost at sea
Leaving the island behind, the stunning actress goes nautical and dishes on her hit show and Angeina.

Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell was never a model, but the statuesque actress sure looks like one as she tries on clothing and hangs on a yacht for OK!’s photoshoot in Marina Del Rey, California The 5-foot-9 beauty, who plays Juliet Burke, one of the mysterious “others” on the ABC drama, love wearing the ’60 nautical-inspired clothes.
The longtime film and TV actress, 36, who was raised in Dallas, got her first big break as Angelina Jolie’s lover in 1998 TV movie Gia. She played another lesbian role on ER from 2000 through 2001. Since then, she’s best known for playing Tim Allen’s wife in The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Excape Clause.
Now, she’s living in Hawaii and enjoying being part of the ensemble cast of Lost.
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TV Guide Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell Teases a “Twisty, Turny” Lost

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April 9-15, 2007

Elizabeth Mitchell Teases a “Twisty, Turny” Lost
Elizabeth Mitchell previews Juliet’s new, revealing Lost (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) flashback, reflects on her life as a mom, and tells tales from riding shotgun with Angelina Jolie.

TV Guide: Your character, Juliet, the fertility doc recruited by the Others, gets flashback action in this week’s episode. What can you tell us about the episode?
Elizabeth Mitchell:
It’s a nice, revelatory flashback. My first flashback episode wasn’t particularly twisty or turny. This one is definitely twisty and turny.

TV Guide: You’re not just teasing us? We’ll actually get some big answers?
Oh, yeah. So many things we’ve already seen about Juliet and wondered, “Why did she do this? Why is she so cold?” You’ll know exactly why.

TV Guide: Can you tell us more?
We are going to see Juliet much worse for the wear. Anyone who really wanted to mess her up and grind her face in the mud, they’re going to get what they want. And the stuff between me and Ben [Michael Emerson] is pretty heartbreaking.

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Brilliant Magazine Interview

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Brilliant Marh 2007 Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgLost and Found
Story by Lance Avery Morgan

Imagine this: you live in Hawaii, you are the star of perhaps the biggest television adventure hit in a decade and you are stunning, sound like a dream? Not if you’re Elizabeth Mitchell, the Dallas-bred star of ABC’s Lost. We had a chance to catch up by phone after she’d finished s particularly gruelling action scene in the jungle, so her adrenaline was running high and she was ready to let loose, here, in an exclusive to Brilliant, we talk about her career, her co-stars, and getting dirty in paradise.

We love our Texans who make it big in Hollywood. Was there something about your Dallas upbringing that drove you to succeed?
My lovely parents, who still live in Texas, absolutely taught me my work ethic. Texas was a great place to grow up with such smart, strong people. My sense of individuality and confidence are from Texas.

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Dallas Morning News Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell About ‘ER’ And ‘The Beast’

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgFrom start in Dallas theater, Elizabeth Mitchell grabs TV spotlight with ‘ER’ and ‘The Beast’
By Manuel Mendoza

PASADENA, Calif. – “I have a boyfriend,” Elizabeth Mitchell says to Angelina Jolie after their characters make love in the 1998 HBO film Gia. “I’m really very square.”
Ms. Mitchell, a Dallas native, easily passes for square. Tall and thin, with curly, shoulder-length tresses, she’s the innocent, all-American blonde. She grew up in Highland Park, for Pete’s sake.

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Gia | Elizabeth Mitchell recalls smooching Jolie

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Elizabeth Mitchell recalls smooching Jolie

EMFC_GIA_Elizabeth_Mitchell_M_00440.jpgElizabeth Mitchell, currently cozying up to Dennis Quaid in the film Frequency, tells the Toronto Sun that she still has fond memories of kissing Angelina Jolie when the two costarred in Gia. “She’s got such beautiful lips, and they’re all her own,” says Mitchell. “She’s all real. She’s a work of nature. She hasn’t put herself together at the plastic surgeon’s office.” The actress also notes that her big love scene with Jolie prompted a great deal of hilarity on the set. “We did this one love scene on the bed where we were laughing so hard, we were shaking—the whole bed was shaking,” Mitchell recalls. “The director was yelling, ‘Stop it, stop it!’ Angelina and I tried to think of sad things so we wouldn’t laugh, but everything we thought of became absurd and funny, so it got worse and worse and worse.”


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Venice Interview: Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency

venice.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency


They say that the true test of a great actor is whether he or she can stand the test of time, giving an equally impressive performance when they’re old and winkled, as when they’re young and beautiful, Elizabeth Mitchell must be relieved because she’s passed the test with flying colors at a very young age.

In the New Line Cinema release, Frequency, Elizabeth plays Julia Sullivan, wife of fire-fighter Frank (Dennis Quaid) and mother to John (played as an adult by James Caviezel). During the course of the film – a supernatural thriller that covers 30 years – Elizabeth goes from a beautiful young mother to a still-spry senior citizen, and plays both with equal aplomb. Pretty heady stuff for the eldest daughter (of three) of two lawyers who was born in Dallas.

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