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V and ER Exhibit at Paley Center

Warner Bros. sent us an email  about an exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles.

Exhibit debuted on March 1, 2012, runs through August 2013 and features Props, Costumes, Photos, Set Pieces, Video Clips, Photo Ops, and Original Animation.

In particular there will be a major installation on ER and another one  focusing on sci-fi as V.

If you’re interested you can read more infos here.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Is Really Loved

We don’t know if you remember, but in 2009 Elizabeth was about to do a movie called “Every Little Thing”, then for some reason she had to back out, we guess because she took the role on “V”. The movie has never been realized.

We found an interview with the writer and director of that project, Suju Vijayan, who said very nice things about Liz.

I’m the writer and director of Every Little Thing the film in which Elizabeth is playing the lead. My producer, Mike Blum, told me you were interested in getting some more information. So, to answer your questions.

How did you decide to cast Ms. Mitchell?

I loved Elizabeth’s performance in GIA years ago, and then really enjoyed her guest run on ER. More recently, I have of course enjoyed her terrific work on LOST, and it’s definitely her portrayal of Juliet that inspired me to approach her. I think she brings a tremendous amount of dignity, mystery, and strength to that role. Everything she does in that role is subtle and nuanced and effective, and that’s what I was looking for in the actor who would play Joanne, the lead in our film.

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BBC’s Interview with Elizabeth & Scott Wolf

New world of television

Elizabeth Mitchell stars in US hit alien drama V, that has just been signed for its second series. Before that she played Juliet Burke in Lost and Dr. Kim Legaspi in ER both now defunct.
She thinks the TV industry is undergoing a change. “We’re entering a whole new world of television with cable and with the internet.”
“All good things I suppose must come to an end, ER had a fantastic run and it was exciting with Lost as they knew when they were going to end.”

Some shows don’t get the luxury of knowing when they’ll be finishing which leaves fans hanging without any proper endings. In the States some pilots only last a couple of episodes before they are dropped and in this new TV world they’re getting tougher. Many networks try and make money with cheaper reality TV shows so if expensive dramas aren’t paying off they’re quick to cut them.
Starring alongside Mitchell in V is Scott Wolf who played Bailey in Party of Five. It was a hit in the 90s and also starred Lost’s Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Which Star Would You Follow to Any Show?

Sherry Stringfield, David Cross, Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael C. HallFrom the ER to a mysterious island to an alien ship, I would follow Elizabeth Mitchell from the earth to the moon. If she were to perform spoken word using only 140 characters in an off-Broadway show, I would be first in line to buy tickets. If she were to move from the sci-fi drama realm into slapstick comedy, I would set a Season Pass immediately. She had me at Juliet but will continue to have my respect and support for the rest of her career.

Source: TV SQUAD | Thanks Stef!

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