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Dead Of Summer 1×06 | My Review

I (Adry) wrote this review of Dead of Summer 1×06 for Voice of TV. It expresses what I feel about Liz’s performance in the episode and in general. I don’t think her talent could actually be explained with words, but I tried. Oh something else I loved is the voice she had when she was playing a younger Deb. The way she talks (the scene when she was talking to her friend about Keith) makes her look younger, I think she did a fantastic job there as well. Anyway I’m gonna copy the review part here (the recap is less important, but if you’re interested you can find it at this link).

I know it’s weird I called her “Mitchell” lol, I had to… but she’ll always be my Liz. Always! 😛 <3

Elizabeth Mitchell’s Heartbreaking And Powerful Perfomance In Dead Of Summer 1×06 – Review

As I expected Dead of Summer 1×06 “The Dharma Bums” was the best episode yet and not only because of the sad and touching back-story of Deb, but mostly because of the incredible performance delivered by Elizabeth Mitchell. That woman can do anything and she has constantly proved she can do no wrong.

Even if you are familiar with her talent, she never stops surprising you with all the thoughtful and mind-blowing depth, the overwhelming emotions and the delicate and infinitesimal layers she is able to put into all her characters.

What she did with Deb was phenomenal and unique. It’s her extraordinary ability to recreate moments with profound sensitivity and undeniable credibility that make you identify with her characters.

Mitchell dives you into Deb’s misery with an impeccable perception of the feelings the woman has been going through from the death of the young counselor to the recurring loss of her true love.

Deborah Carpenter’s past was heart wrenching, bittersweet and devastating.

The pain of this character was so real and intense as much as the joy and the happiness she could only taste for a little while when she has Keith (Dylan Neal) by her side, when they both believed in their dreams and when life hasn’t crushed them yet.

Those were two souls that lost each other and lost themselves, two bums who forgot what means to be free as soon as they stopped to be together.

Their love story is heartbreaking and yet intensely beautiful. Both actors were able to create a palpable chemistry and true feelings that can only overwhelm you almost as much as they overwhelm themselves.

Keith’s death is the turning point into Deb’s life. After that Camp Stillwater’s owner wanted to believe so badly that things can go back the way they were and her commitment in recreating the summer of her past is what actually made her reopen that place. Those were moments of her life when she was truly happy and still has her dreams to believe in and fight for. She wanted to save the world and got stuck and changed by it in the process, they both did, but “it’s never too late to be the person you were always meant to be,” at least for Deb.

Even if she forgot that in the past, she will have to hold on to it to keep going, to be there for those kids, to give them the same hopes she had at their age, no matter what happened to Cricket, no matter what happened to Keith. She will probably never be able to save the world, but she could try to save a small part of it.



“The Dharma Bums” is the strongest and the most compelling episode so far, I doubt it could be matched. Even if the story went exactly as my prediction, the intensity of the plot, the powerful performances (in particular the Elizabeth Mitchell’s one), the beauty of a genuinely authentic love story, make the sixth instalment not just enjoyable but emotional on so many levels.
The love of these two souls blossoms during one only summer and endures a lifetime. Not even distance can tear them apart, not even the world that changed them can break up their hearts.

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Comic Con | Photos and Videos – Part 5

There’s a new beautiful interview with Elizabeth and a clip when she joins Eli Goree’s table (which is so cute). We also found an interview with Dead of Summer‘s creators where you can see Liz in the background. 🙂

We love she tries to predict a show or a movie because that’s what we always do all the time. LOL!


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Dead Of Summer’s Ratings Rise

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_1x06_05.jpgThe ratings of Dead Of Summer 1×06 “The Dharma Bums” are the second best result after the pilot and the first best result in 18-19 demo tied with the same episode. It’s the first time that the ratings rose and they are up 51,86% from the lastest episode. This is amazing expecially because the 6th episode is the one about Elizabeth’s character which was also the best one so far. 🙂 YAY!dead_of_summer_ratings


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Dead Of Summer 1×07 Promo

UPDATE | Sorry I was half asleep yesterday (it was almost 5 o’clock here), if you try the promo now you’ll be able to watch it.

OMG Deb’s backstory was exactly how we thought. Still in shock for 1×06.

You’re such an extraordinary talent, Liz! You have no idea. You really have no idea! Seriously tears for your greatness! Thank you for this heartbreaking performance!
Deb’s past was so sad, her love story with Keith was so beautiful. 🙁

Ok this is the promo for 1×07.


Btw we know who the bad guy is. Totally called it since episode 1! haha!

Oh Gosh, this was so sad!

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Dead Of Summer 1×08 Press Release

1×08 The Devil Inside


With the horrors of last night behind them, the counselors of Camp Stillwater finally feel at ease. Maybe too at ease in “The Devil Inside,” an all-new episode of “Dead of Summer,” airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.

As Deb, Deputy Sykes and the counselors all try to come to grips with what took place at Camp Stillwater, a sense of calm finally comes over the camp. But with so much having taken place, can the summer really be saved? Meanwhile, flashbacks feature Jessie.

Guest stars include Tony Todd as The Tall Man, Andrew J. West as Damon Crowley and Sharon Leal as Renee.

“The Devil Inside” is written by Richard Naing & Steven Canals and directed by Mick Garis.

The series stars Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost,” ”The Purge: Election Year”) as Deborah “Deb” Carpenter, Elizabeth Lail (“Once Upon a Time”) as Amy Hughes, Zelda Williams (“Teen Wolf”) as Drew Reeves, Mark Indelicato (“Ugly Betty”) as Blair Ramos, Alberto Frezza (“Charlie’s Angels”) as Deputy Garrett Sykes, Eli Goree (“The 100”) as Joel Goodson, Ronen Rubinstein (“Orange Is the New Black”) as Alex Powell, Amber Coney (“Class”) as Carolina “Cricket” Diaz and Paulina Singer (“Gotham”) as Jesse Tyler.

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Don’t Miss Elizabeth’s Centric Episode | Dead Of Summer

We’ll be able to see Liz’s centric-episode tonight and we’ll finally know who Deb is.

In the past five episodes it was so confusing because she looked warm and adorable but she had this ambiguous side, especially because it always felt like she was manipulating Joel for some reason. After last week’s episode we know that any weird behaviour we’ve seen till now was only in Joel’s head because of Holyoke.

It’s exciting to know what kind of relationship Deb and Keith (Dylan Neal) have.

[SPOILER ALERT! We don’t want to spoil you, it’s just a theory but if we are right it could be a spoiler]

We had this idea of him being her turning point.

He told her once: “Life is a series of moments, moments that don’t happen to you but moments that, if you are brave enough, you can create.” and she told Joel that the box with his book inside reminds her not to give up in her dreams and that she didn’t become the person she wanted to be.

We think that she met Keith again after she became someone she didn’t want to be and then something happened that make her decide to start all over again (to create those moments) and that’s why she re-opened Camp Stillwater, probably because it’s where she met Keith for the first time?!

From the on-set photos we found out that Deb was married and Liz said that she got into a marriage and a situation she didn’t like. From her outfit she looks so different from the character we saw at the camp and she probably has a job she doesn’t even like. Our theory is that Keith made her realized that.


We are so excited about “The Dharma Bums” and can’t wait to see what it will definitely be another outstanding performance of this incredibly talented actress.

Don’t miss Dead of Summer at 9/8c on Freeform.

They posted this on the official facebook page. So cute!

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Comic Con | Photos and Videos – Part 4

There’s another video interview from Comic Con. Nothing new beside the beginning of the video since it’s the same table of the previous ones, but she’s always so cute!


Elizabeth Mitchell is used to playing mysterious characters, but camp director Deb on Dead of Summer seems like she could be hiding some especially deadly secrets. After prominent roles on genre shows like Lost, Mitchell knows a thing or two about mysteries that live in the woods. But is she really ready for the supernatural scares of Camp Stillwater?

We’ll soon be learning more about Deb in her flashback episode “The Dharma Bums,” (obviously a Lost refernce) but Elizabeth Mitchell spilled a bit about her character at San Diego Comic Con.

Watch the video below to see what she had to say about working with showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz again, what she’s excited for fans to see, and what to expect from Deb’s flashback episode:

Interview Highlights:

  • She talks about the fifth episode, where we learn about the reality of her relationship with Joel.
  • We’re now going to see Deb, rather than the perception of her.
  • The Deb episode is coming up and it was highly enjoyable for her to shoot. There was a sweetness to Deb that she hasn’t played before.
  • Eddie and Adam (the executive producers) were the reason she got involved in the show since they wrote a character for her and offered it to her.
  • “I never know if I’m happy or unhappy with a role until I’m done.”
  • She found her character in Lost really odd and then as she went along she realized she really liked the character.
  • She didn’t know what the arc of her character would be on Dead of Summer but she guessed and wasn’t wrong.
  • She doesn’t like to play things too on-the-nose, she likes to play things more subtle.
  • Mitchell is excited for fans to see Deb’s backstory. She thinks a lot of her mom when playing this character because they were coming of age at the same time.
  • Cricket and Drew’s backstories were her favorites to watch. She talks about Zelda Williams’ commitment to doing a good job with the character and her attention to detail.
  • Mitchell talks about how the crew guys didn’t recognize her in the late 60s Deb outfits.

What do you think? Are you excited to learn more about Deb? What do you think we’ll learn in her episode? Sound off in the comments!

Dead of Summer airs at 9pm on Freeform

Source: Buddy TV

These are a few more pics from the event. 🙂 Stunning!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Comic_Con_Dead_of_Summer_Panel_028.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Comic_Con_Dead_of_Summer_Panel_029.jpg

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