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Dead of Summer 1×01 | Clips With Elizabeth

We added the clips with Elizabeth from the first episode of Dead of Summer into our video archive. Remember you can watch the whole season on Freeform‘s site and hopefully it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD soon. There’s still no info about it, but fingers crossed. 🙂 For now it’s only possible to buy the digital version on Amazon.

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Dead Of Summer’s Cast About Elizabeth

This is from the chat the guys did yesterday after the finale. Mark, Paulina and little Liz say amazing and true things about our Elizabeth. What they say happened to us as well and she is literally just as they describe her. Such an incredible, wise, beautiful human being!


We miss you, “sweet sweet angel” and “the most beautiful person in the entire world”… so much! <3

This is from an interview with Amber Coney. 🙂

Q: There definitely feels like some of that LOST vibe carried over in the tone of the show. Would you say that Elizabeth Mitchell brings that aura of mystery from her work as Juliet on LOST to her character Deb Carpenter in DEAD OF SUMMER as well?
AMBER: I have actually not seen LOST, but I can say that Elizabeth does a fantastic job in bringing the right sense of mystery to her character. She is an astounding actress, so it’s no surprise to watch her nailing the role.


Nobody is able to bring mystery to a character like her! <3

Check this page to read more about what the cast said about Liz.

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Our Thoughts About Dead Of Summer Finale

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_1x06_EMFC_001133.jpgDead of Summer finale aired yesterday. We got to see a little bit of Liz but we hoped there was something more like a flashback scene or at least a smiling face at the end when they were going into the lake. We have to admit it was traumatizing to see her like that. 🙁 As we said yesterday on twitter, we have always thought Liz could kick asses if she was on The Walking Dead but we’ve never wanted to see her as a walker. By the way great performance as a zombie!

Deb was a beautiful character, sweet, kind and warm. She wanted to save the world and she was so full of hopes. It’s so sad she died, but we are happy we got to know her. Elizabeth did a formidable job, expecially in “The Dharma Bums” and when she created this mysterious and ambiguous aura in the first episodes.

Beside the role and Elizabeth’s wonderful performance, we really liked the cast. They were always so nice to Liz and said beautiful things about her and we are thanksful for that!

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Elizabeth About Dead Of Summer’s Finale And Deb

As we told you last week, Liz will be in Dead of Summer‘s finale which airs now on Freeform. These are two small interviews with her about the show.

This is about the finale.

Will there be a second season of Dead of Summer? (If so, how!?) — Steff
The show hasn’t officially been renewed yet, but as the EPs recently teased to me, season 2 would take place in 1970, when Deb was at camp. Also, don’t assume that everyone will die in the finale. “It’s just bonkers,” Elizabeth Mitchell teases of the season ender. “It’s a big reunion. We’re all together. I can say that. Not everybody is dead.” So we could see those survivors again should the show continue.

Source: EW

This is about 1×09.

So does this mean Deb is not evil on Dead of Summer? — Kara
Tuesday’s episode certainly made it seem as though Deb is on the side of good, but just you wait. “In the second-to-last episode, we get the inkling that she knows more than she’s letting herself know or that she’s letting on,” Elizabeth Mitchell says. “We get this idea that there is something more to Deb than just this sweet woman who is trying to change her life again. It starts to look that maybe she might possibly be who she says she is, but then in 109, maybe she’s not.”

Source: EW

1x09 - 1x10 - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview