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Crossing Lines: Thoughts about 3×08

http://31.media.tumblr.com/6779beea3be900fa55afa4a0c45cfdb9/tumblr_nxd7yxPsMx1qcns0vo8_250.gifHello everyone, I don’t know if you have already watched 3×08 of “Crossing Lines” but Liz was phenomenal last night! I’m so happy we finally got an episode all about her.

I love love love Carine so much! The strength and the passion that woman has are so powerful!
Liz has made her incredibly warm and compassionate and you can’t help but to be drawn by her way of being, thinking and dealing with others!

One of the things that has always impressed me so much about Elizabeth’s acting is not only how she delivers her lines when it’s her who leads a scene, but also how she (re)acts when there are other people at the center of a scene and how she responds to them, even when it’s not verbally. How she does that amazes me every time. I think this episode shows a lot of that.


Carine has to deal with this arrogant old man, who treats her and her team like incompetents. He gives her/them orders and doesn’t hesitate to threaten her of making her lose her job if she doesn’t do as he says.
You can see how the words said by Bernard hit Carine in the stomach and are reflected into Elizabeth’s reactions. PERFECTION!
The respect and the affection Carine has for her team is one of the best characteristics she has. And I love how supportive Dorn is with her. I like their relationship a lot. The last scene was very sweet… when Elizabeth smiles… she’s so precious!

Oh just another thing… Carine always sits on a desk… it’s just pure tenderness!

When you watch the episode, let me know what you think! 🙂 Oh some gifs for the episodes are here!

3x08 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Spoilers

Crossing Lines: New Photos, Schedule and 3×12 Plot Summary

This is a translation from German of the plot summary of the last episode of the season. We hope we got it right. 😛

Crossing Lines 3×12 Obscura

The former Russian secret agent Valentina Michailova murdered the Press officerof the right-wing of the Freedom Romanian Party with a garrote. Since her motives are very personal, the ICC have to hurry to catch the professional killer . Her next victin is Solbak, the head of the Party. Marco makes a new step in the investigation of his missing sister.

We just found out that “Crossing Lines” started yesterday in Russia on Sony Turbo. From the schedule on their site it seems 3×03 airs tonight and 3×04 airs tomorrow.

Oh 3×08 airs tonight on AXN Spain at 9:12pm (one hour earlier | Thanks @GVisnjicFan for the headup) and always at 10:15pm on AXN Portugal. 3×04 airs on Sat1 at 10:10 in Germany.

These are new photos from the upcoming episodes, some old ones in a better quality and a promotional photo. Enjoy! 🙂

1: 2. 3. 4. Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x07_02.jpg
5. Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x02_still_08.jpg 6.

  1. 3×09 new still
  2. 3×10 new still
  3. 3×11 new still
  4. 3×07 better quality still
  5. 3×02 HQ photo
  6. Promotional Photo

Crossing Lines is N. 249 on imdb popularity chart! Isn’t this AMAZING?! 😀 They should change the pictures tho. 😛


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Crossing Lines: Goran Visnjic about Carine

Ste made the translation from a polish interview  with Goran. He talks about Carine and her relationship with Marco. 🙂

Please tell us a little bit about the relationship between Marco and the character played by Elizabeth Mitchell. It seems that there is strong tension between you two?

– You have to build tension! They used to say that it is boring to play characters who all get along. It is more interesting to play characters with conflicts.
Carine (the character played by Elizabeth) and Marco always argue – they have their good and bad days.
Carine once worked for Michel Dorn in the ICC as one of the best investigators. Now she got promoted to leader of a special unit. It’s one of those people who do not have much privacy.
She works 24 hours a day. Nothing came easy for her in life, so she must really work hard to achieve something.

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Spoilers

Crossing Lines: Thoughts about the episode 3×05

http://33.media.tumblr.com/b24f92f2c2d7f499b89b745b4a7020f6/tumblr_nwaaat4wQp1qcns0vo1_250.gifCrossing Lines 3×05 is the best episode so far.
Elizabeth was extremely amazing and looked like a Goddess, really. The way she portrays Carine is so compelling. This character is so strong. They revealed something about her past (won’t say what it is because not everyone has watched the episode yet) that makes her … quoting Marco: “you’re even more impressive than I thought.”

Things like that changes you forever and Carine’s lines make me cry.
I wanna quote her, but don’t read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Carine: “Marco, I didn’t tell you this to get your pity or your compassion. What happened, happened. I dealt with the rage and the pain a long time ago. I don’t let them define me.
You deal with your past or you get trapped by it.”

I’m really so impressed by this character, the strength and confidence Liz put into her. I’m so grateful to know all these messy and strong women she plays. Nobody else could play them so perfectly.

As Rola Bauer said, Liz has this combination of strength and softness and at the same time she’s very demanding and she conveys all this in her characters.

I don’t really like procedural shows, but when I knew about Liz in “Crossing Lines” I watched the first two seasons and I felt that the show was different from other series. The characters are so important, they are what make a show appealing to me and so often they are hidden behind the episodic plots. “Crossing Lines” is not the case. I don’t like to watch shows where the main characters are not involved personally in the cases and it looks like they are delivering lines as if they are reading the phonebook. Although I believe Liz could read a phonebook and still looks very charming. 😛

I just wanna say that I’m happy about this show.

About the relationship between Carine and Marco… their chemistry is not only amazing, is so much more… the mutual respect and admiration are charismatic. Even though Carine is his superior, they talk to each other as friends. When she tells him that he’s doing the wrong thing, she doesn’t do that because she is her boss, but because she cares about him and about the cases. Carine really wants all the good people to win and feels that as a personal success. Justice is very important to her. She is very warm and supports everyone. Love that!

3x05 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Spoilers

New Interview with Elizabeth about Crossing Lines

Hey guys we have a new interview with Elizabeth about “Crossing Lines” to share. Ste translated from Hungarian so if it doesn’t make any sense, it’s totally her fault. I’m kidding! 😛
When Liz talks about how they changed Carine because she was a different kind of character, I think she is talking about the Carine who asks Dorn to let her lead the team. There was this scene in the trailer they deleted. It’s Dorn who put Carine in charge, she didn’t ask for anything. It’s actually better because that didn’t represent Carine’s personality.

Here’s the interview:

The actress joins the show “Crossing Lines” as a new character and the new season premieres tonight at 9 o’clock on AXN.

Carine Strand is a brand new character on the show.What we should know about her?
– She spent ten years in the Chicago Police Department, then she came to work in Europe. Now she works in the Hague for the International Criminal Court and she becomes the team leader at the end of the second episode. She always wanted to achieve that and she’s worked so hard all her life to get it.

Is there someone of the previous season Carine doesn’t get along with?
– Yes! Sebastian (Tom Wlaschiha). He was in the first ICC team, he’s a genius, but he doesn’t care much about breaking the rules. Carine doesn’t like that, because her goal is to go by the rules in order to use the evidences in a court room. That’s why there are conflicts. They are very polite to each other, but they keep an eye on each other as well.
I like that, Tom creates rivalry and that’s good for the show.

Read more…

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Crossing Lines: Upcoming Episodes’ Plot Summaries

We have the plot summaries of “Crossing Lines” upcoming episodes (only the season finale is missing). They contains spoilers, so just keep that in mind if you decide to read them. Oh they changed the order of the episodes so check the info page for the complete list. 😉

Crossing Lines 3×06 Lost and Found

A drug smuggler wounded dies from blood-borne disease . The ICC must find his assailant to stop the spread of a deadly epidemic.

Crossing Lines 3×07 Dragon

The pursuit of a known drug dealer leads the ICC to a cospiracy, an effort to ruin the reputation of a famous human rights activist.

Crossing Lines 3×08 Heat

During the search for a cargo of lethal polonium Carine faces a former researcher at the school, and make her question her ability to lead the ICC.

Crossing Lines 3×09 Enemy of the People

The investigation on the death of key figures of a controversial Hydro-Electric project exposes the secret life of a contractor.

Crossing Lines 3×10 Penalty

When the locker room of a football team is bombarded, the research leads to a racist motive and exposes a dark secret of the profitable owner.

Crossing Lines 3×11 Expose

The mysterious death of a journalist who is about to give an exclusive to Dorn’s unit has to do with the world of drug, counterfeit and terrorist weapons.

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Crossing Lines: 3×05 Stills and 3×05 and 3×06 Plot Summaries

These are 4 amazing stills from the upcoming episode of “Crossing Lines” (3×05). Enjoy! 🙂

And thanks so much to Sandra for the translation from German, we also have the plot summary of episode 5 and 6. 🙂

Crossing Lines 3×05 Plot
Julian Ridderhoff’s murder spree is beyond cruel: His victims have a bomb tied around their necks and are blown up. In court, however, he cannot be tied to the murders. Finally, someone else is blown up and this time it is Ridderhoff himself. Because there have been cases before where a murderer was killed with their own methods, it seems to be an act of revenge…
Crossing Lines 3×06 Plot
After a knife fight in Croatia, a man dies. The victim, who turns out to be a member of a criminal organisation, was suffering from a highly contagious disease which spreads similar to ebola and always ends deadly. Shortly before his death, he was in a fight with Nigel St. Clair, whose son was kidnapped by the organisation. During the fight he infected Nigel. Now the team has to find him and other people who might have been infected as soon as possible.


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