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Crossing Lines: Photos and Promos

We found a few Crossing Lines‘ things we thought to share: a couple of photos and 4 promos.

The crazy thing is that, checking our site data, most of the people who comes here are actually looking for info about Crossing Lines season 4. It’s really so sad it’s not happening. We just wish they could find a solution to whatever problem they have and bring back this show because, clearly, there’s a lot of interest in it.


1. 2. Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x04_still_04.jpg

  1. Cast Promotional Photo
  2. Still from 3×04 in a bigger size (HQ)



1. 2. 3.

  1. Studio Canal Germany Promo (It’s like the original promo in English but in HD and  there’s a few scenes you can’t find on bluray since they weren’t used in the show )
  2. 13 Rue Promo (French Promo)
  3. C8 Promo 1 & 2 (French Promos)

We are generally very peaceful but, networks/producers/anyone??? It’s time you give Elizabeth Mitchell a new badass role! NOW! Thank you!

3x04 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Promo - Video

Crossing Lines on Bluray & DVD and Info

Some people asked us about Crossing Lines season 4. Since Elizabeth will start filming “Dead of Summer” next month, we guess there won’t be a season 4. There is no info/update about season 3 on Netflix, but it will be available on DVD and Bluray in Germany on February 18. This is a German promo made by Studio Canal for the occasion:

Crossing Lines season 3 on bluray and DVD Elizabeth Mitchell


These are a couple new pictures posted by the official twitter:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x01_still_09.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x06_still_01.jpg

3x01 - 3x06 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Promo - Video

Crossing Lines: AXN Portugal & Spain Promo 1 | New Scenes

UPDATE (September 17): We added the AXN Spain promo (it’s in Spanish). It’s in better quality but there aren’t all the scenes with Liz you can see in the Portugal promo.

Crossing Lines: AXN Spain Promo 1 - Elizabeth Mitchell



There are new scenes of “Crossing Lines” in the AXN Portugal promo. It took us age to get it, but it’s really worth it, Liz is so stunning! Enjoy!!! 🙂

Crossing Lines: AXN Portugal Promo 1 - Elizabeth Mitchell


Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Promo - Spoilers - Video

Crossing Lines AXN Korea Promo and Photos | Tonight on Sony Channel Africa

“Crossing Lines” premieres tonight on Sony Channel Africa (DStv 127) with the first two episode of season 3 starting at 08:55pm . So if you’re lucky enough to have that channel, don’t miss it!

We found some goodies: AXN Korea Promo and some promotional photos of the show.

AXN Korea Promo

Crossing Lines


AXN Promotional Photoshoot

On a side note: if someone can call Jin or Sun to translate this from Korean it would be great!

3x01 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Promo - Video