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Video Interview with Elizabeth by Seriz

This is another interview Elizabeth did in Paris. She talks about Carine and Crossing Lines, but also mentions “The Purge 3”, The Snow Queen (“Once Upon A Time”), Juliet (“Lost”) and Erica (“V”).

Paris 2016 Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


Elizabeth would like to play Supergirl or a superhero, so what can we do about it? 🙂

Translation of the French part of the interivew made by Pinoche29 (Thank you so much!!!):

Interviewer : Elizabeth, Hello.
Elizabeth Mitchell : Hello, how are you ?
I : I’m good, and you ?
EM nods
I : Do you speak French ?
EM : A little bit
I : You character Carine Strand takes over the direction of the team after Louis Daniel’s death, what differences does she bring to the ICC?
EM : – (English part)
I : It’s not the first time that we can see you playing an agent, we remember you from the series V. How did you work this part for the series Crossing Lines ?
EM : – (English part)
I : Did you have fun making this series ?
EM : – (English part)
I : I understood !! ((What she said in English))
EM : *laugh* (Well done, good.) Me too!! ((She understood what he said in French))
I : How have you been placed on that project, did you watch the previous seasons ?
EM : – (English part)
I : We saw you in many American productions, this one is European, is it really different?
EM : – (English part)
I : We’re going to talk about your career. Out of all the characters that you played in TV series, which one do you prefer ?
EM : – (English part)
I : You are soon going to be on cinema. Do you prefer TV series or movies?
EM : – (English part)
I : Do you have time to watch series?
EM : – (English part)
I : Is there a character who left a mark on you, as a viewer and second question.. is there a character in a TV series that you would have liked to play?
EM : – (English part)

Source: Seriz | Thanks so much Pinoche29 for the headup!

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Crossing Lines on Bluray & DVD and Info

Some people asked us about Crossing Lines season 4. Since Elizabeth will start filming “Dead of Summer” next month, we guess there won’t be a season 4. There is no info/update about season 3 on Netflix, but it will be available on DVD and Bluray in Germany on February 18. This is a German promo made by Studio Canal for the occasion:

Crossing Lines season 3 on bluray and DVD Elizabeth Mitchell


These are a couple new pictures posted by the official twitter:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x01_still_09.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x06_still_01.jpg

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Meet & Greet with Elizabeth in Paris

Crossing LinesThere’s a chance to win a meet and greet with Liz in Paris by RT and following this account. You have till tomorrow.

They don’t say when it’s going to happen, but according to this article this is to mark the lanch of Crossing Lines season 3 on 13ème RUE on February 7.

To mark the launch of the new season of Crossing Lines on February 7 on 13ème RUE, a chance to meet the actors Goran Visnjic (ER) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, Once Upon a Time) in a Paris hotel.

Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects

Crossing Lines Bluray: 5 hours of bonus material

Crossing Lines According to Studiocanal‘s site “Crossing Lines” on Bluray will have over 5 hours of bonus material, but these are the only details about it:

Over 5 hours of bonus material:

  • Set Tour with Tom Wlaschiha, Stuart Martin & Lara Rossi
  • Extensive interviews with cast members and Team
  • B-roll

Crossing Lines will be available on DVD & Bluray on February 18, but you can preorder it on Amazon.de.

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Video

Elizabeth and Goran Visjnic in Paris for Crossing Lines – Season 3 in France

Crossing LinesHello everyone, 13ème RUE (a French TV) will air Crossing Lines season 3 from 7 March, every Monday at 8:45pm.

Their site also wrote that Elizabeth and Goran Visjnic will be in Paris in early February.

Goran Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell will be in Paris in early February to talk about the new season of Crossing Lines: Police Without Borders! We can not wait, and you?

There’s no further details about this, but it seems they’re going there to present the show.

It sounds really good for Crossing Lines season 4! Yeah!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))) PLEASE!

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