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Crossing Lines 3×08 HD Screencaptures

We uploaded the screencaptures of “Crossing Lines” 3×08 into the gallery.

This is the best episode of the show, that’s because it is so Carine-centric and Elizabeth’s performance is so excellent. Not so many actors are able to do what she does. She is so present, so there into the scene, even if she is not leading the scene. And her reaction to others rises from her eyes and grows all over her face and her body. She’s just terrific!
Anyway enjoy the caps and watch this episode again. Majestic!

Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001110.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001564.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc003221.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc003770.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc005357.jpg

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Crossing Lines: Clips & Stills

Even though it’s still on air in most of the countries, this is the first week without a new episode of “Crossing Lines”. 🙁

The last scene of season 3 was really beautiful, but let’s face it: Erica Evans can bake a cake so much better! HAHA… Kidding! The guys were very sweet… we really need to see Carine on a day off… so *crossing fingers* for season 4! 😀

We added clips with Liz from the episodes 3×06, 3×07 and 3×08 in the video archive and new stills and/or bigger stills from 3×02 and 3×04 into the gallery. 🙂





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Crossing Lines: Thoughts about 3×08

http://31.media.tumblr.com/6779beea3be900fa55afa4a0c45cfdb9/tumblr_nxd7yxPsMx1qcns0vo8_250.gifHello everyone, I don’t know if you have already watched 3×08 of “Crossing Lines” but Liz was phenomenal last night! I’m so happy we finally got an episode all about her.

I love love love Carine so much! The strength and the passion that woman has are so powerful!
Liz has made her incredibly warm and compassionate and you can’t help but to be drawn by her way of being, thinking and dealing with others!

One of the things that has always impressed me so much about Elizabeth’s acting is not only how she delivers her lines when it’s her who leads a scene, but also how she (re)acts when there are other people at the center of a scene and how she responds to them, even when it’s not verbally. How she does that amazes me every time. I think this episode shows a lot of that.


Carine has to deal with this arrogant old man, who treats her and her team like incompetents. He gives her/them orders and doesn’t hesitate to threaten her of making her lose her job if she doesn’t do as he says.
You can see how the words said by Bernard hit Carine in the stomach and are reflected into Elizabeth’s reactions. PERFECTION!
The respect and the affection Carine has for her team is one of the best characteristics she has. And I love how supportive Dorn is with her. I like their relationship a lot. The last scene was very sweet… when Elizabeth smiles… she’s so precious!

Oh just another thing… Carine always sits on a desk… it’s just pure tenderness!

When you watch the episode, let me know what you think! 🙂 Oh some gifs for the episodes are here!

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Crossing Lines: Upcoming Episodes’ Plot Summaries

We have the plot summaries of “Crossing Lines” upcoming episodes (only the season finale is missing). They contains spoilers, so just keep that in mind if you decide to read them. Oh they changed the order of the episodes so check the info page for the complete list. 😉

Crossing Lines 3×06 Lost and Found

A drug smuggler wounded dies from blood-borne disease . The ICC must find his assailant to stop the spread of a deadly epidemic.

Crossing Lines 3×07 Dragon

The pursuit of a known drug dealer leads the ICC to a cospiracy, an effort to ruin the reputation of a famous human rights activist.

Crossing Lines 3×08 Heat

During the search for a cargo of lethal polonium Carine faces a former researcher at the school, and make her question her ability to lead the ICC.

Crossing Lines 3×09 Enemy of the People

The investigation on the death of key figures of a controversial Hydro-Electric project exposes the secret life of a contractor.

Crossing Lines 3×10 Penalty

When the locker room of a football team is bombarded, the research leads to a racist motive and exposes a dark secret of the profitable owner.

Crossing Lines 3×11 Expose

The mysterious death of a journalist who is about to give an exclusive to Dorn’s unit has to do with the world of drug, counterfeit and terrorist weapons.

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Crossing Lines Season 3 Complete Episodes List

UPDATE (May 13): Hi guys, we have the complete episodes list of Crossing Lines Season 3. We really can’t wait to watch this show! 😀

3×01 Redux
3×02 Whistleblower
3×03 Dragon
3×04 In Loco Parentis
3×05 Recoil
3×06 Executioner
3×07 Lost and Found
3×08 Heat
3×09 Expose
3×10 Enemy of the People
3×11 Penalty
3×12 Obscura

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