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Crossing Lines: Photos and Promos

We found a few Crossing Lines‘ things we thought to share: a couple of photos and 4 promos.

The crazy thing is that, checking our site data, most of the people who comes here are actually looking for info about Crossing Lines season 4. It’s really so sad it’s not happening. We just wish they could find a solution to whatever problem they have and bring back this show because, clearly, there’s a lot of interest in it.


1. 2. Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x04_still_04.jpg

  1. Cast Promotional Photo
  2. Still from 3×04 in a bigger size (HQ)



1. 2. 3.

  1. Studio Canal Germany Promo (It’s like the original promo in English but in HD and  there’s a few scenes you can’t find on bluray since they weren’t used in the show )
  2. 13 Rue Promo (French Promo)
  3. C8 Promo 1 & 2 (French Promos)

We are generally very peaceful but, networks/producers/anyone??? It’s time you give Elizabeth Mitchell a new badass role! NOW! Thank you!

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Crossing Lines: Clips & Stills

Even though it’s still on air in most of the countries, this is the first week without a new episode of “Crossing Lines”. 🙁

The last scene of season 3 was really beautiful, but let’s face it: Erica Evans can bake a cake so much better! HAHA… Kidding! The guys were very sweet… we really need to see Carine on a day off… so *crossing fingers* for season 4! 😀

We added clips with Liz from the episodes 3×06, 3×07 and 3×08 in the video archive and new stills and/or bigger stills from 3×02 and 3×04 into the gallery. 🙂





3x02 - 3x04 - 3x06 - 3x07 - 3x08 - 3x09 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Video

Crossing Lines: Clips with Liz

http://49.media.tumblr.com/bcbc0999f08b31e4d6af7ea97fde2870/tumblr_nxq68jhLnA1qcns0vo7_250.gifLast night’s episode was very focused on the case, but Carine is so incredible. The way she helped that woman and her kids after her husband’s suicide is so moving. What a big heart she has! Very blessed Liz always gives us amazing female characters. We only have 3 episodes left and this is so depressing! 🙁

Anyway we added Crossing Lines’ clips with Liz from episode 3×03, 3×04 and 3×05. Enjoy! 🙂

3x03 - 3x04 - 3x05 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Video

Crossing Lines: Photos and Thoughts about 3×04

Have you guys watched episode 3×04 yet? It was really good and there were more scenes with Elizabeth than 3×03. The last scene with Donald was amazing! WOW! Poor Carine! The interaction with Sebastian is pretty cool. HAHA! I love that all the characters have scenes with everyone. It was fun to see all the locations we saw months ago in the set photos! Can’t wait for 3×05!

Oh I watched an interview with Frank Spotnitz yesterday (I’m going to post it asap) and he said there will be more about Carine’s personal life later in the season. 😀

These are 2 new stills from “Crossing Lines” 3×04 and 3×02. Well you can barely see Liz in the second pic but 😛 and she’s gorgeous in the one with Donald. 🙂

These are 2 new Carine’s promotional photos and a better version of the group’s photo:

3x02 - 3x04 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects

Crossing Lines: More pics, Plots and Premiere Date in the Czech Republic

Crossing Lines will premiere on October 14 in the Czech Republic, always on AXN.

3×04 “In Loco Parentis” Plot

ONE-LINER: Following the murder of a prominent Italian judge, the SCU’s investigation casts doubt on the government’s claim of Mafia involvement.

STORY BRIEF: When Judge Gianni Pacetti in murdered, the Italian government suspects the work of the Mafia. After a thief who’s caught with the judge’s rare Rolex falls to his death while trying to flee, cash found in his flat that mtches withdrawals from widow Emma Pacetti’s account raises red flags at the SCU. But when a family photo links him to the late thief, the Pacettis’ son Carlo saves his mother by confessing to having her abusive husband killed. Finally, Dorn warns Carine against promising Marco use of the team’s resources to find his sister.

3×02 New Stills

These are old, but bigger:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x02_still_07.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x01_still_06.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x01_still_07.jpg

3×02 “Whistleblower” Plot

After rescuing Sophie Baines, a reconstitued SCU must now find the informant in her case against a ruthless warlord whom Luke suspects is being paid to conceal illegal mining by the telecom giant Argento. Racing to stay ahead of company’s ruthless security chief, Fitzroy, the SCU zeroes in to rescue Argento employee Simon Gilbert as he’s being pressured to turn over the incriminating evidence. Finally, as Dorn puts Carine at the helm of the new unit, she persuades Marco to stay on by offering to help find his sister.

3x02 - 3x04 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects