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Crossing Lines: Bigger Promotional Photos

We added these Crossing Lines photos in a bigger size into the gallery.

According to the statistics of our site, there is still a lot of interest in this show, also in USA/Canada, which makes us happy because it means Liz is impressing new people with her work. 🙂 If you consider that she rarely chooses a procedural show (they are not her thing), it’s even more important because this audience discovering Elizabeth is brand new. 😀

Oh and we were just thinking that, even if she joined the show only for its 3rd season, people who worked on it were very nice to her, especially Rola Bauer. We wish she could find good people and lovely work places for every project she will be in.<3

Promotional Photos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_06_bigger.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_08.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_07.jpg


Cast Promotional Photos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429b.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429c.jpg

We rewatched Crossing Lines just a few weeks ago and it’s always a pleasure to see her portrait of Carine. If you haven’t done yet or you simply want to rewatch the show, you can find it on Netflix in most of the Countries and the bluray/dvd box sets are available in Germany and France. 😉

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects

Lost Leaving Netflix

THE OTHER WOMAN new.jpgNot really a good news: Lost leaving Netflix on January 4. Fans own the show on blurays/dvds for sure, but for those who have never watched Lost, will lose the chance to binge watching it on Netflix. Very bad decision!

By the way, if you have never watched Crossing Lines season 3 with Liz, you should be able to watch it on Netflix. It should be available in most of the Countries. We have it here! 🙂

Oh just a little bit off topic, but since Elizabeth told us about this great show so enthusiastically: Rita season 4  has global launch on Netflix on January 16.

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Projects

Crossing Lines Photoshoot

We managed to get these photos from Crossing Lines in a better quality. 😛 So gorgeous! The sweet and kind heart Carine has reminds us of Liz! <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_06_bigger.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_08_bigger.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_09.jpg

TV Series > Crossing Lines >  Photoshoot

We also added some promotional photos AXN, Sat1 and Crossing Lines TV used on the social network to promote the show. 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_Photo_Carine_Strand_28129.png  Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_Photo_Carine_Strand_28229.png   

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Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects

Crossing Lines: Photos and Promos

We found a few Crossing Lines‘ things we thought to share: a couple of photos and 4 promos.

The crazy thing is that, checking our site data, most of the people who comes here are actually looking for info about Crossing Lines season 4. It’s really so sad it’s not happening. We just wish they could find a solution to whatever problem they have and bring back this show because, clearly, there’s a lot of interest in it.


1. 2. Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_3x04_still_04.jpg

  1. Cast Promotional Photo
  2. Still from 3×04 in a bigger size (HQ)



1. 2. 3.

  1. Studio Canal Germany Promo (It’s like the original promo in English but in HD and  there’s a few scenes you can’t find on bluray since they weren’t used in the show )
  2. 13 Rue Promo (French Promo)
  3. C8 Promo 1 & 2 (French Promos)

We are generally very peaceful but, networks/producers/anyone??? It’s time you give Elizabeth Mitchell a new badass role! NOW! Thank you!

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