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Elizabeth’s photo at Napa Valley Film Festival

There was a panel yesterday after ANSWERS TO NOTHING screening … look who showed up…

Kelsey,  a fan of Liz, has been so kind to share her experience with us all. She emailed us a pictures with Elizabeth and her report from last night. Enjoy:

So I attended Answers to Nothing last night by purchasing Rush tickets. Elizabeth didn’t show up right at the beginning…within the last 20 minutes of the film she came to the venue. There was one other actress, the director and I’m not sure who the other person was at the Q&A. She didn’t answer many of the questions but said it was interesting to play a role of a woman who is so focused on something that nothing else matters. I got a picture with her afterwards and she was extremely gracious and nice. Some people interrupted our photo so I had to wait around but she thanked me for “being her prop” afterwards. Overall, I felt very honored to have met her. I’ve attached the photo.

She’s truly amazing. One other question she answered was about how much ad-libbing was allowed during shooting and she just laughed, saying “Not very much”. The director and Miranda Bailey said that they’ve wanted to get her for one of their films for a while so they were grateful to finally work with her. I just adore her so much and she was smiling the whole time 🙂

Thank you Kelsey… so much for the pic and your report. It surely made my day! 🙂

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival - Photos

Napa Valley Festival Update: No panel tonight?

EDIT: We asked Napa Valley Film Festival to confirm there won’t be any panel with Elizabeth tonight, but we didn’t get a reply yet.


A quick update about Napa Film Festival just to let you know that there won’t be any panel with Elizabeth tonight as previously stated by Napa via twitter.

I talked with Miranda Bailey who confirmed Elizabeth will be there on Saturday with the other actors. So I guess the right information is the panel with Elizabeth and Answers To Nothing’s cast and director is just on November 12.

There will still be Answers To Nothing’s screening tonight 8:30 PM at Opera House. So if you’re there, don’t miss it!

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley: another panel + how to attend and vote for Answers To Nothing

How to attend  the panels with Elizabeth+ANSWERS TO NOTHING screenings

The ticket to go and see ANSWERS TO NOTHING is just 10$. With the same kind of ticket you can attend  any panel and meet Elizabeth. To people in Napa Valley area (California), if you have the chance, go there! With a few bucks you can meet Elizabeth, see ANSWERS TO NOTHING and vote for the movie. It will be an amazing experience!

Rush Tickets – $10

  • Access to any movie or panel discussion.
  • No advance ticket sales.
  • Sold at screening or panel venue, cash only please.

New Panel with Elizabeth

There will be another panel with Elizabeth at Napa Valley Film Festival on November 13. Here the details:

Actors: In Conversation: 11:00 AM Sun, Nov 13 at The Lounge

Run time: 90 min.

Insights into: preparation for a demanding physical role, getting into an unusual character, choosing projects, dealing with agents, managers, publicists, lawyers and behind the scenes secrets from actors who’ve been sworn to never tell… Panelists invited to participate include several of the actors and actresses expected to be here with us in Napa Valley: Dane Cook, Brie Larson, Ron Eldard, Sam Jaeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, NVFF honoree Judy Greer, and more.

NOTE – The “buy tickets” button(s) lead to our shopping cart where you can purchase passes that get you into any and all films and panels. We do not offer advance individual screening tickets; BUT you can purchase $10 RUSH TICKETS at the theater doors after passholders have been admitted

Source: Napa Valley Film Festival

About the Awards:

The Napa Valley Film Festival includes both Juried and Audience Awards in a variety of categories, presented to our winning filmmakers at an Awards Ceremony on Closing Night prior to the Wrap Party.

The audience members have the opportunity to vote for their favorite films in all categories

Answers To Nothing is in the Dramatic Feature and can be voted by audience only. This is the page for Elizabeth’s movie.

For V fans: Scott Wolf is among Shorts jurors.

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Festival: further details

According to this article Elizabeth will be there also on November 12.

Events in Calistoga:

Calistoga will also host the only public question-and-answer session with comedian and actor Dane Cook, who is taking his first leading role in “Answers to Nothing,” a mystery drama about the intertwining lives of a disparate group of Angelinos against the backdrop of a child abduction case.

Cook will take questions from the audience at 2 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Gliderport, the other major screening venue in town. He will be joined by co-stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Kali Hawk and director Matthew Leutwyler.

The will be various parties and events downtown, but the Calistoga hospitality headquarters for the event will be the Mount View Hotel on Lincoln Avenue.

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival

Elizabeth is going to be attending the inaugural Napa Valley Film Festival

Update: Napa: Elizabeth Mitchell will be at the Q&A following the screening of ANSWERS TO NOTHING on Thursday at 8:30pm.
Elizabeth is going to be attending the inaugural Napa Valley Film Festival (November 9 – 13).
Scott Wolf will be one of the jury. 🙂 Dane Cook and Kali Hawk will be there too.
The screening for ANSWERS TO NOTHING during the festival:
8:30 PM Thu, Nov 10 Opera House
2:00 PM Fri, Nov 11 Generations
2:00 PM Sat, Nov 12 Gliderport
Thanks Cristiane for emailing us the news – Source: Napa Valley

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival

ANSWERS TO NOTHING at Napa Valley Film Festival

ANSWERS TO NOTHING will be at the first edition of Napa Valley Film Festival in California. The Festival will begin Wednesday, November 9, there is no info yet about when there will be the screening of Elizabeth’s movie.

Additional notable films headlining the NVFF include Butter (The Weinstein Co.), starring Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, and Ty Burrell, a comedy set in the Midwest that uses a state fair butter carving competition to satirically discuss the diversity of American politics, and Answers to Nothing (ISA: Paradigm, U.S. Roadside Attractions), starring Dane Cook and Julie Benz, is a graphically honest portrayal of six individuals in a captivating web of intertwining stories.


Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Napa Valley Film Festival