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Who’s Your Drama Queen


Today’s Tater Tops category is for the best dramatic actresses, or as we call them, Drama Queens! And the nominees for the Golden Tater are…

  • Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost: Mitchell conveys more emotion with her eyes than most actresses get across in their whole careers.
  • Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights: Tami Taylor is the truth.
  • Evangeline Lilly, Lost: Evie killed it as Aaron’s heartsick mama Kate, a once-troubled character who chose to finally make some decisions that were both good and selfless.
  • Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy: Heigl carried Izzie through her cancer diagnosis and treatment with great nuance and grace.
  • Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl: As Blair Waldorf once said, “Playing a stronger, more emotionally complex female lead just feels so right.”
 Who’s your pick? Vote inside…

Elizabeth Mitchell - Evangeline Lilly - Juliet Burke - Lost - Poll

Dark Ufo: Season 5 Awards

Vote for Juliet in the new polls on Dark Ufo

  • Who was your Favourite Couple: |Jack and Juliet | Sawyer and Juliet
  • What was your Funniest Scene?
  • What was your Best Scene? |Jack/Juliet reunion in 5×09 | Juliet detonating Jughead (The Incident) | Juliet falls down the swan site | The dock scene between Juliet and Sawyer (LaFleur) | The flower scene (LaFleur)
  • What was your Best Line? | And Jin, who’s a hell of a nice guy, but not exactly the greatest conversationalist. (LaFleur) | James ‘Sawyer’ Ford: [to Juliet] What about you? Wanna stay here in Crazy Town or help me rescue the geek? | Juliet (The Incident): I love you, I love you, James, I love you so much. | Juliet to Kate in Some Like it Hoth: “Well, here we go.” | Juliet: come on you son of a bitch BOOM | Sawyer: We’ll buy Microsoft’

Elizabeth Mitchell - Jacket - Juliet Burke - Lost - Poll - Suliet

Tater Tops – Submit your Lost Nominations

Come one, come all, it’s time for the 2009 Tater Top Awards, the most coveted TV awards in the entire world!
OK, fine, the Tater Top is just a golden potato, in honor of our couch-potato tendencies, and maybe it isn’t that prestigious, but how ’bout we just agree that potatoes are delicious and leave it at that—cool?
Now, voting for the awards launches next month, but first we need your suggestions! Who should be nominated? And what categories should we be adding to the 2009 Tater Tops that we’ve never done before?
Want to make sure your favorite show or star is represented? Take a look at the categories below and then send in your suggestions via email (tvdiva@eonline.com) or post them in the comments before May 31.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Poll