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ABC changed the result of the quadrangle poll

I don’t get how they can do that. They changed the result after a week. Take a look: QUADRANGLE POLL: ABC Showdown. Now the winners are Jack and Kate.
This is not fair, after what they did to Suliet and Juliet in the finale, they’ve also changed the result of the poll????

Send them an email to ask them why they are doing this.

gencooliveoil suggested to write to Erin Felentzer:

Erin Felentzer is the director in ABC Studios’ public relations arm, the ABC Studios Press Center, who is the publicist responsible for Lost.

phone: (818) 460-6642
fax: (818) 460-5636
email: erin.felentzer@abc.com

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Lost: Does Sawyer Belong With Kate or Juliet?

Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell, Josh Holloway, Lost

It’s time for another TV Love Debate, powered by extremely fabulous arguments written by you the fans in favor of one or another romantic TV pairings. This time around, we debate two Lost possibilities: Sawyer and Freckles or Jim LaFleur and Juliet? Should the show go for the crazy drama of Skate or the devoted commitment of Suliet? We’ve got your pros and cons and your opportunity to vote inside!

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