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Once Upon A Time Photobook

Craig Clarke, Once Upon A Time‘s photographer, is publishing a book with a collection of BTS photos he took during the show.

It’s a limited edition and we’ve already ordered ours. A few weeks ago we asked him to include Elizabeth in the book (his photos are AMAZING) and it looks he actually did. We’re so excited!

He added this HQ photo of the Snow Queen on his site and we hope more will be included in the book.


The shipping cost outside the US/Canada is very expensive, but hopefully it’s a fast shipping method.

It will take a while to get it since they say the printing process starts on July 16 and it will take 6-10 weeks, but as soon as we get our copies, we’ll let you know the details.

You can order the book at this link.

Info available:

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3 Beautiful Old Headshots

Today my bestie got me these beautiful headshots for my birthday! I want to share them with you since we don’t have good quality photos of these shoots in the gallery.

They are from around 1994 and 2001, considering the resumes that comes with them, which are actually something so precious to have as well because it’s baby Liz <3

I’ll try to make some scans as soon as I can, but in the meantime enjoy the photos! 🙂

Thank you so much Stefania, you’re the best! Love love love them! <3

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