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Loving | Soap Opera Update – November 15, 1994

We got this new article with a small interview with Elizabeth. It’s from Soap Opera Update ( issue of November 15, 1994) .


November 15, 1994


Two new faces, two old roles: Elizabeth Mitchell has become Loving’s new Dinah Lee #2 and Wendee Pratt has given One Life To Live’s Andy a complete transformation. Can replacing an old favourite be hard for a new actress? Read on!

Elizabeth Mitchell portrays Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden on Loving.

For some viewers who weren’t aware that Jessica Collins (Dinah Lee) was leaving the show, it was undoubtedly a shock when they tuned in one day and found a complete “stranger” in her hospital bed! The new Dinah Lee, Elizabeth Mitchell, acknowledges how unnerving this kind of “switcheroo” can be for a fan. “It’s like your sister all of a sudden becomes somebody else!” she says. “All of a sudden she’s got dark hair! I watch One Life To Live. And I remember every time someone new would come on, we’d be like, ‘Oh, look at her! Oh my gosh!’ And what’s so strange is that all the other characters react to her as if nothing changed.”

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New Photo – December 2018

We found this beautiful photo from December 17 on twitter (@Hedim360).

Elizabeth is shining!

@Hedim360 also wrote a funny cation:

#OnceUponATime I got #Lost. Then I met #ElizabethMitchell while shopping. Awesome! #starstruck

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The Snow Queen Dolls

A few months ago on twitter I promised to the artist (@AMotzler) who made that beautiful Snow Queen tonner doll to show her her own place. Sorry it took me so long to take a pic. 😛

Almost all the small dolls are made by me, nothing compared to the tonner doll, but I had fun making them. 😀

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