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The Expanse 3×08 Deleted Scenes

We don’t know if any of you noticed that, but in the summary of 3×09 there were scenes they didn’t show in 3×08.

The first footage was just a different shot (slightly different angle) and the second scene was not included in the actual episode, but we got this scene instead.

We will add the clip into the video archive as soon as we start adding the scenes with Liz, but in the meantime we uploaded some caps into the gallery:

The_Expanse_3x08_deleted_scene_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000009.jpg The_Expanse_3x08_deleted_scene_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000057.jpg

We think there might be something similar in the past episodes, so we’ll check them out and let you know. 🙂

3x08 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - The Expanse

The Expanse 3×09 | HD Screencaptures

Sorry, we are so late with the screencaptures, but today is one of those days when we meet up. 

Liz, your ears must have been burning more than usual. 😛 <3

Anyway we added the screencapture of The Expanse 3×09 into the gallery.

TV Series > The Expanse > Screencaptures > 3×09 “Intransigence”

The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000528.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001236.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001278.jpg The_Expanse_3x09_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001543.jpg


It was so hard to pick up 4 caps for the preview on the site. She is so brilliant in 3×09, so intense in every scene for different reasons! HAHA! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! 🙂

PS: In this cap Elizabeth looks totally like CJ. Well actually it’s the contrary, but you know what we mean. 😀


3x09 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - The Expanse

V Pilot Free On Amazon + Photos

Hey everyone, we noticed that V pilot is available for free on Amazon.com. You can watch it even if you’re not in USA, so if there’s still someone of you who hasn’t watched this show yet, you can have a little taste with the first episode. Here’s the link to watch it, you absolutely need to because Elizabeth is the lead and her Erica Evans is such a messy/badass/multi-layered character.

We found this promotional photo of Liz and Morena (we only had this not full length from the bluray/dvd box set )

These are a few promotional photos slightly different from the ones already in the gallery.

1x01 Pilot - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Photos - Projects - V