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Soap Opera Magazine – Interview About Poland Springs Water Commercial

Part of “Old Info And News”

April 4, 1995

pscom.jpgAh, sweet misery!

Here for the first time, Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) reveals a secret she’s been harbouring for the past two years. In order to land the still-airing commercial for Poland Springs water, Elizabeth fibbed to producers about knowing how to cross-country ski. Since she had downhill skiing experience, she figured she could wing it with the help of a how-to-book – and it worked!

“But little did I know that they’d get us up at 4 in the morning and have us ski for nine hours,” recalls Elizabeth. “We did that for two days, and at the end of each day I was dying.” While the rest of the cast and crew went out barhopping, Elizabeth stayed behind in her hotel room nursing her aching muscles. “I was sitting in the bathtub going ‘Oh my God,’ I was in so much pain.” But the agony was evidently worth it. “I made a nice amount of money on it,” smiles Elizabeth.

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SOD Interview | A Liz In Wonderland

Part of “Old Info And News”

January 17, 1995

A Liz In Wonderland
Loving Welcomes Elizabeth Mitchell To (Dinah Lee) Mayberry


Elizabeth Mitchell’s new job is keeping her up at night. “Yesterday I went and got my scripts for all of next week, and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep,” laughs the Texas-raised actress who assumed the role of Loving’s Dinah Lee Mayberry last August after Jessica Collins quit to pursue other interests. “I kept thinking, “Well I could do this here, or I could do this, or I could try this.’ It was 2 o’clock in the morning and I was still looking through my scripts.” She feel, she says like “Alice in Wonderland.”

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Loving: Soap Opera Update Interview Preview

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 13, 1994

SOU121394.jpgSoap Opera Update invited ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Kassie Wesley (Blair) and Stephanie Williams (Sheila) to join LOVING’s Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) and Laura Sick (Ally) to romp through Macy’s department store in knock ’em-dead fashions. The result are a colourful pictorial on what the well-dressed woman should be wearing this holiday season. “I’m usually so simple, so this is something completely different than me,” smiles Mitchell, while co-star Sisk admits, “When I do get to dress up for an occasion, I love it.” Wesley reveals, “I look best and fell most comfortable in the less-glitz and the more classic look,” though Williams states, “Most of the stuff that we wear as actresses and celebrities, I don’t have the courage to wear.” There’s so much more in the next issue

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