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TV Guide Interview: “Things You Need to Know About Lost’s Return”

Part of “Old Info And News”

February 6, 2007

Five Things You Need to Know About Lost’s Return

It’s a Lost milestone! When the edge-of-your-seat drama returns tonight it will focus for the first time on the backstory of an Other: the appealing and perplexing Juliet. After the 13-week break, here are some memory-jogging titbits from the backstories of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, all also featured prominently during tonight’s Juliet-centric episode. […]

With Kate gone, Jack will grow closer to fellow physician Juliet. In the Feb. 21 episode, he’ll also get some flashback passion from guest star Bai Ling, a mysterious woman with a connection to the good doc’s bad-boy tattoos. Nevertheless, says executive producer Carlton Cuse, the bond between Kate and Jack “is kind of the ultimate relationship.”

2. The Others aren’t going anywhere. While some fans have lamented the airtime given to those shady Others since the start of Season 3, producers remain staunchly committed to exploring Lost’s new world. In fact, the Feb. 7 premiere focuses on the inscrutable Juliet, the book-club-presiding, let-Ben-die-pleading Other played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Flashbacks reveal Juliet’s past, including a sick sister and a decidedly low self-esteem, thanks to a decidedly no-good ex-husband. “Even though Juliet’s brilliant, she couldn’t see herself that way,” Mitchell reveals. “Her identity was tied to the man she was married to, and she wasn’t able to be strong on her own.” Producers also hint that upcoming episodes will revisit the Others’ Wisteria Lane-esque compound. Teases cocreator Damon Lindelof, “Where is that place we saw the Others?” Beats us. But we can reveal that Creepy Eyepatch Guy — who appeared on the Others’ TV monitors — will be back. As will villainous Ethan, who died in Season 1: He pops up in Juliet’s flashbacks in a way that sheds light on his interest in Claire’s baby.

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