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Los Angeles Times Interview And Photos

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February 17, 2008

The actress from the hit ABC series says she feels more grounded since entering her 30s.

ELIZABETH Mitchell plays the maybe-not-evil Juliet on “Lost.” She was at home on Bainbridge Island, Wash., with the kiddo.

Apparently Bainbridge is also home to Russell Johnson, better known as the Professor from “Gilligan’s Island.”
Yes! I hear this too! Who didn’t watch “Gilligan’s Island”? I can still sing the song.

An important predecessor to “Lost.”
Yes. I really love “Lost,” though. I am kind of itching — I know I say this a million times — but I’m a big reader, and you know how you wait for installments of books when you’re a kid? . . . I’m looking forward to a script! I’m looking forward to seeing something.

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