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LOST 5×02 On-Set Photos And Report

Part of “Old Info And News”

Anyway we took some pics of the old beach from season 1, the waterfall, the other’s houses, etc. At the end of the day we decided to look at one more site, Police Beach, and we came up on them shooting a beach scene. In the scene was Sawyer, Juliet, Charlotte, Miles, AND Faraday. The raft was on the beach. It seemed that Faraday was telling them something but we weren’t aloud to get to close. So Faraday’s alive or……it’s a flashback of some sorts. lol

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Elizabeth Mitchell emceeing Saturday night’s Arts Magnet “homecoming”

Part of “Old Info And News”

Jun. 9 2008

misc 2008 elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgElizabeth Mitchell, emceeing Saturday night’s Arts Magnet “homecoming”

In a lil’ bit, Pete’ll post to DC9 at Night some audio and visual highlights from Saturday night’s Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts homecoming shindig, during which Norah Jones, Edie Brickell and Roy Hargrove paid homage to their alma mater. (Erykah Badu was a last-minute no-show, alas.) Pete’s even got an MP3 or two — of what, can’t say at the moment, but do check back. Till then, then, here’s a photo Pete managed to snap of the night’s emcee, Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell, Class of ’88.

Of her return to the hallowed halls, she told Unfair Park: “They told me I was lazy. They told me I was undisciplined. And the funny thing is, I was. So I’ve spent my entire career trying to regain my footing. But I just told them that, and they said they say that to every student. I was drummed into shape here.”

Dallas Observer

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