Law and Order: SVU 12×20 HQ Stills

Hello, we added some new HQ Stills from the episode of Law and Order: SVU Elizabeth did back in 2011.

F_elizabethmitchellstillsvutotem12x20_28129.jpg F_elizabethmitchellstillsvutotem12x20_28229.jpg still_svu_elizabethmitchell1.jpg elizabeth mitchell SVU

SVU Totem Stills – Thanks to

Elizabeth Mitchell - Law&Order:SVU 2011 - Past Projects - Pix

Lost Stars: Where Are They Now?

TV GUIDE: Lost Stars: Where Are They Now?
Elizabeth Mitchell

After her days as fan-favorite Juliet Burke, Mitchell starred on the short-lived V remake and had a memorable guest-starring role on SVU. She now stars on NBC’s Revolution.

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LAW & ORDER: SVU – Totem’s HQ Stills

Just updated the gallery with HQs stills from LAW AND ORDER: SVU

LAW-ORDER-SVU-Totem-Season-12-Episode-20-2.jpg LAW-ORDER-SVU-Totem-Season-12-Episode-20-3.jpg LAW-ORDER-SVU-Totem-Season-12-Episode-20-4.jpg LAW-ORDER-SVU-Totem-Season-12-Episode-20-5.jpg LAW-ORDER-SVU-Totem-Season-12-Episode-20.jpg

Elizabeth Mitchell - Law&Order:SVU 2011 - Pix

The Best TV Performances of 2011: Elizabeth on SVU

This is a small review about the best tv performances of 2011. They mention Elizabeth for her role on Law and Order: SVU.

There were more departures over on Law & Order: SVU, including Sister Peg (played beautifully over nine years by Charlayne Woodard), who died this season. SVU featured another great guest performance, Elizabeth Mitchell on the episode “Totem.” (After kicking alien ass on V, Mitchell must have enjoyed playing a demure, damaged piano teacher.)

Source: popmatters

Elizabeth Mitchell - Law&Order:SVU 2011 - Past Projects - Review

Emmy sucks



Natalie Abrams: And where is the Elizabeth Mitchell guest-star nom??


The title says pretty much everything: Emmy sucks.

Awards - Elizabeth Mitchell - Emmy - Erica Evans - Law&Order:SVU 2011 - V

SVU’s’ guest actresses get Emmy’s attention – Mention of Elizabeth’s Emmy Submission

This is an article about SVU’s’ guest actresses who get Emmy’s attention. There is a photo of Elizabeth as June Frye and a small mention of her Emmy submission as guest actress for her performance in Totem.

[…] Instead, the roles themselves are the appeal. “They write characters that allow their actors to stretch, then give them the environment to do that,” says Elizabeth Mitchell, who is being submitted this year for her work opposite Jeremy Irons. “The best thing you can give an actor is that opportunity, and they give you the tools to create.” […]

Source: LA. Times – Thanks Jackie for emailing us the link!

Awards - Elizabeth Mitchell - Emmy - Interview - Law&Order:SVU 2011

Emmy 2011 Submissions – Contenders List

Edit: You can download the official pdf of the nominating ballots here. Thanks siem4ever for the head-up!

Elizabeth’s Emmy submissions this year are as lead actress on V and guest actress on Law and Order: SVU. It’s a shame a talent like her has never won one for Juliet, even though last year nomination was great.  Let’s hope for the best. She was phenomenal on Siege (V) and Totem (SVU).

Give that woman an Emmy!

The nominations will be announced on July 14.

Source: L.A. Times

Awards - Elizabeth Mitchell - Emmy - Erica Evans - Law&Order:SVU 2011 - V