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Lost 5×01 | Filming Report

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“Saw Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Miles and Charlotte. First scene we saw had Sawyer, Bernard, Rose, and Juliet. They appeared to be having a conversation in the jungle. Second scene had Charlotte and Miles, going back to camp. We watched for about 90 minutes. According to one of the crew, it was for Episode 5×01.”

source : hawaiiweblog

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TV Guide Mega Buzz on Lost

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 3 (5).jpgI know Skaters and Jaters are asking about their Lost couples, but please don’t ignore us Jacketeers! Is there hope for a Jack-Juliet reunion? Tamuna
Matt: Hope? Sure. It’s just a matter of where (back on the island, I can only assume) and when (perhaps as early as this coming season, at least one source tells me). And for those fretting about Elizabeth Mitchell’s future with the show, I am assured that Juliet figures very heavily into Season 5. Me, I see her and Sawyer (wet and shirtless or even dry and clothed) taking charge as Locke and his band of worshippers move forth with whatever cockamamy plan they have in mind.

TV Guide

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Elizabeth Mitchell Won The Saturn Award

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saturn-awardsLost Finds Saturn Awards

Lost was a big winner at the Saturn Awards on June 24, earning four awards, including best network television series, best actor (Matthew Fox), best supporting actor (Michael Emerson) and best supporting actress (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Best Supporting Actress on Television: Summer Glau (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles), Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost)

Source: scifi.com

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Peope Newspaper Interview With Liz And Her Mom

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June 24, 2008

CecEMmom1small.jpgHP Native Gets ‘Lost’
Elizabeth Mitchell keeps ties to her Park Cities roots

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell credits her Park Cities upbringing with aiding her success. One of the stars of the television series Lost, she was in town last weekend for an event at Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Elizabeth Mitchell, a star on the popular television show Lost, has made it big, and she credits her Park Cities upbringing for her success.

The actress landed the part of Juliet Burke in 2006 and continues to play a important role in the ensemble drama. But before she was battling island monsters and kissing TV hunk Matthew Fox, she was learning her ABCs at University Park Elementary.

“I loved growing up in Highland Park,” Mitchell said. “I loved the trees especially.”

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Elizabeth Mitchell emceeing Saturday night’s Arts Magnet “homecoming”

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Jun. 9 2008

misc 2008 elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgElizabeth Mitchell, emceeing Saturday night’s Arts Magnet “homecoming”

In a lil’ bit, Pete’ll post to DC9 at Night some audio and visual highlights from Saturday night’s Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts homecoming shindig, during which Norah Jones, Edie Brickell and Roy Hargrove paid homage to their alma mater. (Erykah Badu was a last-minute no-show, alas.) Pete’s even got an MP3 or two — of what, can’t say at the moment, but do check back. Till then, then, here’s a photo Pete managed to snap of the night’s emcee, Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell, Class of ’88.

Of her return to the hallowed halls, she told Unfair Park: “They told me I was lazy. They told me I was undisciplined. And the funny thing is, I was. So I’ve spent my entire career trying to regain my footing. But I just told them that, and they said they say that to every student. I was drummed into shape here.”

Dallas Observer

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Lost | Nice Comment About Juliet

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Lost4x14Clip1_xvid0000111.jpegMy guess is that the island “move” put Locke and Co. into the proximity of—or at least the neighborhood of—some hostile folk, and that Locke had to leave the island to urge the others to come back to set things right. Also, even though you had a few old unfamiliars on the island, there still could be factional violence between the now Locke-led others (who are really “Others” now, right? They don’t age? Why do they need a leader?) and the three new castaways, plus Juliet and Sawyer (he really does get all the good women, doesn’t he, Jack?).

So, yeah, I love this show.

Source: popularmechanics

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Cool Mom Interview

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May 29th, 2008

Fashion Team TV Guide Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgIn my job as one of the hosts of “The Fashion Team” on TV Guide Channel – or, as I like to call it, “deep cable” – I meet various celebrities. One of the great aspects of motherhood is the insta-connection you can make with people of all stripes. Between takes on my show, it’s best to chat with your guest, get to know them, make them comfortable, distract them so they don’t notice it’s taking 20 minutes to set up a shot. Some are more fun than others.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Juliet on Lost, was a recent fave. We all loved her. I remember her from 10 years ago as Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend in Gia (hot!). It took us about 10 seconds before we were chatting about our kids, who are only a couple weeks apart. Mitchell’s not a Hollywood mom; she lives in Hawaii for the show half the year, and Seattle is her homebase and she doesn’t have a nanny. Her husband and relatives help her out. Love a Mister Mom!

I asked her what’s one of the beauty rituals that’s gone out the window with motherhood. She said, “I’m doing it.” She said she only puts nail polish on the toes that peek out of her pumps and since she doesn’t wear those much (for motherhood or Lost), she doesn’t bother with a full pedi – it’s outfit dependent. Good tip! (No pun intended.)

She gained 70 pounds with her pregnancy. Wow, that’s a lot of girl. She is tall so she could carry it better than I – I would have been a perfect circle. She’s lovely now, so I asked her how she lost it: “Nursing and running.” We chatted about how nursing peels off the pounds. I have the knees of 60-year-old, so the running isn’t happening for me anymore.

I asked her if I could quote her on my blog. Being Ms. Perfect, she said (paraphrasing), “Oh, yeah, I think motherhood can be really hard, all that goes with it, and I like to demystify it.”

I gazed at her, “You had me at the toenails.”

Source: Cool Mom

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