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Variety: Cameos that glow | Elizabeth On SVU

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svu12x20totem000000000000003382.jpgLiz is in the Variety‘s list of “Cameos that glow” for her guest apperance on SVU 12×20. <3

Top-tier guest-star perfs that shined
A sampling of top-tier guest-star performances that shined.

Elizabeth Mitchell
“Law & Order: SVU”
Why: Mitchell gave piano teachers a bad name when she is accused of molesting and murdering one her students. The scene in which she’s praying in the interrogation room, asking God for forgiveness, was a shining moment.

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Variety: “Mitchell could have a shot at a Globe for her acclaimed perf in “V.””

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Golden Globe StatueThese are just a few of the new TV shows that are making a run for this year’s gold. The performance of these newbies will be closely watched since the Globes is the first awards show to give them a shot at being honored. But it will be tough to break through the competish. Last year’s Golden Globe faves are still going strong. They include such smallscreen behemoths as “30 Rock,” “Mad Men” and “In Treatment.” That said, the new crop is young, ambitious and, most important, awards-worthy.

“V,” ABC
Classic Precursor: “V” is take two of the popular 1983 cult sci-fi miniseries “V.” Lizard-like aliens once again try to control mere earthlings.2
Why It Has a Shot: Elizabeth Mitchell of “Lost” stars as the tough FBI agent fighting off the bad guys. Mitchell, with one win and two noms for supporting actress, could have a shot at a Globe for her acclaimed perf in “V.”
If Not the Big Ones: Award-winning producer Kenneth Johnson of the “Alien Nation” franchise is nicely positioned for a Globe win. So, too, is Alan Tudyk (“3:10 to Yuma”) for his role as Mitchell’s fed partner, Dale.
An Upbeat Opinion: Matt Roush, TV Guide: “A rip-roaring twist on the alien-invasion scenario, this is a reinvention of the popular 1980s miniseries-turned-series. ‘V’ nicely exploits the unease in a world of next-door terrorist cells and mob-mentality zealotry. ‘V’ may not initially dig as deep as ‘FlashForward,’ but there’s a juicy urgency to all of the interpersonal and intergalactic melodrama, with plenty of action and surprising reveals.”


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Lost 5×03 Review About Juliet And Elizabeth

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elizabeth mitchell pink shirt.jpgSo, we’re three episodes in to the penultimate season of “Lost.” Where are we? When are we? Who’s who and what’s what? I don’t have a freakin’ clue from minute to minute, but I’m loving the ride.

Tonight’s seg, “Jughead” — written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Paul Zbyszewski and helmed by Rod Holcomb — was deceptively slow-paced, at least that’s what you think until you see it all the way through. There’s lots to digest, but I want to start by focusing on someone who’s been bugging me for a while: Juliet.

She knows more than she’s telling about a lot of things. I don’t mean to suggest that she’s got ulterior or evil motives, or that she was anything less than committed to helping the former castaways (Jack, Kate, Sun et al) or Sawyer and the rest of the small group she’s stuck with now. I think Jack had it right back in season three when he told her that he could see in her eyes how desperately she wants off that island.

But there’s still something beguiling about her, so wonderfully and maddeningly mysterious about her, and that’s a testament to Elizabeth Mitchell’s talent in handling this tough role. You get the feeling that Juliet hasn’t told anyone one-tenth of the horrors she saw in New Otherton and other locales on the island. Maybe it’s all just too painful and she’s blocking it all out.

But Juliet continues to have these moments where she dribbles out a little more information about her past — like the scene in this seg where she starts conversing in Latin with the two guys they’ve captured from Richard Alpert’s group. The quizzical look of disdain that Sawyer gives her when she matter of factly explains that the guys speak Latin “for the same reason I do — because they’re Others.”


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Lost 5×01 And 5×02 Official Press Releases

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5×01 : “Because You Left” – Official Press Release


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Elizabeth For Alternative Apparel

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“Alternative exists to promote the quest of free-thinking people to individuate by wearing t-shirts when and where they want.” -Alternative’s Reason for Being

Alternative Apparel recently launched a line of 100% organic cotton garments, including the best fitting, most comfortable t-shirts imaginable! I recently worked on a shoot for their new Earth line with actress Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Dr. Juliet Burke on the ABC television series LOST. It was a quick shoot since she was heading back to Hawaii in the morning to begin the next season of filming. Photographer Michael Oneil did a great job finding the most perfect set ups her back yard and around her house. She was a dream to work with, so so sweet and beautiful (inside and out!). It was a fun day.


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Lost Fans Will Get an Uninterrupted Season 5

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Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Lost fans will find themselves watching the upcoming Season 5 without interruption, sources tell TVGuide.com.

Of course, going interruption-free has always been the plan for the series’ final three seasons. Season 4, however, was compromised by last winter’s WGA strike. And looking ahead to this season, ABC has yet to confirm any scheduling plans. One insider speculates that the network may decide to maximize their May sweeps payoff by “stretching out” Season 5 with a week off or two, rather than have the finale air mid-month.

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Elizabeth On Brilliant Magazine

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December 3, 2008

Natural Treasure


If you’re not among the millions of viewers tuning in to watch Elizabeth Mitchell on ABC’s “Lost,” then you may as well be stranded on a desert island. Fierce, relentless, and complicated, Mitchell’s character, Juliet Burke, has women applauding their TV sets and men shaking their heads. But for Mitchell herself, the greatest glory derives from her personal reaction to the role. The free-spirited, Texas-bred actress forgoes the weekly fanfare to wax philosophical with Brilliant on fame, family, and the forces of “Lost.”

Elizabeth Mitchell has just flown from Los Angeles, where she ruled the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, to Hawaii, practically walking off the plane and onto the “Lost” set. The hectic nature of her schedule leaves this writer anticipating a more jetlag-induced languid tone from the actress. Instead, she greets me with an invigorated voice characteristic of a spa regular or at least, a person who has managed a miraculous nine hours of sleep. “You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing today,” Mitchell announces, setting the suspense. “I spent the whole morning with my little boy and we made pancakes and went to the aquarium.” Now that’s a balancing act.

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