Golden Globes 2007 – HQ Photos

We added some new photos and replaced old ones with a better quality version.

New Photos:

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Jorge Garcia - Lost - Pix

LOST Season 3 Interview – Screencaptures

These are screencaptures from these videos.

a_lost_season_3_interview_elizabeth_mitchell_281029.jpg a_lost_season_3_interview_elizabeth_mitchell_28629.jpg c_lost_season_3_interview_elizabeth_mitchell_281029.jpg c_lost_season_3_interview_elizabeth_mitchell_28829.jpg e_lost_season_3_interview_elizabeth_mitchell_28529.jpg

All the captures in the gallery.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Pix

Monte Carlo TV Festival – New Videos

This is an interview with The Vampire Diaires’ cast, but you can see Elizabeth in the background. It’s from June 6, 2010.

elizabeth mitchell

2 new videos from Monte Carlo TV Festival + 2 old ones in better quality

Elizabeth Mitchell - Ian Somerhalder - Interview - Montecarlo TV Festival - Video - X

Elizabeth Sighting: “Mission Impossible” in Seattle

Someone said last week Elizabeth was at the cinema to watch Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (with Josh Holloway :) ) in Seattle.

@DamonLindelof u didn’t watch mission impossible in imax seattle w elizabeth mitchell last week did you? I know it was her but u too?

Source: twitter

Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway

2008 CW11 Interview – Screencaptures

We have added screncaptures from CW11 Interview Elizabeth made in 2008.

a_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28829.jpg b_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28729.jpg c_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28529.jpg e_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28529.jpg f_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28929.jpg g_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28829.jpg g_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28929.jpg h_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28629.jpg i_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.jpg j_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28829.jpg k_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28429.jpg l_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28729.jpg o_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28329.jpg p_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28429.jpg r_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28829.jpg s_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28629.jpg v_cw11_elizabeth_mitchell_28329.jpg

all the screencaptures: CW11 – Screencaptures

Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Pix

LOST Season 4 Press Junket – Never Seen Video Interview

This is an interview with Elizabeth from LOST Season 4 Press Junket. Unfortunately it’s dubbed in French and you can barely hear Elizabeth’s voice, but it’s a new one, never seen it before. Enjoy!

elizabeth mitchell


Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Video

Article – Awesome Female Characters: Juliet Burke and The Power of Choice

Thanks Cristiane for emailing us this amazing article! You should read this, it’s great!!!

Awesome Female Characters: Juliet Burke and The Power of Choice

By Sabienna Bowman

The weirdo island featured on ABC’s Lost became infamous for its lady issues. Women who became pregnant on the island were doomed to die in childbirth. Why? We never found out, it may have had something to do with the homicidal character introduced in the final season known simply as “Mother” or it could have been tied to Ben’s own parental issues since the problems didn’t arise until some time after the 70s. Some fans (myself included) have speculated the problem was a result of the hydrogen bomb the castaways detonated in 1977. Whatever the reason, it was those pesky fertility issues that brought Juliet Burke to the island and into viewers’ lives.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Review