Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL – Photos and Experience

UPDATE 12: This is the part where Liz talks about the site. OMG! I’m still in shock!

Thanks Elizabeth for what you said about us! <3

elizabeth mitchell

Elizabeth about EMFC

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LOST finale – 2 Years Ago

It’s been 2 years today since “The End” aired. I still think LOST is the best show ever and Juliet is the most compelling, unbelievable, complex, beautiful, extraordinary character ever created.

I still hate and can’t stand they killed her – this will never change – but I love how LOST ended and will always love the show.

So I just wanna remember the amazing cast, an extremely talented group of people, and thank them for all the emotions they give me every time I watch an episode.

I love you all (of course also the ones not in this picture).

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost - Pix

Two New Photos from Lost 100th Episode Party

I found these never seen before pictures from LOST party with Elizabeth and Jorge Garcia.

100th Ep Party - Elizabeth Mitchell - Jorge Garcia - Lost - Pix

Various Photos from Comic Con 2009 & LOST Season 3 Premiere

Comic Con 2009 Warner Bross Party – HQ version

Unknow event

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost - Pix

Vote for Juliet: TV’s Most Crushworthy Dearly Departed

elizabeth mitchell juliet burke lostVote for Juliet in the Zap2It poll: TV’s Most Crushworthy Dearly Departed – VOTE HERE!

When a character dies on a TV series, it can be a heart-wrenching moment. If you’ve grown attached to the person on screen, it’s not uncommon to feel a real sense of loss when they’re written out.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Poll

25 Great TV ‘I Love You’s: Juliet to Sawyer

25 Great TV ‘I Love You’s

Juliet to Sawyer in “LAX” on Lost
Juliet’s desperate pre-death plea was enough to tear us up, but the love speech lesson here is when you really mean it, forget the nicknames.

Best part: “I love you, James. I love you so much.

Source: EW

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Various Photos and Screencaptures

Old Photoshoots in a better version

session 1 elizabeth mitchell.jpg session 2 elizabeth mitchell (2).jpg

Unknown “Loving” Event

loving_event_13_unknown_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.JPG loving_event_13_unknown_elizabeth_mitchell_28229.JPG

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