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Elizabeth Mitchell joins Revolution – JJ Abrams new show

elizabeth mitchell in revolution

UPDATE 4: (July 6): We added a PAGE with REVOLUTION videos. For now there’s no scene with Elizabeth obviously, so all the videos won’t be added in the media archive, but we thought they are worth the watching to know what the series is about and its style.

REVOLUTION is one of the highly anticipated shows of the season. At the end of this page we added other reviews from people who watched the pilot already (Hollywood Report included), so you can read some further details.


UPDATE 2/3 (July 2): The production of the series starts on July 16. REVOLUTION page has been updated and I also added some nice Elizabeth mentions at the end of this post.

UPDATE: I did some digging. So here some info:

Elizabeth joins J.J. Abrams’ new show REVOLUTION as series regular. She’ll play Rachel Matheson, the mother of the two leads, Charlie and Danny Matheson, and appear in the series in flashbacks (it looks like the character is dead in present day – watch sneak peek 3 below -). The pilot was filmed in Georgia, but they’ll shoot the series in Wilmington, NC. It is produced by Warner Bros and will premiere Monday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on NBC but there’ll be a world premiere screening of the pilot at Comic-Con on Wednesday, July 11, or during the Revolution panel on Saturday, July 14.

Read more…

1x01 - Elizabeth Mitchell - J.J. Abrams - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Revolution Reviews

LOST – Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Jules and I are working on the blu-ray screenshots. We made the first 6 episodes of LOST with Juliet. The quality is amazing!

EMFC_LOST_3x01_00179.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x02_01879.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x04_02890.jpg
EMFC_LOST_3x05_01904.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x06_000000000352.jpg EMFC_LOST_3x07_000000003008.jpg

» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×01 – Tale of Two Cities
» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×02 – The Glass Ballerina
» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×04 – Every Man for Himself
» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×05 -The Cost of Living
» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×06 – I Do
» LOST » Blu-Ray Screen Captures » 3×07 – Not in Portland

3X01 Tale of 2 Cities - 3x02 The Glass Ballerina - 3x04 Every Man for Himself - 3x05 The Cost of Living - 3x06 I Do - 3x07 Not in Portland - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost

LOST finale – 2 Years Ago

It’s been 2 years today since “The End” aired. I still think LOST is the best show ever and Juliet is the most compelling, unbelievable, complex, beautiful, extraordinary character ever created.

I still hate and can’t stand they killed her – this will never change – but I love how LOST ended and will always love the show.

So I just wanna remember the amazing cast, an extremely talented group of people, and thank them for all the emotions they give me every time I watch an episode.

I love you all (of course also the ones not in this picture).

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost - Pix