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Never Seen Videos with Elizabeth | Oldest Video Interview Ever

OMG guys, we found the oldest video interview with Liz available online! She did it during “Frequency” Premiere back in 2000. It’s probably one of the first video interviews ever. This is so exciting! 😀 We also got a few more interviews from various events. YAY! :))))

  • 2000 “Frequency” Premiere | Interview (new)
  • 2007 Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards (new)
  • 2007 Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards (new)
  • 2013 NBC Upfront (new)
  • 2002 “Santa Clause 2” (full interview)
  • 2000 “Frequency” Red Carpet (better quality)
  • 2010 “Emmy Awards” (new)

Awards - Elizabeth Mitchell - Emmy - Frequency - Interview - Projects - Revolution - Santa Clause 2 - Video

Gallery Update and New Old Interview

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We recently got the issue of “Mademoiselle Magazine” with the interview Elizabeth did in 2001 about her favorite clothes, so we added the scan and the transcription of it at this link. We also updated the gallery with never seen pictures (or better quality) of Liz attending various events. Enjoy!

Public Appearances > 2000 > Frequency Premiere

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Frequency_Premiere_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Frequency_Premiere_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Frequency_Premiere_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Frequency_Premiere_04.jpg frequencypremiereelizabethmitchell_28229.jpg

Public Appearances > 2003 > The Lyon’s Den – NBC Upfront TV Lineup

NEW lyon den premiere upfront (15).jpg lyon den elizabeth mitchell mq (28).jpg lyon den elizabeth mitchell mq (27).jpg lyon den elizabeth mitchell mq (26).jpg lyon den elizabeth mitchell mq (14).jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Frequency - Interview - Photos - Projects - The Lyon's Den

MIPTV Part 7: Interview about Crossing Lines and OUAT

This is an interview Liz did at the table with various reporters at MIPTV. The interview was transcripted in French and we translated it in English. There’s no original version so the words are not the exact same words Liz said during the interview but you’ll get an idea.

Can you talk about your character?

Elizabeth Mitchell: “Carine (Strand) is an investigator for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the first two episodes and at the end of the second episode she will be the leader of the group.”

The shows become more and more international, what about your work?

EM: “There is an appetite for more international shows. There is more room to make your voice heard. There is a desire to be global and tv reflects that. This is really exciting! I work with people from all around the world and I have never really experienced that before. On our set there are about 5 – 7 languages simultaneously. For me it’s fascinating! The places where we film and the people we work with are fascinating.”

Are there differences between filming a show in USA and Europe?

EM: “It becomes more and more the same. However, it is slightly different filming in Europe: they put more emphasis on the characters. There’s a bond between two worlds so that is nice for me. It is intriguing!
I think I would have never made “procedural” show because I would never have been so intrigued. My character is complicated and grim. Frank Spotnitz really took care of that aspect”

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4x10 Shattered Sight - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen

MIPTV 2015 Part 5: Video Interview

Today is our lucky day, we’ve found an adorable interview with Liz from Cannes!



We’re really excited. It’s my first time. I’m thrilled that I’m having a great time. I get to work with Goran. I’m lucky! You know, I love my strong women. They’re my favorites. And they are all strong in different ways so as long as I can keep doing that I’m satisfied.

Source: 8 Art Global

Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Video

MIPTV 2015 Part 3: Interview & Photos

UPDATE (April 20): New pic! 🙂
UPDATE (April 19): More pictures from MIPTV. Click on “Read more”.

Hi everyone, we found a small interview with Liz, Goran, Frank and Rola from MIPTV and more pictures from the event. Enjoy! 🙂

Tandem shows off new recruits to pan-European crime thriller

Studiocanal – backed producer Tandem Communications in Cannes with series three of Crossing Lines, a fast-paced thriller based around a fictional European police unit tackling cross-border crime. The new series is penned by Frank Spotnitz and features two new cast members: Goran Visnjic (ER) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost).

Visnjic told MIPTV News: “It was really appealing for to work with Frank and (Tandem president) Rola Bauer. It was also an opportunity to work alongside the great Donald Sutherland, who plays Michel Dorn of the International Criminal Court in all three series.”

Mitchell’s work to date has mostly been based in the US. But the prospect of filming in Europe for four months didn’t worry her: “It was really intriguing to work in so many news places. I was also excited by the fact that my character hadn’t been fully developed when I first spoke to Rola and Frank. That was an opportunity for us to develop her beyond broad strokes.”

Spotnitz was not involved in the first two series. Explaining his decision to write series three, he said: “There are so many exciting stories to be told about crime in Europe, so it’s been a great project to work on.”

Bauer said Sony’s AXN and Sat1 were continuing to back the show. She added: “We are moving into a new era with Crossing Lines and are elated to have Goran and Elizabeth. And it was great to involve someone of Frank’s calibre.”

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Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos

Crossing Lines: Mip TV 2015 Part 1- Cannes [Photos]

Hey Liz, look who is the real pure sunshine here! 😉

Hi guys, Liz is in Cannes this morning promoting “Crossing Lines”. New pictures…YAY! She looks fabulous! <3

Public Appearances > 2015 > MIP TV 2015

Elizabeth_Mitchell_MIPTV2015_Photocall_30.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Goran_Visnjic_MIPTV2015_Photocall_07.jpg 

  1. MIP TV 2015 Photocall – HQs
  2. MIP TV 2015 – Cannes
  3. MIP TV 2015 Opening Party – Red Carpet – HQs
  4. International Emmy Awards

Just look at these small but adorable videos! Liz is so cute! <3

Appearances > 2015 > Mip TV VIDEOS

UPDATE (April 15): Hello everyone, we update the gallery (and this post) with brand new pictures and replaced some photos with better quality pics (large quality or mqs). We removed some watermarks where it was possible. Click on “Read More” to see all the pictures.

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Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos