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Dead Of Summer | On-Set Video with Elizabeth

Dead of Summer official site uploaded a video interview with the cast about which horror films absolutely terrify them! Here’s the part with Elizabeth:

Dead Of Summer | On-Set Video with Elizabeth Mitchell


Great Liz, we try to watch horror movies too and after a while we just turn them off, but we really try every time! 😛

This is a cap they had on the home page of the site with the link to the post about the video. 😀

Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos - Projects - Set - Video

Dead of Summer: Freeform Upfront’s New Video Interview

There’s a new interview with Elizabeth about how she chooses her characters. 🙂 And we love your choices! Can’t wait to see Deb and Charlie Raon!



We also added the part of the interview with Mark and Zelda because Mark has very nice things to say about Liz. The reporter too. 🙂 LOVE IT! <3


And here’s also a picture from the interview:

Source: behindthevelvetrope

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Dead of Summer: First Interview

UPDATE | The video is working now! Thanks Syd for letting us know there was a problem with it.


Freeform released this video interview with Elizabeth about “Dead of Summer”. It’s really small, but she’s absolutely adorable!



“The tone of the show is summer camp, but summer camp in the 80s, right?! And things are seemingly fine and it’s idyllic and it’s a place everybody goes and they kind of find themselves. Then it all goes horribly wrong and it’s kind of delicious!”

Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Projects - Video

Crossing Lines: New Video Interview

This is a never seen interview Elizabeth did in Paris last month. 🙂

Crossing Lines


Translation of the questions:

1. Pourquoi avez-vous voulu jouer dans Crossing Lines ?
-> Why did you want to play a part in Crossing Lines ?

2. Où avez-vous tourné ?
-> Where did you shoot ?

3. Aimeriez-vous que votre fils devienne acteur ?
-> Would you like your son to become an actor ?

4. L’emmenez-vous sur le plateau ?
-> Do you bring him on set ?

Source | Thanks so much Pinoche29 for the headup and the translation!

Carine Strand - CJ - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Video

Crossing Lines: New Interview from Paris

This is a translation from a French interview Elizabeth did in Paris last month.

Elizabeth Mitchell : “Crossing Lines is a totally new show

Since”Lost”, Elizabeth Mitchell had played a lot of television roles. She now plays Carine Strand in the third season of “Crossing Lines” airs Monday on 13th Street.

Carine is a new character in “Crossing Lines”, what should we know about her?
She is in charge of the investigation team of the ICC. It’s a strong woman, very feminine with a lot of empathy. I like women like that, a little broken and complex.

What made you decide to sign for this third season?
Donald Sutherland of course. He’s so smart and talented and pushes us to give our best.

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Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview

New Interview with Elizabeth about Crossing Lines

Personal request to Elizabeth: we want a video or at least a pic of you doing handstands. For science. Thank you! 😛

Translation from a French interview.

Solar, passionate and warm, the American actress has only good memories of this European adventure and of her character.
Elizabeth Mitchell talks about her career. In her company the time went by way too fast.

What made you decide to join this completely revised third season of Crossing Lines?
Donald Sutherland … I have always dreamed to work with him. I was also excited to give life to a new female character as strong as Carine. At the moment, there are beautiful roles for women on tv, more different, more memorable, better roles. It’s funny because when I was 18 years old, at the beginning of my career, I was told that I would have had opportunities till 30 years old … Actually I got roles of great heroines since I was 35 years old.

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Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Projects