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The golden girl of summer! | Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

This is a new and very interesting interview with Elizabeth by Huffingtonpost. It’s about Dead of Summer and The Purge: Election Year.

She wants to work with Steven Spielberg and on Game Of Thrones. We have two more seasons of that show (just watched last week’s finale and it was so great!) we need to get Liz on there and in anything that involves Spielberg! 😛

The author of the article loves Liz so much, he wrote really AMAZING things. Don’t miss his introduction, it’s so great!!!! 🙂 Click on “read more” to read the full interviews and some nice comments about Elizabeth he posted on twitter!


By Andrew Cristi

Just in case there’s a chance you’re unfamiliar with the name Elizabeth Mitchell, you’re definitely familiar with her credits. The striking blond, blue-eyed beauty got her start in what was easily the best television movie (and maybe even the best movie) of all time, starring opposite Angelina Jolie in HBO’s Gia. For an actress to be able to hold her own, let alone shine so bright next to Angelina Jolie- especially in such a tour de force- is an accomplishment worthy of genuflection. But, Mitchell wasn’t just there for support, she lent a special touch to the film that made it one of the best love stories in modern cinema. And she has been bringing that talent and passion to every role she has graced ever since. From Lost, to V, to Revolution, to Once Upon a Time, fans have fallen in love with the dynamic actress time and time again as she always manages to resonate with their heart and souls. There is a certain power in Mitchell’s performances that can never be ignored.
Now, Mitchell has landed herself on Freeform’s new spooky coming of age campfire tale; Dead Of Summer. The series, which blends Nightmare on Elm Street and John Hughes teen movies, finds a rag-tag bunch of teenagers finding their way through life and mystery at a potentially haunted summer camp in 1989. If the plot already sounds too youthful for your tastes? So will the first ten minutes. But, the minute Mitchell comes on screen she glows like a reassuring beacon of light, reminding audiences just how captivating she can be- which was most likely the ploy of producers Edward Kitsis, Ian Goldberg, and Adam Horowitz, who had worked with Mitchell on both Lost and Once Upon a Time, realizing anything the actress touches turns to watchable gold. She is the Heather Locklear to their Aaron Spelling, their go-to golden girl, and for audiences that might feel alienated by the subject matter or the ages on Dead Of Summer, Mitchell’s familiar face and strong acting will suck them right back in.

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Elliman Interview With Elizabeth

This is really one of the most lovely interview with her. Elizabeth is so genuine and so true and we couldn’t be more proud to be her fans. The story about Robert De Niro is so unexpected and it’s so beautiful what she said about meeting people who have a strong reaction. Well we are really emotional here and don’t think we could make it alive or without looking like total dumbs. LOL! 😛

In Search Of Elizabeth Mitchell
Where does the Emmy-nominated star of Lost find herself right now?


So, the actress Elizabeth Mitchell went to audition for a role in Meet The Parents years ago. “Robert De Niro and I were supposed to read together,” she tells me, already starting to laugh. “He walked into the room and I burst into tears.” Mitchell giggles, which she does frequently and with abandon. “You have to understand: I had never met a celebrity before. I had no idea. Who knew they were actually real! So there went that audition…to put it very lightly. But he was really nice about it, lovely, kind, you know. I was mortified and humiliated and for years I wouldn’t even talk about it! But, it’s given me a lot of compassion because now when I meet people and they have a strong reaction, I tend to have that feeling, like, ‘Oh hey, I get it, I really get it.’”

The Emmy-nominated star of ABC’s ratings behemoth Lost as well as other television hits including NBC’s Revolution (another of J.J. Abrams’ creations) comes across, immediately, as self-effacing, tough and wise, though that’s not how she describes herself. “I’m insanely nerdy and goofy,” she says. “I couldn’t be goofier. I’m going to reserve being cool for my 90s because if I try to go for cool now, it’s going to close a lot of doors for me!” Another infectious bout of laughter follows.

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The Purge: Election Year | Broll & On-Set Interview

The broll and the on-set video interview of The Purge: Election Year are absolutely AMAZING! Elizabeth looks like a GODDESS and the interview is so interesting, she talks about the movie but also about her character. Yes, Charlie Roan is so brave! Brolls are wonderful in general, but this one WOW… when she laughs… a fairy gets her wings back!


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