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Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc002351.jpgHi! Happy OUAT day, everyone! I found these nice reviews about last week episode. Enjoy! :)

Elizabeth Mitchell was also cool. Even if she’s terrible at staying on the DL. While most of us would hide after committing a sort of murder of a beloved fairytale character Mitchell’s Dairy Queen bust outs her favorite fairytale couture and wanders into the forest so Elsa and Hook can happen upon her and stare at her creepily.

Mitchell’s character is incredibly compelling for a OUAT villain, and not just because of the mixture of gravitas, humor and coy smugness that Mitchell brings. For the first time in quite a while this is a villain with motives that are unclear. Relationships–particularly with main characters–aren’t telegraphed. She (and Gold) are holding nearly all the cards and Emma, Elsa and company are left playing catch up with the audience.

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4x03 Rocky Road - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Review

Video Interview: Meet the Snow Queen from Once Upon a Time

Guys, she’s so stunning!

OMG LIZ WHAT YOU SAID! OMG! I don’t even know what to say anymore. You really feel that way?! I’m speechless! You’re so sweet! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time


and the youtube link:

Christopher Joseph - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers - Video

‘Once Upon a Time’ star Elizabeth Mitchell spills scoop on the Snow Queen

There is this new interview with Liz about Once Upon A Time!

NOTE FOR LIZ: LOL Liz, we don’t know things before you do.  We just wanted you on the show so badly! :P


 'Once Upon a Time' star Elizabeth Mitchell spills scoop on the Snow QueenWarning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

The Snow Queen has arrived!

During Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, a chill continued to hang over Storybrooke—but Elsa (Georgina Haig) wasn’t to blame when Maid Marian (Christine Laing) suddenly turned to ice. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Charming (Josh Dallas) discovered that the real culprit worked at the local ice cream parlor, thanks to the help of cunning thief Will Scarlet (Michael Socha).

But Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Elsa found the source first, discovering the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) in the middle of the woods, tinkering with some sort of mini ice castle. The Snow Queen admitted that she was framing Elsa to prove a point—every “normal” person would eventually look at her as a monster. Then SQ attempted to kill Hook to prove her point, but Emma and David arrived in time to save the day.

Surprisingly, SQ actually knows both Emma and Elsa from their pasts, though both of them are unaware of that fact. The Emma connection remains to be seen, but Elsa and SQ first crossed paths when Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) set out to locate a magical urn that would capture Elsa. However, when he went to use it, SQ came spilling out. She promptly turned Hans into a popsicle and found a kinship with Elsa: She’s apparently Elsa’s aunt! We say “apparently” because, honestly, can she really be trusted? EW turned to Mitchell to find out.

How did you joining the show come about?
I always go to that fan site of mine, only because I feel like they know what’s going on before I do. [Laughs] They said something about “Elizabeth Mitchell being considered for Frozen part,” and I was like, “That doesn’t make sense. That’s not really age appropriate.” Then I got a call saying that [executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis] are wondering, if this role came about, would I be interested in doing it? I was like, “Yes!” My manager was like, “Give it some thought.” “I did, yes.” I played really hard to get, obviously. Then [Adam and Eddy] called me and they were so excited about it. We had such a great talk about villains, which I can’t really go into because it has to do with what happens [on the show]. My whole theory has always been that villains never know they are villains. That seems to be the case here, even though she does some crazy stuff. It’s been really fun.

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4x03 Rocky Road - 4x05 Breaking Glass - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Snow Queen - Spoilers

New Interview: Elizabeth about LOST finale

LOST-finale-Elizabeth-MitchellIGN interviewed LOST cast & crew for the 10th anniversary and this is what Liz said about “The End”:

Man, did Lost leave an impression. Some consider it one of the best shows ever made. Some consider it a good show that notably faltered at times. And others have outright disdain, aiming a lot of their anger at the way the series ended and feeling it never properly paid off what it set up. But regardless, people cared about Lost and still do, one way or the other. Few who watched it would say, “Oh, I kind of remember that show” when it’s brought up. They have an opinion. They remember their engagement with the series as it aired.

With Lost’s 10th anniversary here this week — the premiere episode debuted September 22nd, 2004 — we spoke to several of the cast and creators about the show’s legacy, its controversial ending and more.

Elizabeth Mitchell (“Juliet Burke”): I’ll be highly unpopular, but I loved it, and I’ll tell you why. I’m a big fan of eastern philosophy, and I’m a big fan of the fact that there’s a big mystery. I loved the fact that it ended in a mystery and the fact that the island was magic — or something to that extent — something unexplainable. I don’t have a problem with the fact that it wasn’t explained, because there are so many things in life that aren’t. For us to say, “Oh, no, it has to be!” Really? I know we search for that and it makes us feel safe, but does it really make us happy? Probably not. So I liked it.

Source: IGN – Thanks LostLovem for the headup!

6x17 6x18 The End - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost

WonderCon 2014: New Interview

This is a brand new interview Liz did during Wondercon. Enjoy!

WonderCon 2014 elizabeth mitchell


Awww the last part about CJ and the people she loves <3 <3 <3

Source: GameHubTV

Christopher Joseph - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Revolution - Video

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Elizabeth Mitchell – Interview & Selfies

Look how gorgeous she is! And that must be her dog :) Love the interview and the photos. <3

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?
[See photo of phone.]
When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?
Club soda with lime. Champagne. It sake. Depends on the bar.
What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?
“Seriously” or “honestly” — oh, dear. I’ve been told “lovely” is in there as well.
What is the last thing you searched for on Google?
Real estate, always real estate.
Who is the last person that called or texted you?
My friend Roxy from Austin.
What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?
Honestly, I like awkward moments. Kinda delightfully human. I probably laughed. Or tugged down or up to cover [up], possibly with an accompanying “Well, that happened.”
When is the last time you went to a theater?
Next to Normal. Blew me away. Heard a lot of different thoughts on it. But my night. With a dear friend. It was magic.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix

WonderCon 2014: Video Interview & Photos

Hi! This is another WondeCon interview with Elizabeth from a different angle:

Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014


and a couple of new photos! :D

Source: WithAnAccentTV + Examiner + nerdreactor

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix - Video - WonderCon 2014