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Brink Magazine Outtakes – Never Seen Photos

Hi lovelies!

As you can see we changed the graphic of the site again! 😀 We couldn’t resist because of the new amazing pictures we got!!!!

The Founding Editor at the Brink Magazine was so incredibly kind to give us these exclusive photos of Elizabeth they took 2 years ago. They couldn’t use them all for the issue but he thought to send them to us. How lovely!!!!

This is a good day to make a change, we hope you like the new layouts (main site, gallery and video archive) and enjoy these new wonderful pictures! <3

Stay tuned for more of them! 😉

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2013 > Brink Magazine Outtakes

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_04.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_05.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_02.jpg
Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_06.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_00.JPG

Thank you so much again, Kyle (Brink Magazine)! You really made a lot of people happy! 😉

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New Project: Crossing Lines Season 3

Crossing Lines Season 3 - Elizabeth Mitchell

EMfc fanart – Not an Official Poster

Great news, lovelies: Elizabeth will be in Crossing Lines season 3! They film the show in Prague (Czech Republic).

EXCLUSIVE: Revolution and Lost alumna Elizabeth Mitchell and Goran Visnjic (ER) are set to star in the third season of Tandem Communications’ Europe-set action/crime drama, Crossing Lines. The two join Donald Sutherland as series leads and will fill a void left by original Crossing Lines star William Fichtner, who will not be returning for Season 3.

The series has been greenlit for 12 episodes with X-Files veteran Frank Spotnitz, who has a first-look deal with Tandem, joining as executive producer alongside Tandem’s Rola Bauer. Crossing Lines creator/executive producer Ed Bernero departed after the end of Season 2 to be close to his family in California. The series films in Europe with action getting underway next week in Prague.

Crossing Lines revolves around a squad of European law enforcement officers — led in the first two seasons by Carl Hickman (Fitchner) — who battle the explosion of international crime that accompanied the opening of borders by the European Union.

Mitchell and Visnjic will play Carine Strand and Marco Corazza, new members of the elite team of officers investigating cross-border crimes. Additional new series regulars include Stuart Martin (Babylon) and Naomi Battrick (Waterloo Road). Sutherland will reprise his role as Michel Dorn. Also returning for Season 3 are Tom Wlaschiha and Lara Rossi.

Season 3 picks up six months after the conclusion of Season 2. After one of his top prosecutors vanishes, Dorn must reactivate the ICC team as the group struggles to re-establish its battered identity. The third season will have a new emphasis on relevant and contemporary cross-border crime.

Wendy Battles will co-executive produce. Star Wars‘ Rick McCallum is producing for Film United in Prague. Season 3 is produced in association with Sony Pictures Television Networks and Germany’s SAT.1.

In the U.S., Season 1 of Crossing Lines aired on NBC; Season 2 was carried by Netflix.

Mitchell, repped by Paradigm and Link Entertainment, recently played the Snow Queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Visnjic, repped by WME, Barry Tyerman and Management 360, co-starred on the first season of CBS’ Extant.

Source: Deadline

You can read more info about the show at THIS PAGE

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Happy New Year | 2015 Fan Calendar

We wanna wish an amazing 2015 to Liz, her family and all the Liz lovelies out there!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We thought to celebrate with a project made by fans for fans <3

the EMfc Fan Calendar!

We wanna thank you all for being part of this project, expecially because we asked for your help during holidays and you had not so much time for it. You’re priceless!

We got a lot of lovely entries and we included them all. Thank you so much!

Some of you couldn’t send the stuff in time, but don’t worry we’ll have other projects in the future you can take part of! 😉

For those who asked for a printable version of the calendar we uploaded it in HQ.

Calendar part 1 | Calendar part 2 | Calendar part 3

 And here’s the desktop version:


We really hope everyone likes it! 😀

Just a few notes about the credits…


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EMfc New Layouts

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New LayoutHi Liz lovelies, as you can see we changed the layouts of the site, the photo gallery and the video archive!

We’ve been working on them in the past weeks and now they are finally finished!


I hope you like them because I’m really really happy about how they look! 🙂

I only made the headers, everything else has been created by my genius and best friend Ste (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)

 Photo Gallery & Video Archive

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New Layout Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New Layout

 Let’s play a game… find the trick in the header 😛

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Watch Once Upon A Time 4×10 Tonight!

Watch Once Upon A Time 4x10 Tonight! Elizabeth Mitchell as Ingrid, the Snow Queen

EMfc edit

Hey Snowflakes, ABC will air another episode of Once Upon A Time tonight at 8 pm. Frozen arc is coming to an end so this will be the second to the last episode with Elizabeth. Yeah it’s so sad, I know, but let’s enjoy our last two hours of the show with our gorgeous Snow Queen, ok?! The episode “Shattered Sight” should be funny and it should have more scenes with Liz than what we got in “Fall”. So Happy OUAT day, everyone! 😉

Here’s the usual recap

Once Upon A Time 4×10 “Shattered Sight” Press Release


Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) Guest Stars as the Snow Queen

“Shattered Sight” – Storybrooke is in a state of chaos with all the residents under the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight at each other’s throats. Emma and Elsa race against the clock to free themselves of the ribbons and take down the Snow Queen and

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4x10 Shattered Sight - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time 4×09 on TV Tonight!

Elizabeth Mitchell as The Snow Queen - Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills - Once Upon A Time 4x09Happy OUAT day, snowflakes!

Tonight ABC airs Once Upon A Time 4×09 and after the two weeks we finally see Liz on tv! YAY!!!!

And here’s the usual recap of all the stuff released about the episode!

This is what Liz said about The Spell of Shattered Sight:

The Spell of Shattered Sight sounds absolutely amazing, but totally terrifying! When can fans expect to see that come into play?
EM: We’ll see it all start to kind of happen in the next one I don’t think I can really say what happens with everybody but I know that in the reading of it and the watching the aftermath of it—it’s just very delicious. I say delicious and I don’t want people to think it’s a fun spell, because it’s terrifying and it’s really, really, really horrible. But at the same time it gave all of our beloved people some really incredibly fun stuff to play. And it gives them a chance to see some of the characters that we love and haven’t seen in a certain way for a while, so I think it brings out a lot of fun things and it was definitely a great acting challenge for everyone. [From ET Interview]

“It’s a big spell. What’s powerful about it is that it’s such deep magic. It doesn’t just affect one person, it affects everybody that it touches. It not only causes pain, but it causes death to everybody except for the people that she’s chosen.” [From EW Interview]

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » 4×09 Promos & Sneak Peek

Once Upon A Time 4x09 CTV Promo Once Upon A Time 4x09 Sneak Peek



v2x08btselizabethmitchellHQ_28129.jpgCuriosity: After Robin Weigert in 4×02 another Liz’s costar on the show: Charles Mesure will guest star as Black Beard on OUAT tonight. I wish they had scenes together, but I guess they won’t because he’s in Arendelle and she’s in Storybrooke.

I would have loved a V reunion tho!

4x09 Fall - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers - Video


Don’t miss Once Upon A Time 2hr Episode Tonight!

Once Upon A Time - Elizabeth Mitchell as The Snow Queen

EMfc edit

Hey guys we’re gonna have 2 hour episode of Once Upon A Time tonight! Do not miss it because Liz said it’s a lot about the Snow Queen!

Gosh, I really think all of that happens in the next episode [“Smash the Mirror”]. I thought that “The Snow Queen” was going to be the big Snow Queen episode and then we got to the next episode, and I realized, no, that’s the big Snow Queen episode. I got the script for the next one, and I realized there’s so much more to the story. A lot of questions are answered, and you get to see it, which is one of my favorite things about television. Show it, you don’t have us tell it.

Mark Isham (OUAT music composer) posted this photo on his instagram. I guess it’s from tonight’s episode and Liz is so beautiful! <3


And now the usual recap of all the stuff released about the episode! 😉

Interviews with Elizabeth

  1. Access Hollywood 2
  2. IGN
  3. ET
  4. EW
  5. TV LINE
  6. EW (small interview)
  7. Access Hollywood 1

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4x08 Smash The Mirror - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers - Video