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Once Upon A Time: Speculation about Liz’s character

once upon a time elizabeth mitchell

EMfc Fanart – not an original photo

This morning I read an article about Once Upon A Time that makes think about Liz’s role on the show. Frozen story arc will only take up the first 11 episodes of the season and, according to this interview with Adam & Ed, Frozen is just “the tip of the iceberg”. From what I got here Frozen story will lead into something else in the second part of  the season. What I was wondering is could this also involve Liz’s character?! The article I read seems to corroborate my thought.

[SPOILER ALERT because it’s a  speculation about Liz’s role and what’s up after Arendelle in case it involves Liz.]

TV Line spoiler:

“For Season 4?s fourth episode, the ABC series is casting the role of an elderly, grizzled and unflappable knight who for many, many years has dedicated himself to serving a righteous cause. Anyone else getting a Holy Grail vibe from this…?”

It makes sense to speculate that the show is adding one of King Arthur’s knights to mix. After all, Once Upon a Time fans have already meet Sir Lancelot. However, the “unflappable knight” could also be the clumsy White Knight from Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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Once Upon A Time – Shooting Report Update

elizabeth mitchell once upon a time

EMfc Fanart – not an original photo

Hi all!

It seems Liz is shooting Once Upon A Time 4×03 with Georgina Haig (Elsa) and Michael Socha (Knave of Hearts in OUAT in Wonderland, now on OUAT) in the SB Forest.

I saw some photos of Georgina, Michael, Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue, but still no Liz. I know they don’t want to ruin the surprise about her role, but still AAAAAHHH I wanna see her. 😛

they’re on 4.03 with scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Socha and Georgina in the SB forest.

Source: Nikki-EntertainmentOutlook

Thanks Yiyi for the headup! <3

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Once Upon A Time – Shooting Report: Liz on set

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time

EMfc Fanart – not an original photo

Once Upon A Time shooting 28/7 and 29/7 Report

They shot till 5 am. The set was heavily guarded and fans had the access only to the parking area because Elizabeth was there! They don’t really want us to know who she is. This is exciting and tiresome at the same time, but more exciting! 😀 I just can’t wait to see this mysterious character! AAAAHHHH!

It was in Staney Park (a huge park with lots of woods)
Mainly Elsa, Emma, Hook and Charming. Rumple shot for a bit (with Elsa probably)
Massive wall of ice made out of styrofoam…
Elizabeth Mitchell was on set!!!!!!!!!
The sheriff car was there

Source: killianindisneyland – Thanks so much Fangirl312 for the headup! <3

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EMfc’s New Layout

elizabeth mitchell emfc Hi all!

Since Summer is here, we decided to change the layouts (main site, gallery and video archive) with something more colourful using the photos from Brink Magazine.

We hope you like the new graphics! 🙂

Video & Gallery

EMfc_summer_2014_video.jpg  EMfc_summer_2014_gallery.jpg

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Elizabeth Would Love To Appear On “Once Upon A Time”


EMFC Fanart

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Mitchell Would Love to Appear on ‘Once Upon A Time’ as a “Fanciful” Character

Elizabeth Mitchell was at WonderCon 2014 promoting her hit post-apocalyptic show, Revolution, and during our exclusive video interview with her I asked if she would like to join other LOST actors in guest starring on Once Upon A Time. See her answer below.

“Oh, that would be so fun! Yeah, someone said something about that.” I followed up by asking who would she like to play: “Oh, I have no idea. Somebody fun, somebody fanciful, somebody crazy. Or possibly the sweetest person in the world; that would be new for me. That would be great, I would have a great time with that.”

Source: nerdacy

Some weeks ago Adam Horowitz wrote on his twitter:  “they’re (Liz&Evangeline) both quite busy right now! But loved working with them and would love to do so again someday”

So guys, make this happen!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Interview - Once Upon A Time - WonderCon 2014

Adam Horowitz about Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time

EMFC fanart

I think you all read the article about Once Upon A Time’s dream cast by zap2it with Liz as Glinda.

She would have been perfect!

I saw a lot of people wanted her in that show and also asked Adam about it. He said that he loves Elizabeth but they couldn’t cast her because she’s on another show.

It would have been amazing to have Elizabeth on Once Upon A Time because Rebecca and Emilie are there and they film in Vancouver.  When Liz was shooting V there, we got a lot of pics from the set. <3

This is the message Adam Horowitz wrote on twitter:

“love her. But she’s on another show.”

BTW I made this poster just for fun!

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EMFC’s New Layouts & Top 50 on IMDB

Happy 2014, guys!

elizabeth mitchell fan club new layout january 2014We thought to create a different design for the new year, so we changed the layouts of the site, the photo gallery and the videos archive using the latest gorgeous photoshoot!

We hope you like them!

 emfc_jan_2014_gallery.jpg  emfc_jan_2014_video_archive.jpg

Oh, by the way Elizabeth is Top 50 on imdb. 😀 This is a wonderful way to start the new year! 😀 So cool!


Photos Credits Photographer: Melis+Dainon ||Makeup Artist: Laura Martinez || Hair: Erica Rae || Styling: Rose Tran

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday – 5 Years Online

elizabeth mitchell fan club It’s Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday! This baby is 5!

To all the lovely Liz fans out there, thank you for the support, for sending us news and for sharing your passion for her with everyone!
Elizabeth is not just an actress of an unquestionable talent, but also a beautiful human being with a great heart and this site is our way to express our love for her.

On a personal note I wanna say that when I decided to create EMfc I got the support of my best friend. I couldn’t do it without that.
The funny thing is that she has the same name of the person who made me watch the first thing I have ever watched with Liz back in 1999. It was GIA. I bought the dvd of that movie when I went to London in 2002 and this is huge for a personal reason, not related to the movie itself (it could have been anything with Liz, it wouldn’t make any difference) but to that trip and to the reason why I started following Elizabeth’s career and have appreciated her as a person and as an artist.

gia dvd I have kept the receipt of the movie all these years as a memory and as a reminder of that connection. It’s just a piece of paper but it’s important to me, that’s why I keep it with my Liz’s collection.

Elizabeth is someone who has followed her dreams, fought for them, and no matter what she always tries to be positive about life and about people. She’s kept her integrity and her values and only see the best in everyone and this is what makes her kind and sweet. In this business and actually in this world, it’s really hard to stay so true to yourself, but she is.
I’m so honoured to know her and this is something I will never be able to express with words but I guess who really knows Elizabeth and loves her, gets exactly what I am trying to say.

We used that Revolution promotional photo for the birthday, not only because we are excited for the return of the show, but also because Liz is looking far away in the pic and 5 years of the site are nothing because if you’re lucky enough to have her in your life, you will follow her everywhere and in everything and that’s what we’re gonna do.

Love you, Liz!

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