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Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Thank you for all the memorable moments of your career and the amazing characters you’ve played!

You’re so inspiring not just as an actress but also as a person!

Good luck for everything, you deserve the best!

When V returns, it’s gonna blow up all the other shows, we’re sure of it! 🙂

Oh and…it’s your fault if we’re all desperate for Juliet, you made her the way she is and you made us love her so much. Thank you deeply!

Just one more thing… I’m so tired of crying (yeah I still am), so please come back and make me smile. We need Juliet, alive and happy for once!

Happy Birthday, Liz!!


elizabeth mitchell fan club

New Layout

Ok guys this is the new layout of the site we’re been working on in the past week so we could change it for Elizabeth’s birthday.

We hope you like it. 😀

Probably there’ll be something to fix, so don’t worry if you notice something weird.

Let’s have a coffee and enjoy it! 😉

Birthday - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Site Updates


Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club has a new layout


New Layout

Hello everybody, Ste and I worked on a new graphic for the site in the past weeks. We’re still working on some codes, but this is what we came up with! 🙂

We changed the whole layout of the site, the photo gallery and the banner of the video archive.
Put your mouse on Juliet and Erica’s pics of the banner and you’ll find a little surprise 🙂

The organization of some links is different. In the Extra Page you’ll find: the Comic Con special, the video transcriptions, the polls and the chats.

If you find something that doesn’t work, please let us know.

We hope you like it! Have a nice day you all! 🙂

Fanarts - Site Updates

Welcome to the new Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club


New Site

Hi guys!

We have an amazing news to give you today, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is not longer just a blog but it’s a SITE!
We love and admire Liz so much that we’ve decided to create a complete website about her.

So you better bookmark the new link because we won’t update the blog in the future but the site. All the posts on the blog have been copied here, so you won’t miss anything. We’ll keep the blog on line for a while so everybody will get the chance to read this message and find the new link.

We hope you like this new site, certainly there’s further work to do in order to complete it, so if you notice something wrong or you wanna send any info or whatever, feel free to post a comment here or in the chat box (there is even a page just for chatting now)!

Soon there will be a video archive and other pics will be uploaded in the photo gallery, so stay tuned! For now you can find pics from “Lost” season 5, “V”, all the ones from Comic Con and a whole section on the site is dedicated to this event!

Thank you very very much to everybody who has helped us to update the blog sending headups, we hope you’ll keep doing it with the site because we really appreciated that.

Check out the new site and GO LIZ!!! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Site Updates