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New Layout for Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club


New Layout

Edit: Everything should be ok now, let us know if you see something wrong (broken link, missing immages, strange stuff…).


Hi guys, this is the new Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club. We are changing not only the layout we made, but also the format of the site with a complete new style. While we’re doing the change, we prefer not to put the site off-line for people who want to visit it, but we’re still working on it, it would take another 10 minutes or so to fix a few things. As you can see there is a new menu, we hope the navigation for you is easier this way… and at the top of the news there is also the slide box with the most important and latest news, so when we’ll update the site with new old stuff, you can easily find the most important recent news in that box and go there while you find all the updates/news below that. We also add the facebook/twitter/ share buttons so you can post stuff wherever you like. If you have any question/problem/suggest, do not hesitate to em@il us.

Note: To see all the new graphic contents you need to erase your cache.

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