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REVOLUTION 1×04 Tonight: We’ll learn more about Rachel

Hey guys, tonight there is a brand new REVOLUTION episode where we should learn more about Rachel. That’s what David Rambo said  in TV Guide’s interview. So do not miss 1×04 tonight! 🙂

This is the part of the interview regarding Elizabeth’s character (it contains SPOILERS):

“There is a bombshell about the family and Rachel,” Rambo says. “The final moments are pretty shocking.”

After learning that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a hostage of Monroe (David Lyons) and that Miles (Billy Burke) founded the militia, what other revelations remain? Rambo says Monday’s episode does include some information about why Rachel left her family, but he stopped short of saying how that plays into the shocking moment.

Source: TV Guide (there’s more spoilers about other characters in the article).

I made a facebook cover + avatar with the photos from REVOLUTION 1×02.

elizabeth mitchell revolution 1x02 facebook banner elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_1x02_avatar.jpg

We recently added in the PRESS page the latest interviews with Elizabeth and other old (but new) ones from 2006 and 2000, and also updated the REVOLUTION’s info page, adding a section for the ratings and the episodes’ info page.

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Elizabeth in Winnipeg [Photo] + Artworks on REVOLUTION and Liz

This photo was taken in Winnipeg when Elizabeth was shooting Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I don’t know what the event is but there is also a photo of Rob Lowe, so maybe it’s some party regarding the movie.
elizabeth mitchell prosecutin casey anthony

I also added some artworks on REVOLUTION and Elizabeth into the gallery.

Facebook Covers

elizabeth mitchell revolution elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan ClubHi everyone, today Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

At the end of 2011 my best friend wished me a wonderful “Elizabeth Mitchell year” and well it has been so far. Thank you very much! <3

Liz has a new show (and I was so looking forward to that… not having her around has been so painful), an upcoming movie and a few months ago she talked about the site at the dinner in Bainbridge Island and I still can’t believe she reads us and everything and all the things she had to say after that. SURREAL!

We’ve loved each moment since we got the chance to know Elizabeth and we feel incredibly lucky to have her in our life. We are really not good with words so we hope the site itself always reflects our love.

Thank you guys for the support, we always love when we read nice emails and comments by you. We try to do our best to update the site and to create an archive so new or old fans can find everything they need. Thank you to all the people who have helped even just with a nice word.

Now REVOLUTION is coming, we hope we’ll get interviews, photos and especially we want a lead character in a good show, because she is Elizabeth Mitchell and deserves the best.

We hope to keep supporting Liz with all of you for long long time.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

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REVOLUTION: Promotional Photos, Spoilers, Comic Con and Artworks

UPDATE (July 13): I’ve just updated the gallery with some photos of the promotional stuff they have at Comic Con.

At the end of this post you can see the giant poster they’ll have on the side of the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego.

Since we don’t have any promotional photo of Elizabeth at the moment because she’s just joined the show, I made something myself.
So these are not official promo shoots, but they are made by me.


(The photos of Elizabeth I used are from V & Lost Photoshoot)

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking for new information about REVOLUTION since we got the news Elizabeth will be a regular in it. Not that I wasn’t interested before, I mean it’s JJ, I would have watched it anyway.

I read this article by Deadline (from May 23). It’s about the departure of Andrea Roth and who’s the other character who won’t be a regular anymore. (Click on “read more” to read it)

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