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Happy 2019!

We want to wish you all a wonderful 2019!

Some of the best things that happened in 2018 for us are definitely anything about Liz: her messages and the pics&video she sent, photos from “Welcome To Pine Grove!” and “What We Found” (we cannot wait to see those movies in theatre!!!), her role on “The Expanse” and finally finding the episodes from the soap-opera “Loving“.

We look forward to see more things with this incredibly talented woman in 2019 and have her beautiful shining soul to bring us joy and happiness every day.

Happy 2019, everyone…

and especially to you, Elizabeth!

Thank you for giving us your amazing characters and thank you thank you thank you for being in our lives.

We cannot express how important you are for us… our refreshing and sweet sourse of energy!



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Happy Lost Anniversary!

LOST_anniversary_animated_poster.gif14 years ago today the first episode of the most amazing show aired! LOST changed a lot of lives, not only of the people who worked on the show, but also of its viewers. It surely changed ours.

Juliet Burke will be forever our favourite character, an inspiration and a hero! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much Liz, for making that woman so real and for all the emotions you make us feel every time we watch you again and again!

Happy Lost Anniversary!


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The Fansite Is 10 Years Old Today

Crazy day: the fansite is 10 years old today!

We cannot believe that it’s been a decade since we decided to create the EMfc, but now we cannot imagine our lives without running it. It’s our way to express our love, admiration and gratitude for this beautiful, sweet and amazing human being.

Elizabeth has been making our days better since the first time we saw her and we’ll never get tired to say how lucky we feel to have her in our lives.

She’s so precious for our souls for everything that she is as a person and for the emotions she can convey with all the wonderful women she creates.

For the site’s birthday we made new layouts for the site, gallery and video archive.

This is probably one of the darkest graphics we have ever had, but hey… we are getting older and our eyes see better with a dark backgrounds. 😀 Haha!

Anyway we hope you like it… but especially we hope you like it, Liz! <3

Happy Birthday, EMfc!

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Which Show You Would Like To See Liz On?

Elizabeth is still filming Welcome To Pine Grove!, but no photo has popped out from the set, so there’s nothing new to post and I thought to make another manipulation. 😛 This time for Elizabeth on the show Roswell, New Mexico. HAHA! She could play an alien, she’s already from another planet, since she’s too good to be true! <3

Which show you would like to see Liz on? We want to hear your ideas!

We are both still more into Legacies, but Roswell and The 100 would be great as well!

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Dream Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell On The 100

We were talking on twitter about how cool it would be to have Elizabeth on The 100@Rolena_Marcoria actually got the idea and after watching the finale of season 5 we also thought it would be great. This show has a lot of very smart & badass women, so why not?! 

It seems some of the Liz lovelies also agree! 😀 We made this, what do you think? Elizabeth could look so cool on this show. 😀

In season 6 the characters will land on a new planet and there should be new people there, right? Their leader could be a character played by her. They film in Vancouver, so the location is awesome!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts