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New Interviews with Elizabeth and Julie Benz about Answers To Nothing

This is an interview with Elizabeth and Julie Benz and it also reviews Liz’s perforamance in the movie. We’ve updated the reviews page, so check them out.

Chopping it up at the Four Seasons with Julie Benz and Elizabeth Mitchell about their film, Answers to Nothing is like study hall with the head cheerleader and the vice principal’s daughter. No matter how composed and totally fabulous these ladies’ can be, sometimes real life is just like a sitcom.

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Answers to Nothing - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview

Audio Interview about LOST, C.J. and her break from work

» Answers To Nothing Press Junket 3 – LOST
Click  and listen to Mitchell give her thoughts on life after Lost

» Answers To Nothing Press Junket 4 – CJ
Mitchell also explains why she initially planned to take a year off from acting.

If you miss the other audio interview, you can hear them here.

Character driven dramas like Answers to Nothing usually are swimming upstream when it comes to a theatrical release, but this Los Angeles set story beat the odds and opens in select theaters today (as well as on Video on Demand).

Elizabeth Mitchell, star of Lost (I still get misty thinking of Juliet and Sawyer!) and V, plays a woman who is determined to get pregnant, thus overlooking her husband’s (Dane Cook) philandering ways. The picture also stars Julie Benz, who plays a detective working on a child abduction case.

“You do it for almost nothing, and you do it because you love it,” says Mitchell about shooting Answers to Nothing. “But you don’t do it because you think people will watch it. You strictly do it because you love it. It’s a love thing, and it’s kind of amazing. It’s like a gift.”

Source: HollywoodOutbreak

Answers to Nothing - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost

Another Interview with Elizabeth – Answers To Nothing

We’ve added a page with Answers To Nothing’s reviews. You can read them all here.

And this is another interview with Elizabeth by The Examiner:

Perhaps something supernatural rubbed off on actress Elizabeth Mitchell after spending a few years playing Juliet Burke on television’s “Lost.”

“I really wanted to work with Dane Cook,” Mitchell says. “I had heard a lot about him. Oddly enough, I had a dream that I worked with him a week before the script [for ‘Answers to Nothing’] came in. I am not particularly a dream person but I was like, ‘OK, that is really weird. I had better pay attention to that.’”

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Answers to Nothing - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Projects - Santa Clause 2 - Santa Clause 3

Disney Cruise Alaska: Audio Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

ElizabethMitchellOnTheDisney_Cruise_28429.jpgHey guys look what I’ve just found:

The audio interview Elizabeth made on the Disney Cruise last May. It’s short but it’s so good to hear her. I can’t wait to see her on The Talk. Just 2 days left! 🙂

I just got back from the trip of a lifetime; I broadcast my show live for a week from the Disney Wonder cruise ship – to Alaska!I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my entire life; between sailing alongside turquoise glaciers and humpback whales, and watching my daughter play with the Disney characters on-deck and in the Oceaneer’s Club, it was everything I could have ever wanted. If you missed my pictures or my interviews (including crew members like the Captain and Cruise Director, and a celebrity cameo – Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost”!) they’re all here!

Source: RadioAlice

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Video

New Design

Hi guys,
this is the new layout of the site. We wanted something different for the design and at the same time a theme that had something to do with this moment, so considering Elizabeth is taking a break and spending a lot of time with C.J., we came out with this.

We also wanna say that we miss her so much, so we “sent” this message in the bottle (see the news box) and hope to hear from her pretty soon.

There is no highlight box anymore, but there is a slide in the banner with the most important news of the moment. So if you go with your mouse on the pic you can read what news is and click on it to get there.

As you can see there is some further animated stuff we are absolutely in love with, especially Liz who turns around because CJ want  her to see the butterflies flying all around his sand castle.

As always we do not go off line (and I know a certain person would like to kill me for this) to change the layout, so if there is some problem, don’t worry we’ll fix it soon.

We hope you enjoy this new design and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Have fun!

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