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Q&A with Revolution’s Elizabeth Mitchell by The Nature Conservancy

Remember the tweet posted by The Nature Conservancy? Now they published an interview with Elizabeth and Billy Burke. I don’t know why Liz’s Q&A is the smallest of all. 🙁 Anyway this’s her part:

Conservancy Talk: What’s your favorite movie set in nature?
Actor Elizabeth Mitchell:
Probably Enchanted April. The awakening of the land so beautifully mirrored the awakening of the characters.
Conservancy Talk: What’s your favorite energy-saving tip?
Elizabeth Mitchell
Read. Talk to the ones you love. Play board games and marbles by candlelight.
Conservancy Talk: Why is protecting the planet important to you?
Elizabeth Mitchell
It’s all we have. It’s our boat. It my son’s future. Our children’s future.
Conservancy Talk: What was your most memorable experience in nature?
Elizabeth Mitchell
I was on a walk with my son and a tiny owl landed right in front of us. Magical.

Source: blog.nature.org

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview

Earth Day – Elizabeth’s quote – Revolution tonight

The Nature Conservancy posted this Elizabeth’s quote on twitter.

They already released an interview with Zak Orth and Matt Pitts (writer) by Eric Kripke. We hope there will be an interview with Elizabeth soon. In the mean time Happy Earth Day and don’t miss Elizabeth on Revolution tonight. We posted a screencapture from the episode 1×14 “The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia” on facebook.

1x14 - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

EW Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell teases tonight’s episode

‘Revolution’: Elizabeth Mitchell teases tonight’s episode (and the answers that are coming)

Tonight’s episode of NBC’s Revolution is an important one for fans who’ve been wondering what Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) cut out of her dead son Danny’s body. “That scene was horrible,” Mitchell says, looking book on filming the twist. “The thing about acting is that most of it is reacting. You have people in the room. In this case, there’s this kid. I was crazy about him. He hung out with my son. We were always together. So there’s this kid, and he’s dead in front of you, and you’re taking out a capsule. It’s one of the worst things you could imagine. But as far as that piece of technology goes, it’s such a great mystery. We explain exactly what that thing was in tonight’s episode and why it’s so important to all of us.”

Read more…

1x14 - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Geek Magazine – Scans [Photos and Interviews with Elizabeth]

Thank you so much Alyssa for emailing us the scans of Geek Magazine. Amazing photoshoot and always interesting interview! It’s about Rachel, Revolution, her family, her passion for Joss Whedon and comic books. Yes Geek Goddess. I love what they said about her in the article. 🙂 Enjoy!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Geek_Magazine_28729.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Geek_Magazine_28629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Geek_Magazine_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Geek_Magazine_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Geek_Magazine_Cover.jpg

PS: We replaced the old photos, so if you can’t see the new ones, just erase your cache first. 🙂

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

Interview with Elizabeth and her Mom

Elizabeth MitchellThey’ve just released this lovely article about Elizabeth which contains an old interview with Liz and her mom.

Dallas’ and Booker T’s Elizabeth Mitchell continues to thrive, this time on Revolution on NBC

When you do this job, you meet a lot of celebrities, not all of whom make you want to root for them. A notable exception is Elizabeth Mitchell, who’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and one of the most talented.

Read more…

Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Joseph Day Mitchell - Josephine Marian Mitchell

Latest Interviews with Elizabeth Mitchell about Revolution

Since REVOLUTION is back on tv tonight, they’re releasing interviews with Elizabeth so keep checking this post to be updated.

  • Interview by Fanhattan Voice: READ MORE
  • Interview by Brink Magazine – Princess of Peril: READ MORE
  • Interview by IGN – Revolution: Elizabeth Mitchell Discusses the Show’s Return, Rachel’s Strengths and More: READ MORE
  • Interview by TV ADDICT – We Shine the Spotlight on REVOLUTION Star Elizabeth Mitchell: READ MORE
  • Conference Call Transcription by Starry Magazine: READ MORE
  • Interview by Sioux City Journal – ‘Revolution’ returns: Speed is key to new series’ success: READ MORE
  • Bunch of Interviews by EW, StarNews Online and NBC: READ MORE

1x11 - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Celebrity Stylist about Elizabeth

We found a great mention. It’s from an old interview (from 2010) with a celebrity stylist, Melinda Tarbell, who worked with Liz at some photoshoots (Statement Calabasas for example). Well she talked about Liz during the interview. Here’s the part:

Lovelyish: What’s your favorite event to style for?

MT: I really loved Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell. I’ve done a lot of editorial work for her and I have a soft spot in my heart for her. She’s such a special person, she has an amazing family and she’s just lovely to everyone she comes in contact with. She’s probably my favorite because I’ve gotten to know her a little bit more.

Also the stylists are in love with her. 🙂

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