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WonderCon: Interview with Elizabeth and New Project

This is an interview Liz did during the WonderCon so it’s about Revolution, but she also talks about her new project: the book she was trying to get the rights for. The title is “Dolls Behaving Badly”. She signed the paperwork last Monday so she’s going to write it. I’m so excited about this! Isn’t it fantastic?! Read the full interview:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Wondercon_PressRoom_046.jpgElizabeth Mitchell is a wonderful human being. We’ve known and loved her since she burst onto the scene of LOST as Juliette, and gave Sawyer (and us) someone to fall in love with. But she’s been all over the map, with VER and even Santa Clause 2 on her varied and impressive resume. She currently lights up our TV on NBC’s Revolution as the mercurial Rachel Matheson, which airs on Wednesdays at 8 PM.

Revolution was all over WonderCon for Friday, with an exciting panel, a press conference and a round table chat featuring star Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST), Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) and writer/executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon (FarscapeCultThe Twilight Zone). I luckily managed to be apart of that round table, and the following are juicy nuggets from the conversation with Elizabeth Mitchell, as she teases the upcoming final four episodes of Revolution‘s second season, what she wants to see in season 3 (should she and the show survive), her nerd upbringing and thoughts on LOST, conventions and more!

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The Baub Show Interview with Elizabeth

UPDATE: You can listen to the interview on ubnradio now.

For those who didn’t get the chance to listen to it live on ubnradio, here’s the interview Bob Merrick  did with Elizabeth just after she took CJ to school this morning! She talks about a lot of stuff and always has the most interesting things to say. She’s funny, sweet and sparkling as usual so enjoy the interview. 😉

 Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell the baub show bob merric




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Happy New Year!

Hey there, we hope you’re having a great New Year’s Eve! We want to wish everyone who loves Elizabeth…

A   W O N D E R F U   2  0 1  4 !

To Liz… all your fans wish you love, happiness, joy and everything you desire!



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Traditional Home – New Interview

elizabeth mitchellHello again! This is a new interview with Elizabeth. It’s from Traditional Home Magazine (issue July/August 2013). I love her ideal weekend and what inspires her. <3

I’m Traditional

Name Elizabeth Mitchell

Hometown Born in Los Angeles, she was raised in Dallas.

Occupation Actress. You may remember her from the films The Santa Clause 2 and Frequency or from ABC’S Lost and V. She’s now starring in NBC’s Revolution.

It’s all about comfort “To me classic design means effortless, edited comfort.”

She knows how to plan a weekend “My ideal weekend would involve sleep. I’d wake up to sunshine, then get more sleep. Coffee with cream (in bed). Pancakes. Books.  Laugher. And a magical person who comes and puts on fresh sheets when I get up to do yoga in the sunshine. More napping. The movies. Buttered popcorn. Then everyone I love comes over for dinner and we all cook together, laugh a lot, and eat.”

What inspires her “My son. Art. Artists. Music. Meditation. Dreams. Nature.”

Her dream job “If I hadn’t become an actress, I’d probably own a bookstore. I love books and readers. Throw in music and dark chocolate, and life sounds dreamy.”

What can’t she live without? “People I love. And sunscreen.”

She cherishes her theater training “The most appealing thing about theater is being able to get lost in your imagination. To bring that to someone else’s dream, start to finish. And to play, again and again. Plus the fear can be good. You have the chance to be more than you were.”

I am traditional She loves anything to do with Christmas, counts any movie with Katharine Hepburn as a favorite, and is crazy about Lauren Hutton’s style.

Thanks to la-cafee.tumblr.com for the headup!

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos

The South Magazine Interview with Elizabeth

People on the South Magazine have just posted the interview with Elizabeth on their site.

elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_cover.jpg  elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_01.jpg  elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_02.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_03.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_04.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_05.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_06.jpg

Unfortunately they only used the new photo for the cover. The other pictures are from the photoshoot (by Nguyen) Liz took in 2011. So there is no new image in the magazine, but the photographer, Melis+Dainon,  said she will release them on her site/social networks in the next weeks. So stay tuned because that new photoshoot is amazing!

For now just read the interview, it’s really nice! 😉 It’s about her, CJ, Revolution, her favourtite things and more.
You can see the magazine here. The version with Liz on the cover is available only if you buy a print version.

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

Revolution Volunteer with the USO and Support Military Community in San Antonio (Photos and Details)

UPDATE (October 29): New photo by kessler_baker


This is what she said about the experience:

“Our USO trip to San Antonio was incredibly exciting. As a parent of a young child, I have such a profound respect for our nation’s military families. They often sacrifice time away from those they love, and do so while maintaining our security. These families deserve acknowledgement and praise for their efforts, and I’m honored to have expressed mine with help from the USO and hope to have helped boost their morale in the process.”

Her words are the most touching!

We have some official (and huge) photos from Fort Sam’s Fall Festival and a press release of the event.

revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281029.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281129.jpg revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281329.jpg revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281429.jpg revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281529.jpg revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281729.jpg revolution uso Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_281229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28129b.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28729.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28829.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28929.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_san_antonio_revolution_cast_28629b.jpg

Liz with that hat is gonna be the end of me. <3

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