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Crossing Lines: New Video Interview

This is a never seen interview Elizabeth did in Paris last month. 🙂

Crossing Lines


Translation of the questions:

1. Pourquoi avez-vous voulu jouer dans Crossing Lines ?
-> Why did you want to play a part in Crossing Lines ?

2. Où avez-vous tourné ?
-> Where did you shoot ?

3. Aimeriez-vous que votre fils devienne acteur ?
-> Would you like your son to become an actor ?

4. L’emmenez-vous sur le plateau ?
-> Do you bring him on set ?

Source | Thanks so much Pinoche29 for the headup and the translation!

Carine Strand - CJ - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Video

Once Upon A Time: IGN Interview with Elizabeth

This is a new and very interesting interview with Liz about the Snow Queen. I love the way this woman thinks!

Once Upon a Time: Elizabeth Mitchell on What’s Ahead for the Snow Queen
IGN talks to the Once Upon a Time star about the Snow Queen’s past, her glittery costume, and what’s ahead.

Once Upon a Time’s been a chilly place this season. Sure, the fairy tale series is filmed in the not so warm Vancouver, but besides that, the town of Storybrooke has been touched by the world of Frozen. Elizabeth Mitchell‘s at the heart of the icy storyline as the villainous Snow Queen. She’s manipulating everyone around her to serve one goal: to be loved by her family. That doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world, but the Snow Queen is doing whatever it takes to make Elsa and Emma be on her side regardless of the effects on Storybrooke.

IGN spoke with Mitchell about the character’s demented side, possible redemption, and the full extent of the Snow Queen’s plans.

IGN: One thing that’s interesting about the Snow Queen is that she’s quietly crazy. She doesn’t really raise her voice. What are the challenges of selling her evil side with this approach?

Elizabeth Mitchell: The original challenge was of course, you worry that people think you aren’t doing anything. I had to give a lot of thought to what she had been through. She was a child who killed somebody. It was an accident, but as a deeply empathic child, she kills someone, so she locked herself away. There was no way for her to learn the society rules. Everything was cut short.

And then she was self-aware in an urn for 25-30 years, which of course had to drive her mad. I mean, that had to be what made her mad. But I think like all villains, like all people in life, she thinks she deeply deserves what she’s asking for. She’s on the path to get what it is that she needs. And that’s why it all worked out in a calm fashion, because she deeply feels she’ll get it. So, she’s just one step after the other. There was no need to be, that type of crazy – I mean, she is crazy – but there was no need to have her throw it all around.

IGN: Yes, it seems like she has every step planned and thought out. It’s creepy.

Mitchell: I love that she’s clever that way. Her motivations are that she wants love, and that’s great. The idea that you can make people love you by killing everybody else that they love seems a bit unwise.

IGN: It’s perhaps not the best way to go about it.

Mitchell: Not the best way to go about it. It’s a very interesting thing, the way that she keeps striking this chord. And as someone who goes through life and has had wonderful, loving relationships, you’re like, “Oh come on, you can do this. You actually already have everything you want.” But you know, you can’t talk to them because they’re made up.

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4x08 Smash The Mirror - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: TV Line Interview with Elizabeth

UPDATE: I added what Matt Mitovich tweeted about Liz at the end of the post. <3

There is a new beautiful interview with Elizabeth on TV LINE! Enjoy! 😀

PS: What she said about CJ, her best friend and her grandma are the best! <3

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the forecast calls for extra amounts of snow, seeing as the episode “Smash the Mirror” was supersized to run two hours (starting at 8/7c).

What chilling face-off will the Snow Queen conjure? What burning questions will be answered? (And where does Ingrid stand on the Regina/Robin situation?) TVLine spoke with Lost/Revolution alum Elizabeth Mitchell about all that, her magically gravity-defying wardrobe and more.

TVLINE | What have you gone and done that they needed to add an extra hour to this week’s episode?
Oh, you know…. [Laughs] We had this amazing director, Eagle [Egillson, for Part 1], and when we were shooting it, I just liked what he was doing. I thought it was so fun and dramatic and kind of just wonderful, like a sweeping, epic fantasy. I guess [the producers] felt like it was so much fun, they wanted to add more. And there’s a lot more, too, with Lana [Parrilla]’s character, which is joyful for me because I love watching her.

TVLINE | If you are following Lana’s storyline, whose team are you on? Do you want Robin to go for it with Regina, or should he be true to Marian?
That’s a hard one, isn’t it? It’s lovely to be true, but I don’t even know if [Robin and Marian] really like each other all that much. So, yeah, unfortunately that is kind of my feeling on that. But Marian’s a lovely girl, so hopefully she’ll find happiness somewhere else.

TVLINE | So, I’m looking at the logline for this two-hour episode. Why is The Snow Queen going to pit Emma versus Elsa?
She’s just trying to find love, so it seems to me that throwing a bit of discord in there always helps people figure out who they really are. I’ve been playing her like a very angry preteen girl because I feel like she was self-aware in that urn for so many years, so I don’t really see where she learned to grow up or any of that stuff. She’s just doing it the best way she knows how. But it’s so hard because you keep wanting to be like, “It’s right in front of you! You have it already,” but that’s why we have all these great antagonists.

TVLINE | If Emma were to lose her powers – and it appears she might try to make that happen this Sunday — would Ingrid lose her interest in her?
Oh my gosh, that’s such a great question because there is something kind of horrifying about the fact that she only deems people who have magic to be interesting, right?

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4x08 Smash The Mirror - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Interview with Elizabeth: What’s Next for The Snow Queen?

Hey guys, there’s a new interview with this incredible woman by TV Fanatic. Enjoy!!! 😀

Is the Snow Queen the most evil of evil on Once Upon a Time Season 4?

On Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 7, we may have learned the origins of Ingrid (aka The Snow Queen) but, as actress Elizabeth Mitchell told me this morning, that doesn’t mean we should necessarily sympathize with her.

However, what fun The Snow Queen is having as she turns Emma against her own family and works her plan with the aid of Rumple himself.

So … what’s next as we move into next week’s two-hour episode? Let’s see what Mitchell had to say…

TV Fanatic: You play evil really well, I have to say!

Elizabeth Mitchell: I’ve had such a great time. That’s really funny. We have this Monday morning thing with my son and his friend turns to me and said the exact same thing. He’s nine and he said ‘You’re really good at being evil!’ And I said ‘Thank you, Trey!’ [laughs]

TVF: It’s a good thing for sure.

EM: Good!

TVF: When you first started playing Ingrid, how did you navigate just how villainous you’d play her? You could do really over the top like twirling the mustache, so to speak.

EM: Well, that’s so interesting and a great question. I started with the fact that she’d been kept captive for 20 years in a vase and then I started with the question ‘what does that mean?’ She was put away from society when she was 10 and then she was in a vase most of the time when we learn who we are so I started to play her like a pre-teen girl who has never been in the world and someone who doesn’t really know.

That was my thought. What if you have someone who looks a little like Mae West…she’s really very innocent on the inside so what happens when that happens?  I didn’t think about being calm or being still. It was more along the lines of how do you get what you need and she wants love. So she watches and waits and tries to figure it out. But maybe there is a little bit of mustache twirling but it’s under the radar. [laughs]  It was genuinely fun but that was my thing the whole time. How do you take such a fractured person and try to make her whole again? That was my intention but I had a great time with it. I really did.

TVF: We got a lot of Ingrid’s backstory but do you think we should sympathize with her at this point? I mean, she’s still doing really bad things to the people we love in Storybrooke!

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CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen

Happy Birthday, CJ!


I hope you’ll have a wonderful day full of joy and love! <3

elizabeth mitchell cj 2014 birthday Happy Birthday, CJ!


Since it’s also the day of the woman who gave birth to this awesome little man, this is just a little quote from an interview Liz did last year about her most played song on her ipod and why:

Right now it’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I danced around to that in yoga class when I was pregnant with my son.  It gives me happy feelings. I play it for my son. I’m like, “I played this for you when—.” “I was in your belly, I know. Mom, come on!” But he comes on, and he sings to it.

I think this is tremendously sweet! <3

Birthday - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell