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After Ellen Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

Fans of Elizabeth Mitchell can rejoice in knowing that one of our favorite ladies is return to weekly television as her sci-fi series, V, is set to launch into Season 2 on January 4, on ABC.

While Mitchell’s character, Erica, had a hell of a first season trying to save her teenage son, fight off alien invaders and, in the process, save the world, Mitchell told AfterEllen.com last week that we haven’t seen anything yet. Has the show changed at all from Season 1 to 2? How is Mitchell coping with the stunts and action, week after week? And who on the show is suggesting that Erica and the evil alien leader Anna (Morena Baccarin) lock lips? Read on and find out.

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V’s Elizabeth Mitchell on Characters, Change and Comics

Stepping straight from ABC’s award-winning series Lost where she portrayed Juliet Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell stepped into the very different shoes of V’s Erica Evans, a women who is fighting for her home, her family, and for humanity.

When asked about the first season’s  explosive finale, Mitchell said, “I think that our first season was so much about setting it up, setting up the playing field, making it all work.  And unfortunately, I think some of that can be kind of dull for me.  You know, the exposition, the this, the that.  Some of it was great and some of it kind of… (shrugs)  But you know, we had to figure it out, we had to find it out.  And now we’ve come to the place where we get to move the ball.  So, I’m excited about that.!

“I’m excited about moving forward, about some of the characters getting more complex, I’m excited about heightening the drama, the romance,  the things that can go horribly wrong.  And I’m really excited about fracturing the characters.  I’m so happy to know that they’re going to be a little bit broken, because that makes people more interesting.  I don’t know if you guys ever read comic books, but you know how it always gets to the best part and it says to be continued? You know the story builds and your like, meh, and then you get to the the last two pages you’re like, this is so … and getting so … and you go, oh come on!  I feel like this (V) right now about (the to be continued).”

And since we were at Comic Con, one of the biggest comic book conventions in the world, we just had to know what comics Elizabeth Mitchell was reading!  “I hate to admit it, but when I was a kid read Archie and Veronica.  Right now we read the Hulk because its my son’s favorite.  So anything to do with the Hulk, even the newer ones where you’re like, who is that guy?  Even the ones where it splits off … whatever.”

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Elizabeth on Emmy Magazine | Photo & Interview

The picture I previously reported as an Hollywood Report AD is instead in the Emmy Magazine N.3, 2010. The issue is available for digital download or back-issue purchase here!
The two pages dedicated to Elizabeth are part of an article about 10 actors who are particularly buzzed-about. I made a cap of the picture:

And thanks to Claire who made the scans and gave me the infos we also have a bigger version of the picture and the article. Enjoy!

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Netscape’s Interview: Elizabeth about her family


Up Close With Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Mrs. Claus to Tim Allen in the last two installments of “The Santa Clause” films, is more than ready to jump into that role again. But then, she points out, “I’d work with Tim any time. He’s a joy.”

She adds, “If I don’t like someone, I keep my distance — it’s easier than having them around. When you have a child, you get a little more straight thinking.”

Elizabeth and husband Chris Soldevilla are the parents of Christopher Joseph — C.J. — born Septemer 4, 2004.

Mitchell, who plays fertility doctor Juliet on ABC’s “Lost” and FBI agent Erica Evans on the network’s “V,” says that the most important job to her is spending free time at the retreat she and her husband call home in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Chris, who is an actor, is cururently spending much of his time, says Elizabeth, “teaching improv to high school kids where we live. He’s marvelous, incredibly impressive. He’s much quicker then I am, so I have to be on my toes.”

When Chris has an acting assignment, he and his wife juggle work gigs, “so one of us is always with our son,” she says.

Source: Netscape

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Elizabeth Mitchell’s Life Beyond “Lost” | Interview

elizabethmitchellmoremagscan.jpg“I jump off cliffs for every project I take.”

As an FBI agent on the ABC series V, Elizabeth Mitchell defends Earth against aliens. As a villain-turned-hero on Lost, which airs its final episode this month, she worked her way around a warped island by pointing guns at a lot of people. Sci-fi roles aside, she’s known for her turn as Angelina Jolie’s lover in the cult film Gia (“I get to kiss some of the most beautiful people,” she says.) Here, she dishes and tells.

To play a badass in V . . . I’m learning martial arts and sword work. I’ve got this massive stick I whip around my body. I feel like a ninja until I hit myself in the head.

If I could have a do-over . . . I probably wouldn’t have worked so soon after CJ [her now four-year-old son with comedian husband Chris Soldevilla] was born. But we were broke, so maybe not working would have been a really bad idea.

I’d like to act alongside . . . Gerard Butler—sincerely, for the hot factor.

I used to hate, but now I love . . . my skin. It was incredibly broken out. Now I’m thankful I had acne because it meant there was plenty of oil in there. It’s helping me with the whole “aging gracefully” thing.

A little-known secret about “Lost”? “The bras they had us wear were so comfortable you’d end up wearing them everywhere,” Elizabeth Mitchell says.

Source: Toknews | More Magazine

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