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Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg – Photo & Report

Chris Fantini just sent us a message on twitter about his meeting with Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg. He posted a lovely photo and an amazing report on hot103live.


This JUST happened!!!

Posted By: Chris Fantini · 6/16/2012 5:41:00 PM

So I was working out, doing biceps curls at the gym (50lbs awwww yeahhh!) and in walks this tall blonde drink of water. I looked up at her and I got that feeling where you think the person might be familiar but you don’t know whether it is someone you know, someone from FB or maybe somebody famous.  So, I shrugged it off and went back to my workout.  A few minutes later, up she comes again to get a towel.  Absolutely gorgeous, and definitely had that Hollywood glamorous look, even though she was in her workout gear and had a good glow on.

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Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL – Photos and Experience

UPDATE 11: This is the part where Liz talks about the site. OMG! I’m still in shock!

Thanks Elizabeth for what you said about us! <3

elizabeth mitchell

Elizabeth about EMFC

Thank you Olivia Thompson for the transcription of the audio regarding what Elizabeth said about our site. And Thank you so much Jo for what you said about us.

Jo: So you’re not on twitter and you’re not on Facebook.
Liz: I’m not. Someone posing as me is on Facebook. And it’s ????
Jo: There is a lovely(?) Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club on there.
Liz: Which is so nice! That’s where I go to get clips and stuff!
Jo: For yourself?
Liz: Yeah! If I need clips like to send to somebody or something yeah, I go to my fan site!
Jo: These fans are the best!
Liz: I know! My… my… I called my manager, because he needed something funny and he went like way back in time and he was like “WOOOW”.
It’s like, it’s like an encyclopedia!
Jo: It is.
Liz: It’s gorgeous!
Jo: It’s an online archive of everything you’ve ever done!
Liz: Awww It’s so ????
Jo: Candids photos of eating ice-cream on Bainbridge Island. I mean, you know, it’s got everything!
Liz: Yeah. Well every time I have a really hard time I go on there coz’ there’s nothing negative!
Jo: Nothing.
Liz: It’s deleted real fast.  Sorry.
Jo: ??? instead of any negative.
Liz: No, I know, it’s great. There’ll be like “post deleted” and I’m like “ohhh nooo”
Jo: Whatever you said.

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NEW PHOTO: Elizabeth as The Butterfly

Look what a lovely butterfly! She was at CJ’s school playing the butterfly.

From the Cultural Study opening ceremony at the Island School in Bainbridge Island:

Photo posted on March 19.

[…] Afterward, the entire student body performed a Spanish folktale involving a butterfly and a host of creatures. The butterfly was played by Island School parent and Hollywood actor Elizabeth Mitchell. Well-known children’s author and Island School librarian George Shannon also hammed it up in the play, along with several Island School teacher thespians. […]

Source: Inside Bainbridge

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Exclusive: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks Answers To Nothing

Elizabeth Mitchell is the sort of actress whose statuesque beauty (she’s 5’9?) has allowed her to be cast both by and against type. She made out with Angelina Jolie in the HBO movie “Gia,” made a much more unsettling impression in Wayne Kramer’s creepy “Running Scared,” and then enjoyed a healthy run as Juliet Burke on the small screen smash hit “Lost.” She’s now moved on to “V,” and is also part of the ensemble cast of writer-director Matthew Leutwyler’s “Answers To Nothing,” in which she plays a woman trying to get pregnant with a husband (Dane Cook) that she doesn’t know is cheating on her. ShockYa recently had a chance to chat with Mitchell, one-on-one and in person, about the film (which is in theaters and also currently available on VOD), her necessarily quick connection with costar Julie Benz, life in small town Washington and more. The conversation is excerpted below:

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Who’s Hot in Hollywood: Elizabeth Mitchell

Former Lost and V star Elizabeth Mitchell has an emotional role in the indie film Answers to Nothing, but her home life with 6-year-old son C.J. offers endless laughs. So she leaves her role’s negative energy on the  set.  “As  a mom, because it is my job to be the adult in the situation, to get to go to work and be a kid is kind of fun,” says Mitchell, 41. “I can throw a temper tantrum and people will pay me  for it — on camera.”

Source: USA Today

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Elizabeth on Disney Cruise with Chris and CJ [Video]

UPDATE #1: We’ve just added the video in the media archive so you can download it. Enjoy 🙂

This is AMAZING! One of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. No, that’s not true, this is the most beautiful video I have ever seen! ADORABLE!

elizabeth mitchell


This past summer actress Elizabeth Mitchell, most known for her role as Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s television series “Lost,” sailed on Disney Cruise Line’s very first voyage to Alaska.

Joined by her husband and son, Elizabeth shared with us the highlights of her family’s experience.

Watch this video to see an Alaskan cruise with Disney through her eyes.

If you could ask Elizabeth one question about her Disney cruise vacation, what would it be?

Source: Disney

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Elizabeth on Live OC Magazine: New Photos and Interview

Thanks so much to Cristiane to send us this interview and the photos in the magazine!

Finally some of the photos from last june photoshoot session by Alvin Nguyen are out:

elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing elizabeth mitchell new photoshoot live oc magazine answers to nothing

Elizabeth Mitchell has played it all during her career as an actress. She’s been a doctor, a lover, a friend, and even a psychotic maniac. But now Elizabeth Mitchell is getting a chance to play a different role in real life—Mom. The warmhearted disposition that has made Mitchell’s many characters so lovable, transfers to motherhood with ease, even as she has to gently usher her young son out of the commandeered playroom being used for our interview. He politely obliges, a testament to the great job she’s doing in her new role, something audiences have come to expect from Mitchell. We sat down and got the scoop on growing up in Dallas, what it was like to work on Lost and even a little bit about her new project Answers to Nothing.

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