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London 2010: Meet The Cast Of V – Photos

We found these old photos of Liz in London with Morena Baccarin and Scott Wolf at the Apple Store to promote V.

This is one is outside the store:

Wow it’s been 8 years now, we still remember we were so surprised about this panel because it happened like at last minute (right before the Monte Carlo Film Festival).

credits: richardfuckingalpert & EternalMercedez

Elizabeth Mitchell - Events - London Apple Store - Photos - Projects - V

Elizabeth in London [Photos] | Meet the Cast of V

The lovely rebeccapearceuk sent me other pictures she took yesterday! <3

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More Sources: TwitterrebeccapearceukTwitterfireflyukPipfidlerNicebadassontd_lostlaurenzorzamysabellafallingpiecesyeahthankspengyn | Thanks so much Lexi – amenazamenor!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - London Apple Store - Photos - V

V Cast interviewed at the Apple Store in London

Last night saw Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell take centre stage at the Apple store in Regent Street, London for an intimate Q&A session. It was fantastic to see so many fans of the Syfy hit series V packed into one end of the store and see how passionate they are about the show as it gets set for a second season.

I really have to say the real life versions of Anna, Chad and Erica are a breathtaking sight to see, each one of them glowing and looking even better off screen than they do on. Scott Wolf even received a few comments about the fact he hasn’t seemed to age since his ‘Party of 5’ days and it’s true!

The Best Bits…

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - London Apple Store - V