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London 2010: Meet The Cast Of V – Photos

We found these old photos of Liz in London with Morena Baccarin and Scott Wolf at the Apple Store to promote V.

This is one is outside the store:

Wow it’s been 8 years now, we still remember we were so surprised about this panel because it happened like at last minute (right before the Monte Carlo Film Festival).

credits: richardfuckingalpert & EternalMercedez

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A Lot Of Romances For Deb? | Interview With Elizabeth

Zap2it posted a new video interview with Elizabeth from Dead Of Summer’s red carpet. [SPOILERS] She teases a lot romances and kisses (with so many people) for Deb! Really? :O 😀


She’s so funny! LOL! 😀

Btw guys, check also page 2 of the site because in the last 2 days there’s been so much new stuff. Don’t miss anything!

1x06 - Dead of Summer - Dead Of Summer Premiere - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Events - Interview - Video

Dead Of Summer Premiere | Video Interview

New video interview with Elizabeth from Dead of Summer premiere has been released. She’s so adorable! Enjoy. 🙂


Elizabeth Mitchell, who fittingly plays camp owner and head counselor Deb, holds the record with 10 years of camper/counselor experience under her belt.

Source: Zap2it

Lindasy MacDonald who did the interview also wrote this on her twitter:

Elizabeth Mitchell and I went to the same camp as kids & we both still remember the camp song. #CampLonghorn

Dead Of Summer Premiere - Elizabeth Mitchell - Events - Interview - Video

Dead Of Summer Premiere

Elizabeth looks like a goddess with this white dress at Dead of Summer premiere! WOW!!!

UPDATE 7 | We added a few more HQs and 3 photos posted on twitter and ig.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Premiere_037.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Premiere_038.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Premiere_039.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Premiere_040.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_Premiere_041.jpg

Sourses: 1 | 2

UPDATE 6 | Here’s a new one of the cast watching the pilot.

UPDATE 5 | First photo with the entire cast who attended yesterday’s event:


Thanks Syd for the headup!




(MQs and tagged)


UPDATE 3 | New photo and really lovely words by Craig, Liz!

Beautiful night, with a beautiful girl, and I can’t even tag her since she’s not on social media.

You look incredibly beautiful and very happy in this pic!


UPDATE | HQ pictures added into the gallery!

Thanks so much elizabethlailbrasil.com for sending us all the HQ pictures!!!! You’re incredibly kind! Thank you!


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Dead Of Summer Premiere - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos