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EW: “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”: V and Revolution

V and Revolution made into EW top list of 25 “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”.


The alien occupation drama lasted two seasons before getting axed. In its series finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) manages to escape the release of the Bliss, the Visitor Queen Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) special telepathic ability to mind-control the masses, only to leave the bunker at the end of the episode to find that everyone above ground has been pacified, and that more alien motherships are on their way. Like The Event, V ended with a promise of an epic war between the underground humans and the Visitors, but that never made it to the screen. —Shirley Li

Cancelling V was actually a crime. Still not over it! Just imagine how amazing Elizabeth could have been when Erica found out about her son’s death. They stole that performance from us! So glad there’s a woman as president on ABC now and the one who axed V is no longer there.


Although NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama waned in viewership and quality during its second season, that doesn’t make Revolution‘s lingering cliffhangers any less painful. The nanotech that had been responsible for leaving the world without power was slowly taking over and causing people to see visions of their loved ones telling them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho. The finale ended with a shot of Bradbury, Idaho seeing power restored and crowds of people walking toward the light. (True, a 4-part comic was released this summer to give some conclusion, but it’s not quite the same as a season 3.) —Dalene Rovenstine

The comics were horrible. They killed Rachel and Miles had a child with another woman. Unacceptable! Rachel deseved better, but writers never understood that.  The cliffhanger was so much better.

Anyway Erica and Rachel were both terrific. Liz always chooses to play amazing roles and converts them into the most incredibly unique women. We are so proud of her!

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The Sentinel | Episode With Elizabeth On DVD

THESENTINEL000886.jpgHey guys, we found out that they released The Sentinel season 2 on DVD in USA&Canada and Elizabeth is a guest star in 2×06.

The discs are region 1 (only USA/Canada) but if you don’t have a region free DVD player, we can tell you they work just fine in a pc using VLC media player (we tried).

Soon we’ll make better screencaptures since the ones in the gallery are from TV.

You can see the box set below. 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Sentinel

2008 Columbia Daily Tribune Interview

elizabeth_mitchell_unknown_photoshoot2.jpgWe found this wonderful interview from 2008 which wasn’t in the archive. The way Liz talks about her work is just simply beautiful, her passion is so inspiring! <3 Oh the interview is mostly about Lost but also about her studies at Stephens College.

The title is “Stephens College graduate Elizabeth Mitchell has taken one of TV’s juiciest roles on ‘Lost’ and run with it, setting the sky as the limit”.
Love it!

EM: I did more working than I did anything else. I was very concentrated, basically. I just very much wanted to be on stage, and that’s kind of what I did when I was there, but I also had a really good time.

I loved the Macklanburg Playhouse. I loved our theater at Stephens.

What a great place to go to school because it was so safe. There you are, and you’re basically surrounded by a bunch of other kids your age, and you can get wild, but not really. Come on, now. It was just a great place to be a dumb kid.

Read the complete interview at THIS LINK

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost

House MD | Episode With Elizabeth On Bluray

HOUSE Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgUniversal Pictures released House MD on bluray in UK, Germany and France. Elizabeth is a guest star in 1×05. The version they’re selling in UK and France are region free so they work everywhere, but while in France and in Germany (both with audio in English) you can buy just the season with Elizabeth, if you want the English version they only sell all the 8 seasons together.

Both Ste and I bought the German version. On Amazon they say it’s region B, but on the back cover there’s no info about it, so it’s probably region free as well.

You can buy House MD Season 1 on bluray at these links: UK | France | Germany

Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_HOUSE_Season_1_Bluray_Menu.jpg

We created a page with the versions we have also of the DVD sets. You can see them HERE.

Read more…

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