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The Purge: Election Year Vs The First Purge | Box Office 2

We checked again (after 2 months) the box office results of the lastest Purge movie and compared it to the one with Elizabeth.


The Purge: Election Year
Domestic: $79,213,375
Foreign: $39,374,505

The First Purge
Foreign: $62,145,546

It is so totally weird that the 4th movie made all those money outside its Country (probably it’s because the release dates outside the US were closer to the premiere date), but The Purge Election Year is still number one in the saga at the box office in USA.

The Purge: Election Year: $79,213,375
The Purge Anarchy: $71,962,800
The First Purge: $68,809,315
The Purge: $64,473,115

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Which Show You Would Like To See Liz On?

Elizabeth is still filming Welcome To Pine Grove!, but no photo has popped out from the set, so there’s nothing new to post and I thought to make another manipulation. 😛 This time for Elizabeth on the show Roswell, New Mexico. HAHA! She could play an alien, she’s already from another planet, since she’s too good to be true! <3

Which show you would like to see Liz on? We want to hear your ideas!

We are both still more into Legacies, but Roswell and The 100 would be great as well!

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12 TV Shows That Should’ve Been One and Done: Revolution

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_05.JPGWe are posting this only because of the line about Rachel and Miles. Even though the chemistry between Elizabeth and David Lyons was what we liked the most, the story between Rachel and Miles was the best. And since they added one of our fav shows (Revenge) in the list, TVLine is totally wrong!

If only Kripke didn’t create those stupid comic books to ruin the show and the relationship between Rachel and Miles… and where they also killed Rachel. They made so many mistakes in that show, but the comic books were horrible.

The NBC drama spent Season 1 telling us how important the tower and the pendants were to the survival of a post-catastrophe, electricity-lacking society… then ditched that idea for a Season 2 where ersatz government officials and autonomous nanites (!) ran the show. Not even the sparks between Miles and Rachel were enough to keep the show’s lights on.


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