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Going to Walker Stalker Con

Hi everyone!

As you might already know we are going to Walker Stalker Con to meet Elizabeth and we’re so excited about it! I still can’t believe this is happening! OMG!!! :D YAY!

If you are not going (or even if you’re going) and you didn’t read our messages on the social networks, please check what we posted on our facebook or on our tumblr.

It’s something you will be interested in for sure! ;)

Elizabeth Mitchell - Walker Stalker Con

Suggest Elizabeth for Monte Carlo TV Festival 2015

I don’ t know if Elizabeth will be able to go since it’s in June and she will attend Walker Stalker Con in Orlando, but we can suggest Liz for Monte Carlo TV Festival 2015. This is the link to do it! We can add her as Ingrid/The Snow Queen since she was on the current season of Once Upon A Time. Even if Liz can’t go we can let them know we’d like to have her! ;)

Thanks Yiyi for the headup! :D

Elizabeth Mitchell

Once Upon A Time 4×07 | New Set Photo

One of the crew posted a new photo of Liz on Once Upon A Time 4×07 set and he said something nice about her! :D

Once Upon A Time 4x07 | New Set Photo | Elizabeth Mitchell as Ingrid, The Snow Queen

Thought it would be fun to post a pic from a scene they used a part of for a promo, along side the same pic from behind the scenes taken as we were setting up that shot. We brought in the leaves and placed them there. However, as you can see by rain gear on the camera in the b+w picture, the wet down was courtesy of Mother Nature. Elizabeth was a trooper and didn’t let the rain deter her.

Source: Disney Camera

4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Pix - Review - Set - Snow Queen