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Loving – Episode 32 – Clips With Elizabeth

Hey everyone, we uploaded a new episode of Loving into the video archive. Unfortunately there’re several missing episodes we couldn’t get. Trucker and Dinah Lee went to Italy because he wanted to find Trisha (just dump him already, lol!) and now she went back home, alone. è_é

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving

What the cast of Lost looks like today

3x09 Stranger In A Strange Land Elizabeth Mitchell (3).jpgEvery now and then this kind of article pops up online. We guess we all miss Lost! ç_ç

Elizabeth Mitchell

After the tragic departure of Dr. Juliet Burke at the end of Lost’s fifth season, Elizabeth Mitchell had no trouble securing new work in short order. She was almost immediately hired to star in a leading role as Erica Evans in ABC’s alien drama V. Shortly after that series sputtered out, she nabbed another regular part in NBC’s sci-fi series Revolution, which reunited her with J.J. Abrams and ran for two seasons.

Like many Lost alums, she also found her way into the sprawling cast of Once Upon a Time, with a recurring arc as Ingrid in the show’s fourth season. She also nabbed a big-screen lead as the nation-saving Senator Charlie Roan in The Purge: Election Year. Mitchell has since starred in the short-lived Freeform series Dead of Summer and enjoyed a recurring part in SYFY’s space colonization series The Expanse. She’ll next be seen in the romantic comedy Welcome to Pine Grove!


We can’t wait to see Welcome to Pine Grove! and What We Found. 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Projects

Never Before Scene Photo At The CW Studios

This beautiful picture was taken on January 31, 2008 at The CW studios… Liz was there for an interview.

This is super precious to me because that tv appearance made me (Adry) take the final decision about creating a place to post everything about Elizabeth.

I remember exactly that day, no site posted that clip or The View (she was there too) and I remember thinking “Why didn’t they do that? why is there no update over there and over there or over there… “

I was so disappointed because she deserved so much better, but I had no idea how to create a site so at first I made a little blog.

It took me a few more months to convince my best friend (Stefania) to watch Lost. She had to hear me talking about Elizabeth for years and finally when she actually watched the show, she fell for Juliet and Elizabeth’s performance so she started watching everything else and at some point she was like “that blog of yours is not enough, Elizabeth needs a site!” Obviously she knew how to make one. 😀

The rest is history…

Haha this memories make us both smile… we had no idea at that time where this path was leading us and how deeply special this woman really is! <3

Photo by spencer1024

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos

Lost 5×08 | HQ Stills

We found these stills from Lost 5×08 in a better quality! <3

Ahhhh LaFleur was such a surprising episode. Juliet and Sawyer were such a beautiful couple… Juliet made him a better person and he gave her 3 years of peace and love on an island that was always so cruel to her.

Juliet deserved better and so much more, that’s for sure, but in spite of everything this was a beautiful love story.

We miss seeing something like that with one of Liz’s characters involved… last time was on Revolution… there was also that beautiful and heartbreaking story on Dead Of Summer, but it was really too short.

juliet lafleur lost hq (5).JPG juliet lafleur lost hq (6).JPG juliet lafleur lost hq (9).JPG lost_5x08_still_elizabeth_mitchell.jpg

5x08 LaFleur - Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway - Juliet Burke - Lost - Photos - Projects - Sawyer

Comic Con -Signing Autographs | Never Before Seen Photo

This is a never before seen photo from Con Con 2009. OMG this is from 10 years ago… do you remember how crazy beautiful (for Liz being there and V upcoming show) and stressing (because we didn’t have a real answer about Juliet’s fate) was that con? <3

Anyway this is a beautiful pic of her signing some autographs! 🙂

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Comic Con 2009 - Conventions - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos