Once Upon A Time: Spoilers about 4×07

It doesn’t say new things, but there’s an interesting speculation about Once Upon A Time 4×07 “The Snow Queen”.

Once Upon a Time finally introduced viewers to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character last week, but this week they’ll get to see the Lost star all decked out in her Snow Queen garb.

If you can’t wait until tonight to learn more about Mitchell’s mysterious Once Upon a Time character, then you’re in luck — Spoiler TV recently revealed the connection that she has to Frozen characters Elsa and Anna. Unsurprisingly, she’s a blood relative.

Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen is Elsa and Anna’s aunt, indicating that Elsa’s icy powers are genetic. A New York Comic Con attendee revealed this information after this week’s “Rocky Road” episode was screened at the event.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, actress Sally Pressman has been cast as a character who could also be Elsa and Anna’s aunt. A Once Upon a Time casting call revealed that there will be a scene in episode 7 that shows three sisters attending a ball, and Sally Pressman will be playing one of them. Perhaps the other sisters will be Anna and Elsa’s mother and Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen.

The episode the trio of sisters will appear in is titled “The Snow Queen.” This could be where viewers learn the back story of Elizabeth Mitchell’s character. Like Elsa, perhaps she had trouble controlling her magic, and maybe she accidentally killed the sister played by Sally Pressman.

Unlike Elsa, Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen character is definitely going to be evil. A Once Upon a Time preview reveals that she freezes Marian’s heart, and poor Elsa ends up being framed for the Snow Queen’s cold cruelty. It’s up to her and her new friends to prove that she’s not the one turning people into popsicles.

The Once Upon a Time “Rocky Road” promo also shows Hook and Elsa spying on Elizabeth Mitchell. She’s wearing her white Snow Queen robe, and it looks like she’s creating a mini model of an ice castle. Perhaps she’s planning on taking over Storybrooke and building a palace similar to the one Elsa whipped up in Frozen. Another scene shows the Snow Queen creating a roof of deadly icicles over Hook’s head.

According to Mashable, this scene is part of a “powerful interaction” between Elsa and the Snow Queen that also involves Hook, Emma, and Charming. Executive producer Edward Kitsis talked about the tense scene at New York Comic Con.

“Clearly we realize Elsa hasn’t had a lot of contact with people who have magic and she has always felt a little different. I think the Snow Queen was letting her see that.”


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Once Upon A Time: Huge Spoiler from NY Comic Con

UPDATE 3 (October 11)

New article with spoilers from the panel.

NEW YORK — Once Upon a Time is full of secrets, a few of which were spilled at New York Comic Con on Friday.

Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis sat down with star Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) for a candid chat about the show’s Frozen season. From details about the mysterious Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) to intriguing hints about Emma’s future with both Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), here are nine things we learned at the panel.

4. The Frozen action isn’t going to stray far from the movie

Horowitz explained that they didn’t want to “reinvent something that was so amazing to begin with” when it came to Frozen, and Kitsis added that they’re not thinking about “what the Frozen sequel would have been.” Instead, they’re going to focus on other characters, like how “the Snow Queen looks like she has a connection to Emma.”

6. Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s separate storylines are totally different

As expected, Rumple won’t exactly be honest this season. “Everything he is doing is for a reason, and that reason is for the benefit of himself,” Kitsis teased of Mr. Gold’s relationship with the Snow Queen this season, something that is explored in Sunday’s episode.

8. Elsa and the Snow Queen have quite a past

In this Sunday’s episode, the Snow Queen and Elsa have a powerful interaction involving Emma, Charming, and Hook. That trend will continue as the Snow Queen helps her see what their powers can do — and how they affect others. “Clearly we realize Elsa hasn’t had a lot of contact with people who have magic and she has always felt a little different. I think the Snow Queen was letting her see that,” Kitsis said.

Source: mashable.com

UPDATE (October 11)

Hey guys someone posted a video from last night. If you don’t want to ruin the episode, do not watch it.


More spoilers:

  • It appears the Snow Queen does know Emma. Rumple even asks (the Snow Queen) if Emma remembered her. The Snow Queen seems relieved that Emma does not remember.
  • Emma told Hook go to Sheriff’s station with Elsa to keep her safe because people might blame her for Marian’s curse and the ice wall. He goes to Gold instead to make a deal with him so he could help find out who’s really behind everything. They end up finding the Snow Queen, and Hook nearly dies.

Source: masumikitty


elizabeth_mitchell_snow_queen_spoilersUPDATE: I added more spoilers after the “read more”.

Jennifer, Adam&Ed are at NY Comic Con talking about Once Upon A Time.

They showed 4×03 “Rocky Road” and someone who was there posted a huge spoiler about Elizabeth’s character.

I will write it after the “read more”.


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TV LINE: Elizabeth Mitchell made a “cool” entrance on ONCE UPON A TIME

Hi all, there’s this small TV LINE‘s recap of the episode with nice words about Liz. :D

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x02_EMfc_000026.jpgElizabeth Mitchell made a “cool” entrance on ONCE UPON A TIME

Things are less cozy, though, at the Any Given Sundae ice cream shoppe, where Leroy is served a cone by its beautiful proprietress (played by Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell), who somehow didn’t lose any inventory during the power outage. After Leroy exits, the woman with a wave of her hand turns liquid cream into frozen confection, and then frosts up the freezer as she leans back against it. Meet your Snow Queen!


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Once Upon A Time 4×04 Set Photos

Canadagraphs released new pics of Liz from Once Upon A Time 4×04’s set! Enjoy! :D

*** SPOILERS ***

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set » 4×04 Set – August 19

Thanks so much Fangirl312 for the headup!

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Once Upon A Time 4×03: New Footage in CTV Promo (caps) – SPOILERS

UPDATE (October 9): I finally got the video of the Canadian promo. Enjoy!

Once Upon A Time 4×03 “Rocky Road”


Read more…

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Melis + Dainon Photoshoot: New Photo (kind of)

Melis+Dainon released this photo today. We only had it in black and white and on the cover of the South Magazine (with lines on it) so it is kind of new! She’s stunning! Enjoy!


Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

“D’oro Gelato & Caffè” in Vancouver [Photo]

Someone met Liz at the “D’oro Gelato & Caffè” store in Vancouver over the  weekend and posted a photo on twitter:

D'oro Gelato & Caffè in Vancouver [Photo] - Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell from @OnceABC dropped by our Robson store over the weekend!

Source: D’oro Gelato & Caffè

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix